Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Lace Tint

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Lace Tint

It’s no secret lace tints are an absolute game-changer when it comes to nailing the perfect wig blend and rocking your wig with more than enough confidence.

But let’s face it, like any other beauty technique, attempting to tint your lace could lead to a massive blunder, especially if you’re new to the game.

Do not worry; we spill the tea on the most common mistakes associated with using lace tints and how you can dodge them like a pro! In fact, think of this article as the ultimate cheat code to get that amazed ‘Is that really a wig?’ stare.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Lace Tint

Eager to delve into the Dos and Don’ts of lace tinting, right? We’ve got you covered! Here are common mistakes many wig owners fail to avoid when using a lace tint.

Trust us; your lace will thank you once you overcome these mistakes. 

Choosing the wrong color

This isn’t often emphasized, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to lace tinting is choosing the wrong color/shade.

Do you know how cringe it looks when a person’s foundation doesn’t match their neck? That’s the same way it works with lace tints - always a dead giveaway.

For instance, the Private Label Lace Tint Spray offers a wide range of shades, so getting the perfect fit is a breeze!

Before picking a lace tint right off the shelf, it must match your skin tone, or your lace tinting is about to go wrong. 

Learn how to choose a lace tint correctly before rushing into buying any product. 

Application errors

Let’s talk about applications. This is another common mistake many lace front wig wearers make when trying to tint their lace.

Slapping on lace tint without proper technique only leads to uneven coverage, streaks, and a generally unnatural look that wouldn’t give what you want it to. 

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Drying and setting issues

Whoever said Patience is a virtue had to have been onto something because the same applies to lace tinting.

It isn’t enough to use your lace tint. If you don’t have the patience to dry and set your lace after tinting correctly, you’re on your way to the land of tinting disaster!


A little goes a long way when using lace tint, and many people tend to overlook this.

Remember you are not attempting to dye an entire dress; just wig lace. It may be tempting to keep adding tint after tint but remember the goal is to enhance and not overwhelm.

When you overload your lace with tint, it looks unnatural and gives off a cakey appearance.

Ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions

While applying lace tint, follow a general rule of thumb, but bear in mind that each lace tint product is unique.

There is a reason why the manufacturer’s instructions are imprinted on them.

A common mistake most wig owners make is assuming every single lace tint works the same way, which leads to all sorts of issues, from over-tinting to damage to the lace.

Lack of maintenance

Lastly, let’s discuss maintenance. Many wig owners expect their tints to last forever or ignore regular touchups.

Not maintaining your wig after tinting can cause it to fade or change color, which in itself can be a sore sight.

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Troubleshooting Mistakes Associated With Using Lace Tint

Encountering mistakes when using lace tint is normal and to be expected, especially if it’s your first time using one. We’ve discussed common mistakes wig owners make when using lace tints.

The good thing is every single mistake is fixable and avoidable. Here’s how to troubleshoot everyday lace tinting mistakes and ensure the process is smooth and flawless:

Importance of choosing lace tint based on skin tone

Does your lace look unnatural or stand out in an unflattering way?

The simple solution is to get a lace tint that matches your skin tone. It would help if you first determined your skin tone before choosing a lace tint for your wig. 

The Private Label Lace Tint Spray and Lace Tint Mousse is available in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, and Light Warm Brown, so you can be sure you are getting your shade when you choose from any of the varieties available.

Another tip is to test the tint on a discreet corner of your lace under natural lighting to be sure it matches.

Prepping the lace

What if your lace tint appears sticky or doesn’t sit well? The solution is in your prepping and application process.

The first step is to clean your lace thoroughly before applying a lace tint, especially if the wig has been worn before.

If you wash your lace, let it dry before using a lace tint to ensure an even coverage.

You may also need to pay attention to how you apply the tint. A layer-by-layer technique produces the best result, and always remember the less-is-more rule!

Allowing adequate drying time

In situations where your tint is transferring or smudges due to improper drying, the simple solution is to allow your wig to air dry for as long as it takes.

If you don’t have that patience, a blow dryer works perfectly.

Proper lace tint removal with recommended products

If you notice residual tint buildup on your wig, it makes perfect sense to get rid of it immediately.

However, lace tint removal is just as crucial as the tinting process. We recommend using gentle products specially designed for lace tint removal.

You must also pay attention to the removal instructions to avoid damaging your lace. Remember to rinse your lace correctly to ensure no residue is left. 

Regular cleaning and touchups

It’s normal for lace tints to fade over time or become uneven.

Reapply your tint as soon as you notice this to maintain a consistent look and keep slaying every day.

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Don't Make a Lace Tint Mistake!

From picking the right shade to avoiding the ever-dreadful streaks, we’ve covered common mistakes to avoid when using lace tint.

By paying attention to this cheat sheet, you can always be assured of well-blended lace!

If you’re unsure where to begin, get the Private Label Lace Tint Spray today and be assured that your tint will always be on point, your lace flawless, and your wig turning heads!

Remember to visit a Private Label hair store for additional advice.

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