Eyelashes for every eye shape

The Best False Eyelashes for Every Eye Shape

Lost in Your Eyes

I think it is time we discuss a topic that is often enjoyable to look at but never usually taken directly into consideration, the eyes!

You have heard the saying before!

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, if that’s the case, eyelashes like the 3D Mink 25MM Lashes are the curtains, and it is essential to select the right eyelashes to compliment your beautiful soul.

See what I did there?

Your eyes are the most extended lasting feature that you can do so much with, but most people don't realize that when it comes to choosing lashes, there are such things as selecting the wrong ones.

Are Lashes Even the Right Choice for You? Of Course!

Have you ever put a pair of strip mink lashes on and realized you didn't like the way they looked on you?

I'm sure it's happened to most people. At that point, you probably were thinking that maybe lashes were not for you.

If this were the case, then we wouldn't have eyelashes in the first place! It's all about finding what works for you and your eyes! Picking out the right lashes isn’t always an easy task.

Most women find it tricky to pick the right set of eyelashes for them because eyelashes are a relatively new favorite concept that’s now taking mainstream attention.

Choosing the right lashes can compliment your eye color, eye shape, face shape, make your eyes appear brighter, bigger, and more awake and bring out other small features you may have.

Everyone wants lashes! But, how do we know which eyelashes are the best for our eyes?

Curly hair model with eccentric make up

The Need To Know

To understand which eyelashes are for you, we have to get familiar with the different eye shapes out there.

There are quite a few of them! But once we know what’s best for each eye type, you can shop for eyelashes like a pro whenever you want!

Fortunately, Private Label Extensions offer lines of 3D Mink lashes in the regular strip and thin strip depending on personal preference.

The styles range from tapered and full to thin and wispy.

That is all depending on what you are looking for, and the best part is, they won't break your bank, and you can try as many as you want!

For this blog piece, we will use these eyelashes as examples for which lashes are best for your eye type! Ready?

Which One Are You?

Round Eyes

When it comes to round eyes, this shape appears naturally large and circular almost similar to almond eyes.

But, they are merely just larger and rounder. For the beautiful girls with round eyes, we want to accentuate how big your eyes are without making them look too bulky, tired or overdone.

We can do this in a few different ways. The first way is to choose lashes that are naturally thin and fan upwards.

In this case, less is more, so Private Label’s Milan 3D Mink Lashes or Toronto 3D Mink Lashes should do the trick.

Black eyelashes extensions

If you want to be a little more dramatic without it making your eyes appear smaller, opt for some wispy lashes that flare to create a cat eye look.

The regular strip Amelia 3D Mink Lashes can give you that look while staying true to your eye shape!

The cat eye look can make your eyes appear elongated and more narrow.

So, thin but extra long eyelashes might be a good choice in this department!

Almond Eyes

One of the best parts about almond shape eyes is its versatility and the fact that they are considered the average the shape of the population.

A variety of lash looks will look great on this eye type, so there aren’t too many limits here!

Depending on what you are looking for in a pair of eyelashes can decide what kind is best for you and your personal preference.

For some slightly added flair, try some thicker lashes that are longer towards the ends.

These descriptions sound a lot like Private Label’s regular strip 3D Mink lashes in Eden and Lola.

If you want a little more volume look for lashes that contain crisscrossed strips, which you can find in Grace 3D Mink Lashes and New York 3D Mink Lashes.

In addition to the beautiful Dubai 3D Mink Lashes.

You can make your eyes appear larger, by opting for a tapered pair of strip lashes. This look can include lashes, such as:

Play around with the inventory and see what you like best!

Curly hair model covering her eyes with her hands

Monolid Eyes

These type of eyes are one continuous lid without a visible fold. These are most commonly seen in people of Asian descent but have also been widely shown in other ethnicities as well.

Lash strips can create an immediate difference in the eyes appearance, one of them is making the eyes appear more awake and open.

Contrary to what most may have heard, these type of lashes is quite versatile and experimental.

Usually, the lashes on these type of eyes are straight, so for some added accentuation, it’s best to try strip ashes that have a curl pattern to them, that isn’t too thick.

Otherwise, you could make your eyes appear heavy and tired. Try the 3D Mink Lashes London or Alice 3D Mink Lashes to achieve this look in two different ways!

With this eye, we want to create the illusion of more elongated eye shape.

These eyes are different, yet bold and captivating. Not everyone can pull off this eye shape, so if you were lucky enough to be born with it, strut!

To bring back how versatile these type of lashes are, if you prefer a look that is more natural, you can always try for the lashes that are short to medium length with a curl intensity.

This look will bring a slightly dramatic look to your eyes without overdoing it.

These styles should more than perfect for you, Try them out!

Deep Set Eyes

Similar to monolid eyes, deep-set eyes sit deep within the eye socket with a small lid. This look can create the appearance of a more prominent brow bone, which can look overwhelming if you choose the wrong set of lashes!

These women are lucky enough to be able to experiment with more dramatic sets of lashes.

Lash sets with longer lashes towards the middle can make the eyes appear to pop out more.

You don’t want the weight of your brow bone to take away from the look you are trying to achieve, so opt for more prolonged and dramatic lashes, such as Lola, Grace, Dubai or Chloe 3D Mink Lashes.

Deep set eyes are a beautiful feature to have! They give off the appearance of a youthful and free-spirited glow!

Eyelashes tools and extensions

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have slightly more skin above the crease.

The fold of skin that covers the eye socket line characterizes hooded eyes.

The illusion we want to create with these eyes is a depth effect.

We want to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter in the center. These type of optics are unique!

To gain this effect, lashes that are long yet longer towards the center are the best move.

They will open the eyes dramatically and immediately while drawing more focus towards opening up your eyes more towards your brow bone making them seem more substantial in appearance.

Try out Private Label Extensions’ 3D Mink lashes in Milan, Shanghai, Chloe, and Grace!

Wide Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes are spaced more than one eyeball apart from each other.

This look is gorgeous because they always make the person who has them appear younger and are stunning to look.

You can get lost in these eyes if you are not too careful! Can you believe all the things you can tell about a person only from their eye shape?

We want to give the illusion of the eyes appearing closer. We also want to even out the proportions of the eyes!

So, therefore, you ladies with the big wide and beautiful eyes should try lashes that are more dramatic with thick lashes towards the middle of the eye to give this effect.

Fuller lashes will mask the extra space between your eyes. Experiment with different flared out styles!

Violet, Chloe, and Eden 3D Mink Lashes. could be your best friend after reading this!

Close Set Eyes

The opposite of wide-set eyes, close-set eyes are less than one eyeball length apart, making them appear more narrow the other eye shapes.

These eyes are captivating and command attention the moment you look into them!

We don't want to exaggerate this feature over, but we want to draw more attention towards the outer corners of the eyes to even out the proportions and make them appear further apart.

We want to lift and lengthen the eyes, naturally! The best way to do this is to use lashes that are longer toward the ends but long in general.

The tapered lashes that range from medium to extra long lengths would be perfect in this case!

Fortunately, so many styles in stock for Private Label compliment this, such as London, Vegas, Bangkok and more!

Glitter makeup on a curly hair model

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have a slight drop in the outer corners of the eyes. The great thing about these eyes is the fact that they look amazing when experimenting with cat eye looks.

You also give off the impression of being sweet, sensitive and attentive to a meaningful conversation.

To make your eyes appear more upwards, its best to opt for lashes that are full, tapered and extremely long!

This look will create a symmetric appearance in your eyes, while also adding a sense of drama to your look!

Private Label Extensions’ selection of mink lashes is perfect for these. Look at our inventory and search around for any looks you see that appear long and tapered, such as, New York, Vegas, Dubai, Milan, Chloe, Lola, Eden, or Grace.

The options are endless so see what you can come up! These mink lashes are perfect for lifting your eyes.

Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes, protruding eyes, or “big and beautiful” eyes give the appearance of popping out of its socket.

They are large, bright and take up most of the features in your face. It’s time to play around with that!

Another thing is, you have plenty of eyelid space to work with different eyeshadow palettes!

We don’t want you overwhelmed, so smaller to medium lash lengths are best for this eye type.

Your gorgeous eyes are attention seekers themselves, so a natural look wouldn’t hurt to work!

The best part is even though shorter lashes might do you justice, you can play with any style of lash you see fit, from full or natural to tapered and thin.

Play around with different clustered lash styles to bring the attention to your eyes without it being too much!

Jane, Amelia, Grace and other looks in our Private Label Extensions’ inventory are dying to be with you!

It’s All Up to You!

False strip lashes are fun, cute and easy to use and play around! They are perfect for everyday wear or even just on occasion for that special event you have coming up.

The point is, you can never wear too much of any pair of lashes! Choosing the right pair of eyelashes can add that extra intensity to your unique eye shape and even in other features in your face!

Take the time to figure out what works for you and your face! It's all up to personal preference and how you feel about yourself.

Always keep these things in mind! Experiment with lashes until you believe you are looking your absolute best!

After all, no one in this world can tell you what looks good on you except for you! Try some of our selections and tag us on Instagram!

We would love to see what looks you came up with and who knows!

You may be featured on our page one day!

Any questions about the lashes you saw?

Do you wear any of them already?

Comment! I’d love to hear your story!

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This article is a fantastic guide for anyone looking to find the perfect false eyelashes for their eye shape. I appreciate the detailed breakdown for each eye type and the specific product recommendations. It’s so helpful to know that choosing the right lashes can enhance your natural beauty and complement your eye shape. I’m excited to try out some of these suggestions and see the difference they make!


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