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Hair Vendor List: Finding Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Do Your Own Hair Vendor Research!

Are you eager to start a hair business and trying to find out how to sell hair extensions?

At this point, you are so excited and willing to do anything to get your new hair venture off the ground.

You have been scrolling through Instagram lately and noticed people selling a “hair vendor list” that will help you purchase hair.

Should you buy the list? Are their really reputable hair vendors on the list? Do they sell Mink Hair (if you are looking for a mink hair vendor make sure you read our article about what is mink hair)?

Finding the best wholesale virgin hair vendors is not always easy. But, if you found this article I think you are REALLY close to what you want.

Let’s go over some of the details.

What is a Hair Vendor List?

The new trend of selling a list of hair vendors started gaining popularity in the last few years as more people have started getting into the hair extension industry.

With an estimated $10 Billion in annual hair sales, this industry is HOT and everyone is trying to get their piece.

A great hair vendor list will include a bunch of hair suppliers that will sell you wholesale hair extensions to supply your business. Most lists that are currently for sale on the market will vary with the number of hair suppliers.

How many hair suppliers do you need selling the same products? Good question!

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions

Starting at: $29.99

Malaysian Body Wave Hair Extensions

Starting at: $21.99

Raw Indian Wavy Hair

Starting at: $45.00

Are the Best Virgin Hair Vendors on a List?

This is what you need to ask yourself.

People’s expectations of hair extensions can vary greatly. You might think that one bundle of hair is fantastic for the money while the person that creates the “hair vendor list” has a totally different opinion. I personally always rely on our client base to tell us what they like best.

If you are looking for a quick find for Raw Indian Hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian Hair, or Vietnamese hair you could be disappointed for the simple fact your opinion differs. This is totally fine and expected.

Looking for a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Private Label Wholesale is direct from manufacturer solution that has proven products including bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, lashes, and more! This website will solve all your hair supply issues. Pricing as good as the AliExpress & Alibaba vendors without the hassle. FREE ACCESS!

How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Cost?

We have seen lists vary in price from $47 all the way up to $997!

Some will break it down by type of vendor. This could include one list that sells Indian hair while another sells Brazilian hair.

It really depends on the type of wholesale weave you are looking for.

One question you should ask yourself is how much does it cost for someone to come up with their own hair vendor list? I honestly could make one in just minutes.

What Wholesale Hair Companies are Listed?

The same ones you could just find yourself on Alibaba, Aliexpress, and DH Gate.

We have the vendor list discussion often in our Start a Hair Extension Business support group.

hair vendor list discussion

It was great that a lot of people that actually bought a list said Private Label Extensions was on it! I think that is the only thing I like about these lists.

So many people are looking for the top Aliexpress hair vendors. Did you know last year Aliexpress had to clear out over 90% of all their hair vendors because of all the complaints and issues they were receiving? I know you might have been looking for the best Alibaba hair vendors but do you really want to be another person with an issue? We will let you decide!

If you really wanted to find us and couldn’t remember our name you could just search Google for “Wholesale Hair Extensions” and we are probably #1. Why is Private Label Extensions listed #1? Google knows what’s best.

Do Your Own Research

The best advice we can give is to do your own research.

It is just as easy to take the $200, $300, $400, that you would spend on one of these lists and just buy some sample bundles from a few suppliers.

If you are looking to work with a wholesale hair company in the USA that provides tons of support, drop shipping, education, support groups, customer service you can actually speak to and more then please give the hair team at Private Label Extensions a chance.

Quick Tip: Make sure you know how to calculate the Delivered Cost of hair extensions from suppliers. Many people forget to factor in that overseas suppliers will often charge transaction fees and the shipping cost per bundle is much higher.

Don’t want to work with us? (Shame on you!) No problem! Your next step would be to start searching and contacting hair companies on Alibaba & Aliexpress.


I know what you are thinking. Are we really telling you where else you can find wholesale hair suppliers? For sure! We are really confident in the quality of products and services we offer.

Brazilian Deep Wave Bundle Deals

Starting at: $105.89

Brazilian Silky Straight Bundle Deals

Starting at: $105.89

Spanish Wave Bundle Deals

Starting at: $119.30

Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor

Yes, many of the horror stories of working with some companies overseas are true.

Did you send a hair vendor funds via Western Union to save on fees and didn’t hear back? Yes, this has even happened to us when we first started out. I sent money to a company in Malaysia and never received the hair. They even had the nerve to call me and ask for me to send more money for customs but didn’t have a tracking number. Never doing that again!

One time we ordered some samples from another hair vendor. Wow, the hair was so nice and for a great price.

I thought we struck gold with this supplier! Next, our company purchased about $3,000 in various sew-in extensions.

Time to get selling right? Wrong!

The next batch of hair when we decided to make a larger purchase was total crap. It was so bad we just didn’t even feel right selling it at a bigger discount than we purchased it for. $3,000 loss!

Is there a guarantee that a company on the hair vendor list you purchased will be any different? Absolutely not!

It would actually be funny if you asked the person selling a hair vendor list if they have a money back guarantee if you don’t like the hair extensions that are being sold from a company on the list. Doubt it!

Final Hair Vendor Thoughts

If you are looking for a reputable hair vendor please consider Private Label Extensions and Private Label Wholesale for bulk orders with the best possible prices..

We work with over 1,000 clients to provide them some of the best hair extensions for the price.

If looking to work with vendors overseas please just be cautious. There is nothing worse than losing your hard earned money by someone trying to make a quick buck.

Have something to say about the hair vendor lists? Leave it in the comments section below.

About Mikey Moran

Serial Entrepreneur focused on great products, service and building an amazing hair team.

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91 thoughts on “Hair Vendor List: Finding Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

  1. Melissa says:

    When I initially started searching for vendors, I was very interested in purchasing this “exclusive” book of vendors. The book was super expensive and was over my budget. However, I was ALMOST willing to make that sacrifice because I didn’t know where to start my search. I decided to do a little more research on my own before buying the book. I ordered bundles from a couple vendors on Ali Express but did not like the quality of hair or the customer service. The more research I did on my own, the more I was able to learn, which is how I found Private Label Extensions. The quality of hair, length of time the hair has lasted, and overall service has been the best I’ve found yet. And to be honest, I’m glad I did the research on my own as opposed to purchasing that expensive vendor list. Private Label Extensions is honestly a go-to source.

    1. Misti says:

      I just received my hair this week went in to get sew-in. I didn’t know both owners were there. The one in front I didn’t know was checking out my hair since I been their so you really have to watch how you act when you are out. You never know who’s watching. I was friendly and honest I told her I had a vendor and I was testing the product before I sell any products. I want to sell good hair and I wanted my clients to be happy with my products she was touching my hair running her fingers all through my hair LOL. I just got my hair done she was so impressed with the hair saying it’s so soft and she couldn’t keep her hands off. I said honey run your finger through it touch it she was like wow… after you test the hair and get your page up please let us know and gave me her card and number and said keep in touch. Wowwwww never know who watching for beautiful hair.

      1. Jae says:

        Congrats Misti, I’m also looking to get into the hair business any advice.

      2. Kim says:

        Hey Misti! Where do you order your hair from for your business?

      3. Ammunique says:

        So where did you find your hair vendor from? Because I am having a hard time trying to find a hair and I am interested in the hair business.

        1. Lakesha says:

          What’s the first step I need to take to start to order? I know the hair type that I want.

      4. Shaquana says:

        I wanted to start my own hair business is this a good start?

    2. Mikey Moran says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback and sure glad you found Private Label Extensions. We hope to help educate everyone about the “Hair Vendor List” sellers and that you do not need to spend the money on these. Are they really even experts? Nope! Our goal at Private Label Extensions is more than just being the #1 wholesale hair vendor in the USA. We like that our clients can come visit us, call us, interact with our Facebook group, and educate themselves by reading blog posts about this. Cheers to great hair!

      1. RayWoods says:

        How much money do I need to start up a small clientele?

        1. Court says:

          It doesn’t cost much at all more so dedication!

    3. Aishia philson says:

      So are you able to buy the hair by the wholesale

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We are a wholesale company, we also offer options for drop shipping from our sister company, dropship bundles.

        1. Shameil Patton says:

          What all texture of hair you provide?

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            We have Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Vietnamese hair. They all vary in styles including kinky straight, body wave, silky straight, afro kinky, kinky straight, loose wave, deep wave, and more.

        2. Kim says:

          I am looking for a vendor that I can buy my hair from for my business. What is your website? I would love to shop with you guys.

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            Great, you came to the right place! You may visit our Private Label Extensions page for more information. We are a wholesale company that provides a variety of products to business owners.

        3. Lushanndel Thomas says:

          I would like to buy some bundles wholesale. I have a license.

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            Hello, you may purchase as many or as little as you would like on our home page, as everything is wholesale pricing.

        4. Monique Vaughn says:

          Interested. Thank you 🙂

    4. Breyanna Brown says:

      So do you recommend this company as a vendor?

    5. Mikey Moran says:

      Thank you so much for loving Private Label Extensions. We know people are tempted to pay for a list when trying to find the best virgin hair vendors online. It can be a tough process when searching for a hair company that you can trust. Obviously, not all hair vendors are created equal. Our growing team focuses on offering the best Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Vietnamese hair with fast shipping and great service. Let us know how we can be of better help and thanks again!

    6. Gloria brown says:

      Did it work and did you get your product? I am business to make money not to get ripped of.

  2. Tamela Bell says:

    Why spend all that money on a list when you can do your own research? If you pay for a vendor list that’s all you get. Just the list. Do your own research. You might find a vendor that nobody knows about. You’ll never know what’s all out there until you go look.

  3. Zhabria says:

    It must have been meant for me to read this article. I was doing a little research last month and ran across someone who I knew that sold hair. I asked a few questions and one of them was, how did they find that perfect vendor. They told me to look on this women Instagram to purchase this book for $250. I thought to myself sounds good, I get a head start etc. After being in PLE group on Facebook and reading this article has brought to my attention that it’s best to test the hair out yourself without looking for opinions.

    1. Mikey Moran says:

      Yes, this article was meant to you for sure! Buying a hair vendor list is just not a good idea. I have seen so many random people that don’t even sell hair just make up a hair vendor list and try and sell it. It’s amazing that so many Entrepreneurs want to get into the hair extension industry but people are trying to feed off this ambition with bad business practices. Here at Private Label Extensions, we just want to do great business with great people and do everything possible to help them along the way!

  4. Justified Luxury Extensions / shonnie hudson says:

    To be honest I’ve been looking for a hair vendor for Two years, YES two years! It so hard to trust a vendor who says their hair is the one for you and it becomes costly as well so I started to give up I could no longer spend an receive hair that looked beautiful when it arrived and became a mess a week later or the vendor Just sent hair that was unacceptable. 11 months ago I FINALLY bumped into Private Label on Instagram, I watched their page and clients and I became a believer I was sold all bc they had a live post and real investors and a platform that was inviting. I found my home thanks, PLE!

    1. Mikey Moran says:

      So excited you found your new wholesale hair vendor! Our team is dedicated to not only offering your great weave but the support for your hair business to succeed. Private Label Extensions is so happy you found us. If you are ever in Atlanta make sure you stop by and see us! Our new location will be opening soon and it will be a hair weave paradise! Thanks for the support!

    2. Naja says:

      Have you got any hair from PLE?

  5. Tarsha Howard says:

    I purchased a hair vendor list two years ago and it did nothing to help me. People who already sell hair are very secretive about who their hair vendors are. The greatest thing that happened to me at the end of 2017 was finding the PLE private hair group. I have learned so much in the matter of a few short months about the hair industry. People need to know more once you do find a vendor. It is ongoing education. Similar to the lawyers at the firm I work for. They go to CLE trainings all year to keep up with the Law, we have to do the same in order to be the best in our industry.

    1. Mikey Moran says:

      Keeping up with everything in the hair industry can be a lot to handle. One thing you know we hate is people selling the hair vendor lists. I just don’t understand it because there is no credibility behind it. You might as well just pick a bunch of hair companies off Aliexpress or Alibaba and sell it as “The Best Hair Vendor List.” We do think it is funny that a bunch of hair vendor lists did have Private Label Extensions mentioned. We are dedicated to continue to provide great information for your hair business as well as provide the best wholesale hair extensions for the price here in the USA.

  6. Sandra says:

    Doing your own research is very very important. I spend hours and hours looking for a good vendor before I found PLE. But with hundreds of hair companies online it can get frustrated. I was offered a vendor list for $260 and thank God I decided to do more research. PLE was the first vendor I tried. I purchased the sample kit, tested them and I was SOLD. You can honestly save a lot of money doing your own research.

    1. Mikey Moran says:

      So happy to see your feedback! We know there are many wholesale virgin hair vendors out there but we strive to be the best in not only Atlanta but the USA! Most people don’t realize how easy it is to find a wholesale hair distributor without a hair vendor list. We are proud to be your virgin wholesale hair supplier!

  7. dacianporter says:

    I’m looking to start my own business and I want to start it with your company. How should I go about doing this?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Sign up for our dropship program! It will give you access to our wholesale prices and we will take care of packing and shipping for you! If you want to expand your business, we also offer a variety of websites to help with your time management and sales. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We have experts answering inquiries 6 days of the week.

  8. Dina says:

    Im looking to start my own hair business, I’m very interested in your company after reading this article. I have been following on Instagram long time. I do live in holland, Amsterdam would that be a problem. With shipping will that be expensive?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We are always looking to expand, but unfortunately, we only ship to the US and Canada at the moment.

  9. Jamila says:

    Is this hair ‘virgin,’ ‘remy,’ or simply ‘human’? Each is different and I am looking for virgin hair.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We provide a variety of hair extensions including raw hair, which includes our Vietnamese bundles as well as our Indian Bundles. We have Indian curly and wavy as well as Vietnamese straight and natural wave.

  10. HIddenBeauty says:

    When signing up for Dropshiping, Is shipping the order out to the customer the only option? Can your ship the order out to the actual owner/seller ? Then the owner/seller will ship the order to the customer?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      It may be shipped over to the seller as well as the consumers.

      1. deisha says:

        If it is drop shipped to the seller 1st and the seller does not like the quality may it be sent back and exchanged before sending to the customer. It is very important to me that my customers receive the best batches of hair.

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          As long as it is not altered in any way. It may not be unraveled, and be in the same condition as you received it.

  11. HIddenBeauty says:

    I want to wholesale with this company but I want PLE to send me everything and ill ship the order out to the customer!

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      That works. You would just have to purchase on our website and have it sent over to you. We ship in the U.S. and Canada.

      1. Sheila says:

        How to people from other countries purchase hair from your company?

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          It is very uncommon for customers to do so, as we only ship in the US and Canada.

  12. HIddenBeauty says:

    How much is your sample hair? I could not find it on here?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We offer a sample kit for $19.99. You may also purcahse any hair on our website for you to sample on your own. We do not have a minimum requirement, so feel free to purchase as many as you prefer.

  13. HIddenBeauty says:

    Does PLE mail out the Wholesale hair to the buyer? Like out of State buyers? or does the buyer have to pick it up from PLE Factory?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We offer shipping on our website for out of state. We ship within the U.S. and Canada. We also sell our products in store for anyone who is ever in the area.

  14. HIddenBeauty says:

    Is there a option were I can purchase a website and just do wholesale? I want PLE to make my website! Is there a price difference in Dropshipping then wholesaling?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Yes, you may just do the website. The $19.99 payment covers your hosting fee. By purchasing a website through us, we throw in a free dropship account as long as you keep up with your hosting payments.

  15. HIddenBeauty says:

    With Dropshipping, will that take longer for the customer to receive their order?

    1. Mikey Moran says:

      Great question! With both Dropship Bundles and Private Label Extensions, we ship 99% of hair orders the same day if placed before 3 pm. Orders ship from our Atlanta warehouse or Atlanta showroom and generally arrive within 1 – 3 business days. We take shipping hair serious!

  16. Carissa says:

    Okay so I have a few questions. I am totally new to this.

    I want to find a vendor and from the looks of it the vendors mostly just come from Ali express ?

    How do these celebrity stylists find vendors ?

    Big stylists such as Tokyo Stylez & Alonzo Arnold are willing to sell their vendor info for around $1500. This seems like such a small price being these are very well known stylists. What would be the reason for them selling their secret ?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We are a great vendor to start off with, as we sell wholesale products. We are all about helping consumers out with getting started with their business at an affordable price! We are also a white label company, that can help many businesses succeed. One reason for them selling their secret is plain and simple. It’s just business. Profit is everything, so we try to make sure we offer as many options as possible at an affordable price in order to help consumers who do not have an open budget flourish.

  17. Khia says:

    I’m interested in starting my own hair company. I’m fairly new to this, but I’m all about making women feel flawless. What are the steps I need to take to get started? I’m also open to any additional advice you may have!

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      You stopped at the right place! We have many blog posts that can help you with your next steps! Selling hair extensions is such a great business to get into. Read about our post on how to sell $142,350 in hair extensions this year!

  18. Ja'Brya says:

    How do these hair extensions work for Caucasian women?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We offer tape ins and clip ins. You may also try our other extensions as an option, they are a little more complicated to install on Caucasian women, so make sure to do your research before doing so. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can help you decide on how to go about choosing what you prefer best.

  19. Adrianna says:

    I am new to the hair industry and I wanted to purchase bundles wholesale, how do I go about doing this?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We are a one-stop shop! You can definitely purchase hair wholesale bundles from our website with no minimum requirement. Finding a supplier is very important when building your business. We have multiple solutions for you to enhance your business with our dropship account!

  20. Shay says:

    Hi. I am looking to start my own business selling bundles. I am completely new to all of this, but I do know that I need to start with getting a good vendor. I want to make sure that the hair I sell is GREAT Quality in every aspect. How do I go about pairing with you? I would like to try the hair first.

  21. Jessica says:

    I want to start a hair business. I’m new to this. I wanted to know do you guys only ship the hair to shop owners or can anyone purchase the hair?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We are a wholesale company and we also provide dropshipping. With that said, our wholesale page does not require a membership. We had a minimum requirement before, but we took that down. Anyone can purchase our products, but we only ship within the US and Canada.

  22. esna lucia g. says:

    Hello, I want to buy the 19.99 package to look at the quality of the hair.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      This is a great way to test our hair, before purchasing wholesale, as well as figuring out which vendors you would like for your company. You may purchase our sample kit on our website homepage. Let us know if you have any questions.

      1. Karis McCoy says:

        I’m interested in this program.

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          Great, finding a wholesale supplier is a necessity for your business. Let us know what questions you may have, so we can point you in the right direction. You may contact us at [email protected] for more information.

  23. Beatrice Jean says:

    Good afternoon,
    I wold like to start a hair business. Can you please send me the link where I can purchase the hair sample kit?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Great, our sample kit is easily purchased on our home page under bundles.

  24. Dee says:

    I have a question. With selling hair from a website versus purchasing wholesale, what is the percentage of your fee you would keep from the sale of products online?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      It depends on how much your mark up your retail price. For example, if you purchase at $30 in wholesale price and turn around and sell it at $60, the difference is your profit, which is $30.

  25. Tameka says:

    It can get confusing. But these are a couple of things I would suggest. It’s basically a 3 part process of vetting. (1) reviewing the content on the website/trade page. (2) asking questions via email. (3) Hair sampling. Many vendors will not make it past part 2. Only order hair from the vendors that get through the whole process. You do not have to order from all of them at one time.

    Write down or copy paste to a word/notepad the name and address of the companies you contact. Be sure to look at the address because you may be contacting an individual from the same manufacturing place. Do not skip the internet searching process for negative reviews. After I did all my research I finally found one I like and that would be PLE!

  26. RayWoods says:

    How much money do I need to start up a small clientele?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      First, find a vendor that works for you. We are a wholesale company that has a lot to offer for business start-ups. Depending on your budget, we have a variety of options for you. Not only are our pricing wholesale, we have a dropship sister company that goes hand in hand to help entrepreneurs start their own business. We find that dropshipping is a perfect ideal way to go about starting on your own without having to deal with inventory count, shipping, and handling. Contact us to see what we have in store for you at [email protected]!

  27. losaig0025 says:

    Quick question. When you pay the fee with drop shipping, and they set up your website for you, is the retail price already set for you underneath the product listed on the website you create? Or do you have to set your retail prices yourself?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Hey, great question! When we create a website for you. We have the suggested retail prices plugged into the website. You are in charge of any modifications after it is pushed over to you.

      1. Ebonye says:

        One more question, what grade is your hair extensions?

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          We have Grad 7A, 8A, and we also have Raw Hair Extensions.

  28. Valerie Page says:

    Vendor List… Whew, chile! I haven’t been in the industry very long and the thought of purchasing a vendor list scared me! I’m sorry…I just can not take for face value what someone listed as a reputable hair vendor. I rather put in some work and invest some money…which is what I did. My business partner and I spent hundreds of dollars testing multiple companies. If your business is set up right and you have a good accountant these expenses could be written off! However…guess who came out to be our number ONE choice on and passed every test with flying colors…PRIVATE LABEL EXTENSIONS!

    We’ve have satisfied customers with human, virgin and raw hair extensions. We are confident and proud to tell our customers that we have premium quality hair!

    We personally did not want to purchase a vendor list to find our vendor!

  29. Ariel Nevilles says:

    I’m interested in purchasing wholesale bundles for my storefront. What should be my next steps with your company?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We suggest purchasing samples to try for yourself before committing. We have no minimum requirements at the moment.

  30. Shonte Perry says:

    Purchasing a vendor list, I have never done. I have tried different vendors but that’s from personal use. I even use to be dropship with another hair company before PLE that ripped me off. Being able to interact with the team at PLE through the hair biz group helped develop a new trust in which most companies don’t offer so I’m glad I found you guys not to mention all the products are amazing.

  31. Kisha says:

    How do you get a supplier list price?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Hey! We recommend doing your research in order to make sure you are going with the right companies. They have a variety you may search. Everyone has different preferences, so the best way to go about this is making sure you are doing extensive research.

  32. nia says:

    I’m very young. Only 13, but I’ve been doing hair since I was young. I started out doing my sister’s hair, mine, then others. I just thought, well I know how to do hair, but what is selling hair like? I eventually found doing hair isn’t for me. I still do it, but I would love to have an online hair and lash business. I have experience and my auntie used to own a hair studio so I know the works. I’m just trying to make extra money to help out with my family and if the hair thing works, I want to buy my mom a house in two years or so but it depends on how I do. All I really need help with is finding a good vendor.

  33. Victoria Long says:

    I would like to start my own line.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Perfect! We sent you information on how to get started by choosing us are your wholesale hair extension supplier!

  34. Empress says:

    I would love to start my own hair extension business. How do I start?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We are excited for you! We have sent you information on what we can do as a company to help your business grow!

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