How Selling 3D Mink Lashes Can Help Your Hair Brand

How Selling 3D Mink Lashes Can Help Your Hair Brand

Add to Your Sales

You’ve had your hair brand for a while now, and your hair brand is doing well. You are getting a little satisfied with the sales, but you feel like you could gain more profit.


You are ready to take on a new business venture that aligns with your hair business.

Mink Lashes. Yes, I said it, lashes. Lashes are a great way to add on to your hair brand.

For one, people love them. People want to add a little pizazz to their face. And two, it is a great way to stay in business and have a little more income when the human hair extensions sales slow down.

With Private Label Extensions’ 3D Mink Lash line, you can easily sell lashes along with your hair extensions. These 3D mink lashes come ready for resale and are a perfect addition to your brand.

Braided hair female model covering her eyes with her hands

Six Big Reasons Why Mink Lashes Can Help your Brand!

1. Everyone loves lashes!

Especially the mink ones.

Mink lashes create a luxurious and chic look. These lashes blend great with your natural lashes.

There are premium lashes that are also affordable. On the contrary, synthetic lashes are unnaturally looking and stiff. These are reasons why people love lashes:

  • Longer lashes are a symbol of beauty.
  • Lashes help with someone's confidence and self-esteem. We want to feel great all the time!
  • Longer lashes make up for the extra time on applying makeup. It is a shortcut from applying makeup like eyeshadow because lashes can make you look automatically attractive.

Offering a product that people love, will make customers want to purchase items from your hair brand continually.

Cater to what customers like and what aligns with your ideal brand, and you will start to make a significant profit.

With these reasons why people love lashes, why not sell them? You will be doing your hair brand a favor selling these lovely things!

2. Your hair brand should be a one-stop shop

Ever when to Target for one thing, like sunglasses, and you end up buying ten more things?

Yup, because Target offers more items than sunglasses. They offer shoes, makeup brushes, and even bicycles!

Let your brand be a one-stop shop. Allow your customers to buy multiple items in one store.

This helps your brand fell extensive and thorough. Think about products other than hair extensions and lashes that you can sell.

Another product such as edge control is an excellent addition to a "one-stop shop" brand.

Private Label Extensions offers wholesale prices for those that want to start a hair business or already have a hair business.

They make it easier for anyone wanting airdrop services. With the one-stop shop method, customers can buy your items more often, lessening their buying options anywhere else.

You want your brand to feel like it has a variety of things that customers can get while shopping.

Such as adding lash applicators to the inventory to go with lashes as well. Offer “more” to the brand and the brand will offer more to you.

An individual eyelash extensions

3. Gain customer retention, bring them back every time

Of course, you want your customers to come back after their first buying experience from your shop.

Selling lashes brings a great impression to your shop because your customers will know that you offer more than just hair and if they trust your hair brand, they will more likely trust your lashes brand.

Customer retention is important because it helps to increase your profit in your business.

You want to have loyal customers that will continue to buy your products over and over again.

Although offering great 3D Mink 25MM Lashes in addition to hair extensions could retain your customers, remember always to provide excellent customer service.

Customers will always want to come back to your online store and look at your available products every single time. This is the best way to have a high retention rate.

4. Lashes have a shorter lifespan, use this to your advantage

Human hair extensions have a longer lifespan than mink lashes. Customers are going to buy lashes over and over again if they love them enough to wear them many times.

You have probably bought many sheer tights in your lifetime. And, even the most expensive tights, you've had to replace them because they did not last. Let’s be real.

All lashes, even the most expensive ones do not last. Maybe after 10 to 15 uses, they become worn out and useless, and then it is time for you to buy more.

Selling lashes with your hair brand allow customers to continue to buy more and more lashes.

Some customers even come with the mindset that they will have to purchase many lashes at one time instead of purchasing them over and over again.

They end up buying 3 or 4 at a time. This will help your brand grow a significant profit.

Close up on the eye of a black straight hair female model

5. Variety of Lashes

Sometimes, when it is hard to choose from three or four 3D Mink lashes, we tend to buy all of them.

Private Label Extensions offers over 30 different types of 3D Mink Lashes.

Your customers will have a range of lashes to choose from. Private Label Extensions offers 3D Mink Lashes through such categories as 3D Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Thinline, and 3D Faux Volume.

  • 3D Mink Lashes categorize regular lashes that have a standard lash line and a lesser lash volume.
  • The 3D Mink Thinline categorizes lashes due to the visibility of the lash line.
  • 3D Faux Volume classifies the thickness of the lashes.

Your hair brand will stand out with these different types of lashes to choose from insisting that a customer should buy more than one pair of lashes.

Customers may want to purchase a relaxed 3D mink lash like “Toronto 3D Mink Lashes” with a more flamboyant style of lash such as “Eden 3D Mink Lashes.” You can even purchase in bulk to get started on inventory.

Private Label offers 3D Thinline Lash Package Deals and 3D Mink Lash Package Deals that come with a variety of styles!

Having a variety of mink lashes just like the variety of your hair extensions will help your hair brand.

A set of eyelashes brushes

6. Lashes help define the “beauty” in your brand

People buy hair bundles to feel great about themselves. It is something that adds to the beauty.

People want to feel beautiful like when they buy your hair extensions.

Adding on lashes elevates the “beauty” in your brand. It allows your customers to know that you want to add to their beauty and providing 3D mink lashes is a great way to do that for your brand.

You also can sell lash applicators and lash liner glue to help with sales as well.

A straight hair female model smiling while gazing into the camera with blue eyeshadow

Add Value To your Brand

Selling 3D Mink Lashes is a great way to help your hair brand grow your business easily and exponentially.

Private Label Wholesale makes it almost effortless for you to make that step into increasing your hair brand.

3D Mink Lashes is a great way to add value to your brand and long-term profit.

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Mikey, your insights into adding 3D Mink Lashes to a hair brand are spot on! It’s clear how offering lashes can enhance product diversity and customer loyalty, creating a one-stop shop for beauty needs. The emphasis on variety, quality, and customer retention strategies makes this a compelling addition to any hair business. Looking forward to more tips like these!


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