Why Strip Lashes Are Safer Than Lash Extensions

Why Strip Lashes Are Safer Than Lash Extensions

Which Lash Is Safest For You?

When you see any notable name celebrity or even a beautiful face, you may not know it at first, but their eyelashes are what draws you into their appearance.

Scientists say that the most attractive feature of a person is their eyes, so why wouldn't we want to accentuate them in the best way possible?

You may love eyeshadow or go nuts over a thick winged liner.

But to have your lashes look and feel longer is the best way to show off those gorgeous specs for the whole world to see.

If you are one of those fortunate people who naturally have long eyelashes, there is still nothing wrong with adding a little volume or length into the mix with false eyelashes.

Of course, you could probably reach for your favorite tube of mascara, but what do you do when that just doesn't do the trick anymore?

Well you have two options, and those are one, get 3D mink lash extensions or two use eyelash strips.

There are tons of pros and cons of getting both that I will explain in this post, but what is most important is which is safer to use on the delicate hair on our lids.

A lot of research shows viewers that ultimately strip lashes are a tad bit more reliable than getting extensions.

But if you are still not convinced let us dive into the beautiful yet complex world of lashes.

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Eyelash Strips

These strips come in various shapes, sizes, colors, volumes, and are conveniently affordable at your local beauty supply or drug store.

These beauties are not as complicated to put on as many would think, like all good things it will just take a little practice before you are a pro.

If it's your first time trying out lashes, then it would be best to set aside a few extra minutes before putting them on.

This is because it may take a few tries and you don't want to be late to wherever you're going. I have been wearing strip eyelashes for years, and even I struggle time to time with putting them on in one go around.

Try placing each of the strip lashes on your eyes to make sure the shape matches up correctly; this will be your dry trial run to ensure fewer mistakes.

Owning small scissors will be very beneficial so that you can make tiny adjustments at once.

Just make sure that no matter what you don't wear lashes that are too long sideways, they can irritate and scratch the skin around your eyes.


When applying them to your lid, you want to choose a safe, hypoallergenic glue the dries black or clear like the Lash Paste Liner; this will leave more room for mistakes if they occur.

A Premium Lash Applicator can be beneficial too.

If you want the style to last throughout the entire day, you want to make sure you apply it on a clean lid so that it will stick longer and with a stronger hold.

Once you get good at placing these beauties on your eyelids, you will be putting them on last after your makeup but try not to get too ahead of yourself.

Yes, there may be a few times where you may have to carry your tiny glue bottle just in case the adhesive comes loose throughout the day.

Lastly, be sure to apply the strips as close to your real lash line as possible for a flawless and authentic look.

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Why are Lash Strips Safer and Better?

Strip lashes are just as impressive as getting individuals, but they take the cake in a few areas.

One, strips can be found in literally any department, beauty supply, or drug store that you can think of near you.

Since these beauties are so typical to see whenever you are in a rush or need a quick fix, there is a place less than five miles near you to find some.

Two, lash strips come in a lot more different colors, lengths, and colors than extensions do.

Lastly, when its time to wear these pieces they only take a few minutes to put on and trust me once they're stuck it will stay in its place.

It's harder to pluck out your lashes with strips since they are only on the lid and not on the hairs.

The overall advantages of strip lashes make them safer than extensions.


Disadvantages of Strip Lashes

Don't get me wrong there are some cons to buying and wearing strip lashes.

The disadvantages of strip lashes are mainly due to the look of them and not the safeness.

Most people hate these strips because they can sometimes look stiff, unnatural, or unreal.

But people have found hacks by using a small mascara comb to brush out the hairs and give off a mink look.

Another reason strips can be a pain is because the glue that people use can only hold enough for daily use, if the edges start to peel or come off it will look strange.


Lash Extensions

Lash extensions like the 3D Faux Volume Lashes are a lot of ways different from the strips, and the most significant difference is how someone applies them to your lid.

Unless you are a trained professional or certified in lashes the only way to get individual extensions is to pay someone to do them for you. If you want a good job done, then expect to dish out 100 dollars or more.

If the money doesn't turn you away, then the amount of time it takes will, on average a full set lash extension procedure is at least one hour or more to complete.

Don't get me wrong, being able to wake up for weeks with amazingly long lashes the bomb, but is it worth all the risks?

There is much debate among women on if lash extensions are unsafe. Well, although this style lasts for a few weeks, it can cause permanent damage if not done correctly.

You probably think I'm over exaggerating so let me get into this list of some terrible side effects from getting lash extensions.

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Why are Lash Extensions Not Safe?

Itchy Eyes

Our lashes are close to our eyes, and it's dangerous to use any chemical on them.

Some of you may know that our hands have tens of thousands of germs just lying around on them, and we have the need to rub our eyes naturally throughout the day.

Our day to day functions already can lead to itchy eyes so why add extensions to that mix.

Allergic Reactions

Lashes allergic reactions are very common to those who get lash extensions because you never know how your skin or pupils will react to the adhesive that you put on the lids.

Also, if these extensions obstruct our tear glands, it can lead to dry red eyes.

We must make sure we do research and ask the specialists who are doing these procedures precisely what are in these products and how can they affect me overall?


Loss of Real Eyelashes

Probably one of the worst side effects of getting lash extensions is that they weigh down heavily causing your real eyelashes to drop off.

Since the strips just lay on the lower lash lid, they don't have any effect on your lashes and can quickly be taken off.


Anyone who has had a sty can't attest that is not something that you want to have.

This is an infection that occurs from dirt, hair, or other harmful debris entering the eye without being cleaned out properly.

This infection causes the eyelid to be tender to the touch, and a bump to grow on the edge of the lid.

A sty can go away with specific medication taken, others subside but remain on the eyelid.

If lashes from the extensions are continually falling off and into your eye, you are in danger of a sty forming.

Difficult to Remove

Lastly, extensions can be unsafe due to the fact they are difficult and painful to take off by yourself.

Sometimes the adhesives used for extensions are dangerous and have some form of permanent glue in them.

Try to take these beauties out yourself would require pulling the tiniest of the hairs from the tip of the eyelid. This can end in a painful result and cause your real lashes to come out along with the extensions.

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Be Safe, Use Lash Strips

Ladies we all know that beauty is pain and we all want to look and feel amazing.

But we must remember that with everything we do to enhance ourselves there is a chance it can destruct our natural features. Who wouldn't want stunningly long lashes every day?

Trust me I get it, and yes, you can still get lash extensions. But only if you do research beforehand and make sure that there are no chemicals that will disagree with your skin or eyes.

Choose the right lashes for your eye shape

Lash strips are cost-effective and can give you the same look of extensions in half the time. You can take your lashes to the next level without the risk of losing them all.

When we get down to it, both of these false lashes have some significant pros and cons; it's all about which works best for your look and lifestyle.

I hope this post was helpful and let us know your experiences with eyelash extensions or strips in the comments down below.

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