How To Grow Your Lashes with Lash Extensions

How To Grow Your Lashes with Lash Extensions

It's All About The Growth!

False lashes like lash extensions or strip lashes are an easy and beautiful way to get longer, fuller natural looking lashes.

But what about if you could have a look without the false lash?

You can! Lash extensions, or any extensions, should be an option and a means of enhancing or growing what is already there.

While many think 'that's it I just have thin, stubby lashes,' this is not the case; do not confine yourself to a life of thin or false lashes.

Lashes can grow through natural methods while using lash extensions.

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Why Lashes Are Important

Besides the fabulous look lashes provide, lashes are essential to positive eye health.

3D Mink 25MM Eyelashes help keep dust, sand and dirt particles out of the eyes. These little hairs lining your eyelids also help retain moisture like water and rain out of your eyes.

Eyelashes help send alerts to your eyelids for potential dangers like insects or particles that can be harmful to your eye health.

Risking your lashes is ultimately exposing your eye to a world of trouble.

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions have become more popular than ever recently. Lash extensions add fake hair strands to the natural lash extending the length of the lash.

This method typically costs around $60-$100 and can last up to five weeks before they completely fall out.

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Avoid Lash Loss

Lashes naturally fall out whether real or extensions. Natural lashes shed every sixty to ninety days. The shedding of the natural lash is often, and natural lashes replenish quickly.

The growth and shedding cycle of lashes happens rapidly so that we usually do not notice the change in our lashes.

To enhance the look of our lashes or ones that are non-existent, this is where lash extensions come into play.

Lash extensions should help your natural lashes grow longer.

However, many find their lash growth dwindling after getting extensions several times or consistently wearing strip lashes.

The key to avoiding losing lashes while getting lash extensions is to brush your lashes, clean your lashes properly, keep up with refills and know when to give lashes a break or find a new lash technician. All of that after ensuring good installation with a Premium Lash Applicator.


After your lash extensions application, your lash technician should give you a small lash brush.

The brush will resemble a mascara applicator; lashes should be brushed daily to rid the lashes of clumping of the false lashes.

The clumping of the lashes causes the lashes to fall out faster, and to look lash naturally. I know first hand that skipping the brushing of lashes will make the false lashes hardened and twist together.


Using the lash brush and a mild soap or water, brush your lashes in a curved upward direction to rid the lashes of dirt and weak lashes.

Your technician may also have a cleansing option available.


Just like nails, lashes have 'fills,' which means that the lashes that have fallen out. Fills occur after about 50 percent of the lashes have shed.

Typically, should take place every two to three weeks to ensure the best lash look and style.

Proper Lash Application/Removal To Avoid Loss of Lashes

For lash extensions to be beneficial instead of detrimental to the growth and retention of your lashes, it is imperative to get your lashes done regularly and heed the advice of your lash technician.

Removal of lashes at home or professionally is not mandatory to maintain a lash style or healthy lashes.

They will fall out on their own with time. However, if your lash extensions are irritating your eyes because of clumping, burning or otherwise, one can return to their lash technician for removal.

If lashes aren't taken care of properly, they will fall out or be roughly pulled out and can snatch the natural lash out with it.

Lash extensions, when done correctly, will never affect the growth rate or future growth of lashes.

Following these steps to keep your lash extensions looking fresh and from ripping out your natural hairs will ensure lash growth and health.

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How To Get Longer Lashes

Did you know people also wish on eyelashes that fall out? Right now you may be hoping with all your might that your eyelashes will grow long and full overnight!

Well, I can't promise overnight results, but I can promise growth if you follow these critical steps.


Brush your lashes at least twice a day to get rid of clumping and ensure that the lashes are straight and even.

Brushing the lashes will help you retain more false lashes than leaving them alone.

Oils For Lash Growth

With each oil, be sure to apply with a q-tip, cotton ball or lash brush. Castor Oil is excellent for lash, or any, hair growth.

Castor oil is an aggressive oil and can breakage, be mindful of how much and how often you apply this oil to your lashes. Consider using this oil once a day for a few weeks to see growth.

Olive Oil helps lashes grow longer and is a gentle, natural oil that is safe to apply to lashes.

Olive Oil can be added to the lashes every day, twice a day for at least a month. Emu oil, which is not vegan-friendly, has also been used on hair and lashes because of its ability to quickly penetrate the hair shaft while conditioning and strengthing the hair follicle.

This oil will help your lashes retain their length and grow thicker. Vaseline used in conjunction with all oils to stimulate lash strength.

Vaseline helps lashes stay soft and full. Apply Vaseline at night time before bed for best results, after the oil of your choice applied.


Supplements like Vitamin A, E, and C help promote hair growth. These can be Biotin vitamins, fish oil vitamins or lysine tablets.

These vitamins will work on lash growth from the inside out and can also have positive effects on eyebrow and hair growth.

All vitamins should be FDA approved and taken with water. Vitamins are essential to lash growth, putting the rid nutrients in your body will ensure that future lashes grow in longer and stronger.

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Growing Your Lashes Is Easy!

As long as you wash your natural lashes and take care of your lash extensions, you are sure to see lash growth.

Lashes grow and shed naturally; but promoting lash retention and growth can be done by brushing regularly, taking vitamins and adding natural oils into your lash care regimen.

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