Synthetic Hair Styles to Achieve Using No Heat

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Synthetic Hair? No Problem, Check Out These No Heat Techniques

So, most of us know that getting synthetic hair can come with a few pros and cons. We love it because of the low cost and even lower maintenance. One of the major downfalls with a synthetic weave is that it's typically hard to re-curl or straighten it over again. The blend of this hair is usually plastic mixed with other fibers that create the look of flowy natural tresses. So, if you were to put any intense heat on the synthetic extensions, they would burn or melt. Luckily there are some ways around this issue. So, check out this list of all the synthetic hairstyles you can achieve without using intense heat.

Straightening Synthetic Hair with Hot Water

Straightening synthetic hair may seem difficult to do without using a flat iron, but it is possible. If you have old synthetic wigs or weave laying around you will want to give this trick a try. You can uncurl your Kanekalon extensions by dipping it back into hot water. You can try this method one of two ways. First, you can boil the hair before installing it in your head. If you are heating the extensions in water, make sure you towel dry them afterward. Also, be sure to comb out any knots in the hair before reinstalling them back on your head. To prepare the water make sure you boil it to about 330 degrees Fahrenheit, any hotter and the fibers could melt. When you dip the extensions in the boiling water (Check out this article on boiling weave methods), make sure to leave it in for 15 seconds at a time. You can gently smooth out the weave with your fingers because brushing with a hard comb will damage the fibers. Let the hair air dry before sewing it onto your head.

Another Way to Use This Technique

The second way to use this technique is separating medium sections of your weave and dipping it into the hot water. Keep a cloth nearby to dry up any wet spots from hitting your body or head. The same thing goes, you want to dip the hair in hot water for 10 to 15 seconds. Finger comb the weave and let air dry before brushing it out. Dealing with hot water can be dangerous, so be sure to wear clothes that cover up the skin. If these techniques seem like something you that would interest you, buy safety gloves and use plenty of towels. Remember never go to sleep without wrapping the hair in a bonnet. If you lay on the straighten synthetic hair, it will take form in whatever position it was in last. So, protecting the hairstyle before bed will ensure that the style will last for a long time.

Straightening Synthetic Hair with Steamer

You can also use steaming as a method of lightly straightening your synthetic hair. It's easy to try this with a steamer tool, so if you have one, it will come in handy. One important thing that a steamer can do for synthetic hair is to eliminate frizz. Steamers come with specific settings that will make sure not to burn your hair and leave you hopeless. Make sure to wash the synthetic hair with a specific shampoo that does not have harsh chemicals. Separate the hair into small sections. Then grab a fine-tooth comb and move your hand in a downward motion while steaming the parts. You do not want the steam to stay in one spot longer than three seconds, or it will surely burn. It will also help overall if you add a dash of heat protectant. Wig steamers an inexpensive and you can find most of them at the beauty supply and drug stores.

Use Trapped Steam from Bathroom

If you want to save money, you can also steam your hair in your bathroom using your shower. This method may be time-consuming but can be just as effective as using a wig steamer. Make sure to close all windows in the bathroom before starting. The goal is to strap as much seam as you can in the room as possible. You can run hot water in the shower or sink until the room is steamy. Next, grab a bristle brush or wide-tooth comb and free the hair of any knots or tangles. This process should be natural since the steam will heat up the fiber in the extensions and cause it to loosen up. After you begin to brush the curls, you should start to see the synthetic strands become straight. After you get the desired look you want, place the hair in a cool place. Let the piece air dry before installing it onto your head. As you can see steaming your synthetic hair can work wonders as a styling option. If you have a shower or hot water, you can achieve the straight look within a matter of minutes.

Curling Synthetic Weave with Hot Water

This method works fast but can be dangerous, so make sure to take your time if you are going to use this method. You do not want to get burned so take extra precautions to make sure that you are safe. First, choose your method of curling, you can use two strand twist, perm rods, flexirods, braids, or Bantu knots. Once you select the way, you would like to curl your hair, grab a full cup, and add hot water to the mug. You can heat up the water by boiling it or using the microwave. If your hair is already on your head, then you should dip each set of curl into the hot water. After about 5 to 10 seconds you can remove the coil out of the water and lightly dry it with a towel. If the synthetic locks are not in your head, then curl using flexirods and place the rods in a bowl of hot water. Tip: The water does not have to be boiling, just warm enough to set the curls in place. The entire hair does not have to dry for a long time before you unravel them.

Curling Synthetic Hair with Roller Set & No Hot Water

Some may not know it, but there are ways that you can curl synthetic hair without using the hot water technique. Using hot water can be dangerous, and there are plenty of untold stories of people who accidentally burn themselves in the process. So, if you have time try to invest in a good set of hair rollers. Once you have the curls in, let them sit overnight in a bonnet or head wrap, to ensure they won't fall out. The next morning unravel the rollers in a downward spiral and separate them to create volume. Try not to separate the strands too small, or it will make the hair frizzy and more accessible to tangle. If you are looking for a permanent curl, then this won't be the method for you. After 2 to 3 days the style will drop, and you'll have to reapply the roller sets (Check out this article: roller set natural hair). So, for anyone looking for a short-term curly style for your synthetic extensions give this method a try.

How Do You Style Your Synthetic Hair?

Trust us no-heat hairstyles do exist, especially if you are someone who loves wearing synthetic hair. These methods are foolproof and work very well if you take the time to review the instructions. Synthetic hair can be fantastic for those of you who love to save money in any way they can. Although this type of brand is cheap, that doesn't mean we can't make it look great and last longer. If you know you want a particular curl pattern, try using these methods on the hair before installing it on your head. Thankfully now you know that taking your tresses from straight to curly and vice versa doesn't require using heat at all. Despite popular opinion, there is plenty of hairstyles you can achieve without using intense heat. So, ditch that blow dryer and curling iron for a while and try some of these methods out if you dare. And if you have some techniques you use to style your synthetic hair, we want to know. Tell us all about it in the comments down below.

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