Beach Bummin': Hair Extensions at The Beach This Summer

Beach Bummin': Hair Extensions at The Beach This Summer

Ultimate Beave Babe

Ahh, the beach. It could be the most relaxing place on earth. The water, sand, and the sun, brightly beaming on your skin. Great right?

Before going to the beach, you would likely shop for a swimsuit, sundress, and don't forget the sun shades.

But, the missing piece of the puzzle is your new hair extensions that you could be rocking this summer.

Curls usually make a statement at the beach. Curls bring a happy, fun, and outgoing personality that matches the summer beach wave vibe.

Here are five hair extensions you must have for Summer '24!

Beach Waves

Brazilian Spanish Waves

Want great natural textures and waves? Brazilian Spanish Waves are the go-to hair extensions this summer.

The luscious curls have a natural look and feel, and amazingly it’s lightweight. It’ll look great with any beachwear and summer dress that you’ll wear.

It is the perfect vacation hair extensions. The slight spiral curls add a beautiful flavor to curls, and they can be dyed and permed.

The hair’s very soft texture is great, it does not tangle, and if you want to provide more volume to the hair, you can lightly brush it out.

Washing the hair over and over again leaves it the same full and slightly curled style it was when you first installed the extensions.

Feel free to swim with this hair because it’s worth the freedom to have fun this summer with a little water. And don’t worry, the curls will come back.

A great hairstyle for the Brazilian Spanish waves is installing the hair and letting the curls do all the work of showing it’s beautiful curl pattern flavor.

Private Label Extensions carry this hair from 12 inches to 24 inches.

Goddess Hair

Brazilian Afro Kinky

Protective hairstyles are great if you don’t want to get frustrated with your hair at the beach.

Brazilian Afro Kinky Hair is perfect for replacing your real hair for hair extensions that can mimic your hair.

It is a fun and bubbly way of staying in style while sitting in the sun.

Brazilian Afro Kinky has a pretty coiled texture that has body and volume that’s thick and juicy.

It’s anything close to what natural curls look like. The hair can be colored, and it looks best in a styled hair bush style with coiled bangs.

The hair can also style in a more extended length bob hairstyle that emphasizes the natural coils. Look like yourself with this protective style!

Private Label Extensions offers Brazilian Afro Kinky in bundle lengths from 12 inches to 20 inches.

They also provide closures like the 2x6 HD Lace Closures in this style.

Red Kinky Afro Hair

Vietnamese Natural Wavy Hair

Vietnamese Straight Hair Bundle is a thick type of hair extensions that have natural wavy curls that are soft.

They have looser and large curls that flow elegantly. With this hair, it is full and thick from end to tip. If you are someone that like to have leave-outs, this is a perfect hair.

The thickness and form will blend in. You can bleach the hair and color it, also straighten it to your hair type.

While at the beach, you want thick hair that is strong, long-lasting, and durable that can withstand the water, sand, sweat.

What makes the Vietnamese Natural Wavy stand out is that it’s so versatile--hair that you can color, and style many times as you like.

The hair is silky, soft, and everything you would want for an extension and hair you would need for a perfect vacation on the waterfront.

Vietnamese Natural Wavy Hair

Styles using Vietnamese Natural Wavy

  • Hair Braid

You can braid hair extensions hair into different styles especially with Vietnamese wavy hair.

You can create loose jumbo braids that will help you get the hair out the way while having the time of your life, or tight French braid that turn into a spiral bun on the top of your hair.

  • Half spiral curls

Use a curling wand or Ceramic Curling Iron to curl the bottom half of the extension for a fabulous spiral effect. This style is excellent for those that don't feel like curling all their hair but still great for the beach scene.

French Bohemian Braid

  • Messy Bun

Make a messy bun. It is a style that's never getting old. Get your hair out of your face when you’re in the water!

Let the texture and thickness of the hairdo all the talking. Private Label Extensions carry this hair from 10 inches to 24 inches.

Bohemian  Messy Bun

Brazilian Deep Wave

Need Bounce? Not only are Brazilian Deep Waves thick, soft, and have a tighter curl pattern, and they are bouncy.

It’s a lovely and fun style great for summer 24. Style and color hair. Straighten it, if you please.

What I love about curly hair, especially this one, is that the hair always looks great while participating in water activities. Beach vacations? Get curly hair.

An excellent maintenance tip is leaving the hair extensions in hair conditioner, especially silicon mix. It helps to keep the bounciness.

Private Label Extensions offers the Brazilian deep wave hair extensions from 10 inches to 32 inches. It also comes with Brazilian Deep Wave Frontals and a frontal lace wig.

Black Chyna Deep Wave Hair

Water Waves Hair Extensions

Last but not least, the famous “water waves.” Many nickname it the “mermaid hairstyle,” a hair extension made for the seashore.

Its hair waves mimic water waves, and it is the perfect hair to show off in your vacation photos.

This hair gives you Caribbean Rih-Rih vibes.

The water wave extensions have a very soft texture that runs very lovely through your fingers.

This hair can be straightened with ease--making it a versatile style. When straightening your hair extensions, please do not do so while wet.

These are called water waves, but you don’t want to damage the hair. When the hair is placed in the water again, the hair will go back to its natural water wave texture. Sweet right?

The beauty of the hair is that letting the curls flow creates a look on its own. Private Label Extensions carry this hair from 12 inches to 26 inches.

Water Wave Curls

Are you ready to have fun in the sun in style?

When planning to go to the beach, it’s so important to make sure your hair is on point too.

These great hair extensions bring fun to the sun, and curly hair is always standard when going to the beach and participating in water activities.

If you want to get more fabulous, get longer hair extensions, and take advantage of the curl factor.

What hair would you love to try for the shorelines?

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Fantastic read! The Brazilian Spanish Waves and Water Waves sound perfect for a beach vacation. I love how these extensions can handle water and still look amazing. Thanks for the detailed recommendations; I can’t wait to try some of these styles this summer!


Could you provide some tips on how to care for these specific types of hair extensions after a day at the beach? Saltwater and sun exposure can be tough on hair, so knowing how to maintain these extensions would be really helpful!


Hey Summer! Curly textures like deep wave or water wave are great for swimming as they are very low maintenance and you can get up and go!

Private Label

Tara, texture is definitely at the TOP of the list! When getting in water you wanna make sure you get a texture that holds up and is low maintenance. We recommend our Brazilian Deep Wave or Spanish Wave.

Private Label

Which of these hair extensions is best for low maintenance while swimming?


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