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You’ve probably heard about Private Label and how we are Atlanta's hair vendor of choice.

Yes, this might be true, but we have so much more in store for you!

Over the years, one of our most popular beauty supply products has been the Edge Control. Our clients love the hold, how it goes on clear and doesn’t leave those annoying white flakes.

So what is edge control, where can you find it in Atlanta, and is it for you?

Let’s talk about it.

What is Edge Control and is it Necessary for Me?

Do you know what's delightful?

Achieving that flawless finish to your slicked-back hairstyle by effortlessly smoothing down your edges. They're sleek and precise and instantly elevate your look from chic to ultra-glamorous.

But how can you achieve edges that stay flawless throughout the day, providing the perfect amount of shine?

When it comes to mastering the art of styling baby hairs, the solution lies in using edge control.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with all the essential information about edge control, including its purpose and insightful details to assist you in determining whether you require baby hair styling products to enhance your natural hair, tailored to your specific hair type.

slicked edges with baby hairs

What Does Edge Control Refer To?

When introduced to the term "edge control" for the first time, individuals might naturally assume it involves managing the delicate curls along the hairline, commonly known as baby hairs.

However, edge control isn't an action but instead is a product utilized for this purpose. Specifically, edge control gel serves to smooth and maintain the appearance of these baby hairs, ensuring impeccably sleek edges.

For creative people, this gel can also be used to fashion these baby hairs into artistic designs that beautifully frame the face. It's exciting that edge control products come in various textures and consistencies, offering different hold levels to explore and experiment with.

Whether you prefer a strong, long-lasting hold or a softer, more flexible finish, there's an edge control product tailored to your needs.

Edge control is one of the many products available in our Atlanta beauty supply department. More on that later. 

Advantages of Utilizing Edge Control

If you're considering incorporating edge control into your natural hair care routine, you'll be delighted by the numerous advantages it offers, including:

  • Taming flyaways and keeping them under control.
  • Providing a strong and durable hold that lasts throughout the day.
  • Enhancing the shine of your hair for a glamorous finish.
  • Nourishing your hairline, especially when using products infused with hydrating ingredients.

Moreover, when paired with an edge brush, the benefits of edge control multiply.

This dynamic duo not only helps smooth out those pesky baby hairs but also allows you to: Style your edges with precision, creating elegant swirls and swoops.

Utilize the dual ends of the brush to expertly swirl, comb, or brush your edges, achieving the ultimate level of edge perfection.

edge brush

What Features Should You Consider When Choosing Edge Control Products?

When searching for edge control products, it's important to distinguish between those that may flake or dry out textured hair, causing breakage and those that are gentle on natural coils and curls.

You need to find options that are compatible with your natural baby hair.

Before embarking on your quest for the perfect edge control product, here's a helpful checklist to keep in mind:

  1. Steer clear of products containing alcohol – While some edge control options use alcohol to expedite drying, it can overly dry delicate baby hairs.
  2. Choose products containing "gentle" ingredients - Look for curly hair products that are devoid of parabens, silicones, phthalates, and formaldehyde.
  3. Select a product with moisturizing properties – Ingredients like glycerin, olive oil, and coconut oil are beneficial for hydrating your hair.

They can strengthen your hair and reduce the risk of breakage.

How is Edge Control Different from hair gel?

If you aim for a sleek look while sticking to your natural style, edge control could be the secret product you've been searching for, bringing a new style and luster to your hair once you discover its benefits.

But Isn't Hair Gel Similar in Function?

While hair gel can help create stunning hairstyles, it doesn't fulfill the same role as edge control.

The texture of edge control resembles that of pomade, while gels are typically more liquid-based and best suited for creating sleek protective styles or enhancing natural curls.

Among the most commonly used types of styling gel are:

Curl gel - This gel for curly hair is an ideal choice when aiming for bouncy, defined curls. Smooth it onto damp hair and let it air dry to achieve beautiful, highly defined curls.

Strong hold gel - For a gel that ensures a sleek look, PATTERN's Strong Hold Gel is the go-to option. It offers a lasting hold without causing breakage, even for baby hairs.

Additionally, it can serve as a backup edge control, perfect for taming unruly edges while providing hydration.

Create the Edge of Your Dreams with Private Label Edge Control

There is a specific moment and setting where embracing your natural baby hairs and allowing them to flow freely is most appropriate (and you definitely should, as they are naturally beautiful without effort).

Indeed, there are times when showcasing your edgy side is appropriate. Whether you're elevating your style or aiming for a polished and sophisticated appearance, a neatly laid edge can transform nearly any hairstyle into a sleek and stylish statement.

For your convenience, edge control products under a private label are offered in both 2 oz and 4 oz sizes.

Edge control promotes hair growth while securely holding edges and hair in position, providing a sleek and polished appearance.

Visit the Atlanta beauty supply source, Private Label, for more info!

layed edges with edge control

Instructions for Application

Gently apply a small amount of Edge Control using your fingertips until hair remains in the desired position, or use a brush or comb to smooth it in.

Edge Control Ingredients

Purified Water (Aqua) Ceteareth-20 Castor Oil Glyceryl Cocoate Preservative Triethanolamine Cromollient SCE Jojoba Oil Fragrance

Label Instructions

"Our Edge Control is designed to foster hair growth while firmly holding edges and hair in place with exceptional holding power, all without flaking. It leaves edges looking and feeling healthier and shinier than before."

Clear Edge Control

Private Label Edge Control is ideal for individuals interested in starting their own brand; this edge control provides a strong hold without leaving white flakes, ensuring your edges stay sleek and stylish.

Are you interested in launching your own brand of edge control products?

Want to make money with your own high-quality edge control brand?

We provide private labeling services for our premium edge control products.

You don't need to worry about ordering large quantities; you can purchase individual units or cases from 20 up to 50 for the smaller 2 oz version. Each container comes with a side label containing a description and the ingredients.

We're here to help you acquire the right-sized label for your edge control product, allowing you to personalize and establish your own brand.

Where to Buy Private label Edge Control

Come to our Atlanta Hair & Beauty Supply location, where our knowledgeable hair professionals can answer your questions and demonstrate edge control and what it can do for you.

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