Why 2x6 Closures Are Better Than Lace Frontals

Why 2x6 Closures Are Better Than Lace Frontals

Suppose you’re wondering why we are even having this showdown of 2x6 closure vs. Lace frontals in the first place.

In that case, I want you to think of those full frontals, with those two curved “edges” you see that engulf the entire forehead, sis; why did you lay your edges like that?

Those frontals are the leading cause of stressors borne out of edges tearing society apart; we won’t have that problem with a 2x6 closure; the 2x6 closure is a respected woman in society. 

If you’re one of the instruments the Lace Frontal uses to disrupt the peace of your community, there is redemption for you; walk with me as I show you the light. 

Brazilian Deep Wave 2x6 HD Closure

Why 2x6 Is Better

It is not that the 2x6 closure will bring about world peace and then cure diabetes as the icing on top; it’s in the very minute details that will make your life less fussy. How? 

No Glue for Installation

Closures do not require glue in their installation as same as glueless wigs, which means no damage to your hair.

Instead, they provide a protective style for your natural hair to thrive even better, so you can wear it for weeks without worrying about balding like a stressed snitch or a sweet old man who is aging. You don’t want to be either. 

Daily Management Made Easy

Most of us are not runway models, and we do not have the time to sit in front of the mirror every blessed morning when we do not receive a mail from our imaginary distant aunt who has been called to glory and left us a $2M inheritance just perfecting and styling lace frontal, so bless 2x6 because she is aware of the need to moisturize and get on with your day simply.

Brazilian Silky Straight 2x6 HD Closure Lace


For some of us who do not even know how to install a lace frontal in the first place, on top of not having a $2M inheritance, it saves you money.

Also, lace frontals are much more pricey than 2x6; 2x6 is budget-friendly without compromising on how cute you’ll look—buying a 2x6 closure instead of a lace frontal means extra money to purchase 3D Mink Lashes, purses, and shoes.

Clock that girl’s math.

Now, this is by no means a hate speech on Lace Frontal. She has been a victim because people don’t know what to do with Lace Frontal.

They see it and are overwhelmed, like how your ex fumbled you because of fabulousness.

You are not the problem; they are, and it’s the same thing lace frontal has faced. Let’s go over some perks of lace frontals.

Fuller Coverage

Lace frontals cover your entire hairline, giving you a more polished and natural look —what people will say is a more “put-together” look. 

Customization is Key

Lace frontals may look like an eyesore and even be criminal to many because most people make them look like an eyesore.

To fix this, customization is critical.

Even if you’re going to lay edges that cover your entire forehead and your eyes that can’t make you see the reason why edges mustn’t always be horrendous, lay it so differently and uniquely that even I, a prolific hater and frontal police will acknowledge that you did a fine job.

Bleach the knots, pluck the hairline, and create a look that’s truly your own. 

Black wavy hair female model hiding her face with victory sign

Versatility Galore of 2x6 Lace Closures

It’s a dream how versatile lace frontals are. Because of their coverage, a lace frontal is your playground. It can be styled any which way, from deep side parts to high ponytails.

The styling options are endless. You can be a new version of yourself every day of the week—isn’t that great?

Depending on your style and budget, the 2x6 closure and lace frontal have unique benefits and can help you achieve that flawless look. If you’re all about ease and simplicity, the 2x6 closure is your go-to. Like this gorgeous Jet Black 2x6 Closures!

But if you love versatility and fuller coverage, the lace frontal might be calling your name.

The best choice is the one that makes you feel fabulous, confident, and ready to conquer the world.

Whether you’re team 2x6 closure or team lace frontal, rock that looks with pride. A

And see how installing 2x6 closures is a piece of cake!

Now go out there and slay, beautiful!

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Interesting read! I’m curious, for someone new to hair extensions, which would you recommend starting with for a natural look: a 2×6 closure or a lace frontal?


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