Lash Allergies: Are False Eyelashes For You?

Lash Allergies: Are False Eyelashes For You?

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To prevent lash allergies or irritations, you have to be able to work hand in hand with your options when it comes to finding the right style for your safety and beauty.

There’s just something about eyelashes like the 3D Mink Lashes that bring such liveliness to looks. The bigger, the better, or should I say the fuller the finer!

There are so many ways to lengthen your lashes, so be sure to do the research beforehand to find the perfect method to achieve your desired volume.

When we see lash styles on those we love, we tend to copy those of others, but never honestly find unique methods.

I know a lot of girls wanting to enhance their makeup for the most natural-but-noticeable looking styles.

But I hear of too many who experience short or long term issues when it comes to wearing false eyelashes. This may be due to unknown lash allergies or improper application.

Not every woman prefers falsies, and every woman cannot wear any type of lash. It just depends on you!

Your eye shape, eye sensitivity, the chance if you wear contacts or not, if you’re a swimmer, and the list goes on. You have to find the option that fits you and your lifestyle.

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Beauty is NOT Always Pain

A lot of women experience lash allergies or irritations either during or after the process.

It doesn’t even matter whether it is strips or extensions, you have to know exactly what you are in for when it comes to putting anything foreign near your eyes.

As eyes are the windows to the soul, we should be mindful of how we treat them. Wearing lashes might look good on you now, but over time how will the state of your eyes and lashes be with your routine?

Allergies vs. Irritations

Your natural lashes are never the problem.

Almost anyone can apply false lashes, especially those with fine or little to no hairs. You should always check the adhesive used to find the ingredient(s) that might be causing an allergic reaction.

The most common reason for these come from cyanoacrylate, which is the component that helps create the sticky texture of the glue.

It is possible to be allergic to something that causes your eyes to swell and become itchy.

If you are working with a lash technician, don't be afraid to speak up about any issues.

The way to know if it is an allergy or irritation is by the severity. If it is bothersome, try using a fan to keep the fumes away from your eyes.

This is the best way to finish the process without any added pains.

And if it continues to feel uncomfortable even after using lightweight alternatives (such as saline solutions, medical tape, or less glue), it is most likely lash allergies.

If this happens, you must remove the lashes as soon as you can.

In the case of lash extensions, you would probably have to wait because you need to get medical help to relieve the puffiness before a lash technician can remove them safely.

Lash allergies are rare, but possible when dealing with eyelash extensions. You should let your lash technician know beforehand whether it is your first time or not, or if you've ever experienced any problems in the past.

It is better to use sensitive adhesives, as the amount of cyanoacrylate is lesser which helps reduce the chances of swollen eyelids, and itchiness and redness in the eyes.

Once an allergy starts, there is no steadiness until glue removal is complete.

If you've endured a bad experience, do not let that discourage you from opting for other procedures that might lessen your cause for the reaction.

We all deserve chances to brighten up our look, even if it means taking an extra step to do so.

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What to Look For

We know to look out for what we put in our body, but we must pay attention to what we put on our body as well.

Even if you have had a stress-free experience with fake lashes, continue to practice safety by always making sure everything you are using is safe for you.

Do not go to a procedure blind about the products and tools that professionals use for your extensions like the lashes applicator.

Better to be safe than sorry!

We want to make sure that our lashes will continue to thrive on our own with falsies, so we need to be mindful of the effects of long-term use as well.

Never pull on your lashes, if you need mascara, do so lightly on the tips of the lashes only to avoid clumps.

If the lashes fall out, it is perfectly fine since it's falling out with the natural lash. Too much touching or messing with your lashes can also bring forth bacteria buildup near your eyes.

My Personal Experience

I remember the first time I got lash extensions. I was very nervous to sit knowing I was about to have sharp objects near my eyes for beauty.

At a point, I tried to fall asleep as my technician suggested, but I couldn’t get myself to do so, so I had to sit and experience it firsthand.

Throughout the process, I felt some discomfort because of the glue touching my eyes.

It was a slight burning, itchy feeling, so she tried to help with the use of a fan. It helped temporarily, but all throughout the process my eyes watered and when we finished, my eyes were so red, but my lashes were worth it.

I didn’t experience any issues after my appointment, but I decided I wouldn't get a refill and stick to strips, although I tried it again at a later time and received similar results.

Later on, I discovered the Lash Paste Liner which is a lot softer.

As convenient as they are, the irritation is not worth hurting my eyes every time I get them done.

The process is supposed to be painless, and my eyes are just way too sensitive to keep them entirely still and closed the whole time. If you’re that type of girl who can sleep through her lash extensions, I applaud you because I could never.

Luckily, what I experienced was irritation and not an allergy. It is best I stay away from extensions until necessary.

And it was just too much to work around while I was getting ready every day. I just had to factor in everything I do in my day to day life.

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How to Improve Your Experience

You have to consider the condition of your eyelashes to decide how you want to go about lengthening them.

If you ever feel any burning or itching during any part of the process, stop and don’t even go any further, because the longer something is wrong, the higher chance of irritation which can cause problems.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Just consider all your options when it comes to deciding the lash style you wish you always had.

Strip Lashes

Strips lashes like this March 3D Mink 25 MM is the most popular way to lengthen your lashes yourself in seconds. They are much easier to apply than individuals, but still, require practice to apply precisely.

Now, we have even more options when it comes to wearing strip lashes: You can use an adhesive or magnetic strip to apply the piece.

For glues and adhesives, they should dry to a tacky texture before applying for less messiness when securing the lashes.

Just place the strip right along the lash line, above your natural lashes.

To remove, you can use a makeup remover or oil-based serum to slide the lash off.


Magnetics set just as you would imagine. With accurate strip placement, they hold together well enough to be able to go a whole day with them on securely.

The magnetic lashes might differ in instruction with each brand; however, the general idea is the upper and lower lash pieces that grip the lashes together.

This can be an excellent alternative for those who experience any issues after trying to reduce the tenderness from glues and chemicals.

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Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are great for women who want to showcase an open or cat eye look.

It allows for perfect placement to frame the eye entirely. Attach each lash to the lash line for the most natural look possible.

Practice makes perfect, so do not be discouraged about how long or more advanced it is compared to using strips.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the most expensive and time-consuming option. However, they are the most long-lasting and convenient way to style a glamorous, natural look.

I can't move on from the beauty of these 3D Thinline Lashes.

It boosts confidence when makeup-free and saves so much time during day and night routines.

If you want to keep up your look you must refill every three to five weeks. You always want to style your lashes in ways to favor your eye shape, whether through every day or glam style.

You also wish to make still sure your technician is certified and that you check on reviews and their work to ensure they can achieve the exact style you want.

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Eye Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your own eyes factor into your choice of lashes.

Make sure that the lashes do not deviate from your standard eye shape and length.

The composition of false eyelashes ranges from mink, silk, or synthetic. These are all good and safe to use, as long as there’s no discomfort.

Highly sensitive eyes should stick to strip styles because they are the most simple and most comfortable option to be done for yourself.

Unless you trust someone to handle you gently enough for lashes, you can work with them to make sure they can use a medical grade adhesive that helps for those with more sensitive eyes.

False lashes are applied directly to the lash itself and not the eyelid. You don't even have to fill in the entire lash line, and there are individual sets as well for augmentation.

Eyes that can withstand standard procedures are not too sensitive for any specific techniques, so like I mentioned before, if you don’t have any issues when it comes to lashes, you’re lucky!

All you have to make sure is that the style is safe for you to use as well as proper positioning.

Lifestyle Habits

If you are very active in life, wearing strips can be beneficial.

But, if you have them on at times where you are engaged in some vigorous activity or bad weather, there are higher chances of them falling off rather than you taking them off.

Extensions are very secure, but it also depends on the type of activity. If you love to swim like me, then those options will depend on my ability to do both. Some people can, and others can’t. Just do what’s best for you!

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Finding Your Signature

We all have unique features and interests. Everything we do in life is accounted for when we make any decisions, down to our lash choices.

I want us all to learn about ourselves enough to find the looks that are best for us to exude confidence whenever we enhance our look. It takes time, patience, effort, and trial and error to create that signature look.

If allergens are the reason you cannot wear most false eyelashes, try the glueless options and see how that works for you.

Beside of course the latest 5D Mink Lashes.

You can also just consider routines to go about lengthening your natural lashes, which takes time, but the result should be worth it!

Let us know about your personal experience in the comments below and tips to help others be aware of the best methods to take when interested in false lashes!

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