All About False Lashes: How To Apply & Different Types

All About False Lashes: How To Apply & Different Types

3D Mink Lashes are Life!

We’ve all walked into our local beauty supply store and stumbled upon a beautiful pair of luscious lashes.

You walk over to them, check out the price, and then almost decide to purchase until you realize you have no idea how to apply them!

You may even think, what is this fake apparatus that I’m supposed to attach to my eyes?!

What are these made of?

How do I apply them?

How do I take them off?

After all this confusion you put them back, and walk away in disappointment. It’s okay, we’ve all been there!

I’m here to clear the lash extravaganza up for you. Many women underestimate the power of a beautiful, lush pair of 3D Mink Lashes.

They add a touch of glam and can take a makeup look to an entirely different level.

Add some lashes to a bomb hairstyle and you are good to go! You can have an extra slay by wearing false lashes while slaying your hair and outfits all week!

Close up on closed eye with mascara and eyelashes

History: Where Did False Lashes Originate?

Legend says that in ancient Rome, author Pliny the Elder made a ridiculous hypothesis.

Pliny claimed that lashes fell out with excessive sex, so women felt they needed to have long, thick lashes to prove their innocence.

In the 1800s, women had lashes implanted into their eyelids.

Despite being a popular procedure, some women glued hairs to their eyelids at home.

Unfortunately, the Lash Paste Liner used to adhere the lash hairs was not strong enough, and lashes would often fall off. In 1911, Anna Taylor patented the false lash.

Manufacturers constructed the lash out of crescent-shaped fabric with tiny hairs coming out of it.

Lashes didn’t become popular until filmmaker D.W. Griffith ordered a wig maker to make extremely long false lashes to make an actresses eyes appear “supernatural.”

It wasn’t until the 1950s that lashes were constructed with thin and durable plastic, similar to our modern day falsies lashes.

Today: The Modern False Lash

Currently, false lashes are no longer made with human hair. Instead, they are made with plastic or mink. Mainstream lashes come in many different styles and have a vast price range.

The most popular false lash is the strip lash. Strip lashes are constructed with a light clear or black band and artificial lashes attached. They can be synthetic, mink, or a blend of both.

They are also reusable and are applied with lash adhesive.

Mink lashes are luxury lashes constructed with the short hairs from the mink animal.

They are extremely natural looking, as the hairs are extremely similar to our natural lash hair.

Mink lash strands are ultra-fine and tapered, allowing them to hold a beautiful curl.

Not only do we offer hair extensions here at Private Label but we also offer lashes.

We offer hand-crafted, 100% mink lashes. if you are really in love with the lash movement we can even help you start your own lash brand!

Tweezers holding a single eyelash

Types of False Lashes

There are many varieties of false lashes available today. Let's take a look at some of the more popular options.

The Strip Lash

The strip lash is the most conventional and popular form of eyelash extension.

They can range from $5 to about $25, and come in many different styles.

Strip lashes are the easiest lash extension to apply. To apply them, simply apply a thin layer of a good lash adhesive to the band.

Let the adhesive dry until it is tacky, then grip right behind the band with a pair of plucking tweezers, and apply to your lash line, above your natural lashes.

You may not get this right on the first try, and that’s okay!

Applying strip lashes takes lots of practice, and you will get better with each application. Once you get the hang of it, they are super easy to apply.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are for those that want to create a unique look and style. These are individual strands that are applied with a powerful adhesive.

Each strand is applied next to your natural lash.

This method of lash extension can lash up to 6 weeks with proper care.

A professional lash artist typically installs individual lashes, but some do-it-yourself individual lash kits include lashes, tweezers, adhesive, and remover.

Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions installed professionally is the most expensive way to get Instagram-worthy eyes, but they last longer than any other lash extension method, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your lashes.

These semi-permanent false lash look can be as natural or dramatic as you desire.

Maybe you’re going for the all natural girl-next-door look, or perhaps you’re going for the wig-snatcher look with long, dramatic, thick volume lashes.

The choice is up to you! Lash extension studios are trendy nowadays, and it is super easy to book an appointment, arrive, and lay back and relax while your lash artist creates your perfect lashes!

Curly hair female model gazing into the camera close up

Which is Best For You?

I know I just gave you a ton of information on lashes, from crazy injections to $5 strips, but finding the perfect method for you and your lifestyle is easier than you think.

Simplistic and On-The-Go

If you’re always up and moving, waking up early and going to bed late, strip lashes may be too time-consuming for you.

Maybe you’re a mom with children that are very demanding of your time and energy, and spending 15 extra minutes in the mirror trying to apply lashes just isn’t within the time budget.

Maybe you’re always traveling, and any spare time you have you prefer to spend sleeping.

Or perhaps you’re just lazy (like me) and cannot fathom applying them every single day; if this sounds like you, lash extensions might be for you!

These semi-permanent extensions will give you a beautiful look you desire without having to invest time into application every morning.

You also don’t have to waste time removing them at night, and then to try to keep them clean so you can reuse them.

Semi-permanent lash extensions are also an excellent option for a vacation!

To find out how you can get eyelash extensions installed, Google a local eyelash studio/salon in your neighborhood.

DIY Everything!

If you love learning new things, or enjoy doing your makeup yourself every morning, getting semi-permanent lash extensions may be boring for you.

If you enjoy mixing foundation shades to create the perfect color, waxing your eyebrows, or find yourself watching YouTube tutorials for hours, you might want to pick up a pack of DIY lash extensions from your local beauty supply.

These lashes will allow you to use your creativity to create the perfect look you desire.

College Student On A Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, conventional strip may be the way to go. Even though strip lashes may be the most economical lash extension, don’t be fooled.

With a good pair of strip lashes and steady hands, your eyes can look just as luxurious and beautiful as your favorite celebrities.

Besides, beauty is all about confidence. Once you find your favorite, go-to lash, you’ll rock them like they cost hundreds of dollars.

Bad and Boujee

If you coin yourself to be a member of the bad and boujee committee, 3D Mink 25MM Lashes may be your top choice. If you’ve got the extra coin, you might want to check out some of Private Label Extension’s line of Mink lashes.

As mentioned earlier, they are fine-tapered and blend seamlessly with your natural lash.

They are often very full and long, giving you a sultry look. No lash extension method is better than the other; it just depends on what is best for you.

An individual eyelash extensions lying on a surface

False Eyelash Hacks!

Here are some false eyelash hacks to help you step up your lash game!

1. Cut off the excess!

When wearing strip lashes, they may or may not fit straight out of the packaging. You may find that they fit too long or too wide for your natural eye shape.

To ensure that they fit, place the false lash on your lash line to determine where it stops at the edge of your lash line, and then cut the excess off.

2. Wrap them up!

Wrapping your strip lash around a makeup brush can encourage the band to curve, making it easier to apply to your natural lash line.

This hack will only work if the lashes have leftover adhesive stuck to them. Make sure to leave the lash around the brush for about ten minutes.

3. Pick The Right Adhesive!

Picking the right eyelash adhesive can be tricky. Some dry white, black, or clear. You’ll want to avoid adhesive that dries white like the plague!

You don’t want little white balls on your lash line!

A clear or black adhesive is the most desirable because the clear adhesive is transparent once it dries, and black adhesive acts as eyeliner and can add definition to your eyes.

You also want to avoid lash adhesives that contain formaldehyde. Unfortunately, this toxic chemical is found in some lash adhesives and can cause you to have a minor to extreme reaction.

My personal favorite is the Kiss Brush On Clear Adhesive. This adhesive dries transparent and is super easy to apply with the brush applicator.

It has a great hold and my lashes last all day, even if it’s humid or my eyes become watery.

4. Eyeliner To Save The Day

If your strip lash is not blending perfectly with your lash line or the adhesive dries to a white color, simply apply your favorite liquid eyeliner to your lash line to blend.

Eyeliner will conceal most imperfections and add definition to your eyes.

Black mascara in pink packaging

5. Use Mascara

Mascara can help blend your natural lash with your falsies. After applying your strip lash, use your favorite black mascara to push your natural lash into the false lash.

Do this gently. You are simply encouraging the lashes to blend and be the same color.

6. Disinfect!

If you are going to reuse your strip lashes, which you totally can, you are going to need to clean them.

If you do not clean them regularly, bacteria will grow on them, and they will begin to look stiff.

Grab a bottle of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and pour it into a little bowl or cup. Place your used lashes into the bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Once the time has expired, use a spool or a clean mascara wand to brush the lash clean of any mascara or dust.

Then gently use a tweezer to pull the adhesive away from the lash band. Voila! They are ready to be used again.

7. An All Natural Remover

To remove your lashes without irritating makeup removers, try melting a little coconut oil into a bowl, and apply the oil to the lash band with a q-tip.

The warm coconut oil breaks down the adhesive, allowing the eyelash to slide right off with ease.

The oil will also remove the rest of your eye makeup.

8. Apply Adhesive To Your Lash Line

Many women find it difficult to apply adhesive to their lash band, so a great alternative if you apply the adhesive to your natural lash line instead.

This method helps you to avoid fumbling with your lash glue and falsies and also prevents you from scraping the adhesive from the lash band on to your natural lashes.

To succeed using this method, be sure to apply a thin coat of adhesive extremely close to your natural lash line, and allow the adhesive to become tacky before applying your lash with Premium Lash Applicator.

A woman gazing with her honey brown eyes

Are You Ready for the False Lash Life?

These tips will help you along with application and removal, but please always be gentle with your lashes.

If you are too harsh, you can irritate your eyes and cause hair loss or swollen, red eyes.

Be sure not to use an adhesive you are allergic to or contains ingredients that irritate your eyes with lash allergies.

I hope this post gives you insight and confidence of picking out a pair of lashes to try.

Whether you get them installed or glued, you should have the confidence to know that you are beautiful with or without lashes!

They are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and eye shape but don’t forget how beautiful and amazing you are without them.

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