Introducing 7 by 7 HD Lace Closures

What Are 7x7 HD Lace Closures, and How Do They Differ From Other Closures?

Private Label recently released their 7x7 HD lace closures, and they’ve quickly risen to the top of the popularity charts.

But some consumers are wondering, what exactly is this new and trending closure, and how does it differ from other closures on the market?

Girl, if you’re looking through our 7x7 closures collection and wondering if they’re right for you, don’t worry - we’re here to make the buying process easier.

Below, you will find all of the in-depth and must-know info regarding 7x7 lace closures, with a primary focus on how they differ from other closures.

After all, they’re not as common as other popular options like 4x4, but they’re quickly gaining traction - and you probably want to know why.

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What Are 7x7 HD Lace Closures?

A 7x7 HD lace closure is a hairpiece that’s used with human hair wigs and human hair extensions to create your picture-perfect hairstyle.

They’re designed to create a natural-looking hairline and scalp, ensuring you can achieve the hairdo of your dreams. As the name suggests, 7x7 HD lace closures measure seven inches by seven inches long - making them one of the largest options in the “lace closure” community.

With this extra length, women can create a hairline from ear to ear without all of the installation and maintenance of a lace frontal. OK, so we’ve got the lace closure and 7x7 parts out of the way.

But what about that “HD” tossed in there?

Well, HD simply refers to the type of lace used to create the base for the closure: high definition. And, just as you’d expect an HD TV to have impeccable graphics and appearance, you can expect the same from your HD lace closure.

High-definition lace is thinner, transparent, and breathable, making it not only a comfortable choice for lace closure wearers but one that’s impossibly natural-looking.

It’s easier to blend HD lace than other types of lace, which can be more noticeable and uncomfortable.

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Differences Between 7x7 HD Lace Closures and Other Closures

Ok, listen up - you came to this article because you want to know what 7x7 HD lace closures are - and I think we’ve checked that box!

But it’s not enough to simply know what this type of closure is. To see if it’s the right choice for you or not, it’s also essential to understand the key differences between a 7x7 and other types of closures on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the 7x7 HD lace closure a standout option:

Closure Size

If we narrow down the differences between a 7x7 HD lace closure and other closures to a single category, it’s size.

Ladies who have been shopping for lace closures know that there are plenty of sizes on the market. They start as small as 2x4 inches and can be as large as 7x7, with plenty of in-between sizes, including the ever-popular 4x4 Closures.

Needless to say, the 7x7 is one of the largest options, and its grandeur size is the number one difference between it and other lace closures.

More Coverage

Because the 7x7 is much larger than other lace closure sizes, it offers far more coverage than its competitors.

Think of it this way: a 2x4 closure is two inches by four inches. This will only cover a minimal amount of your hair and scalp, which may make it more challenging to get the desired look. On the other hand, a 7x7 lace closure is a whopping seven inches by seven inches.

With so much more room and hair, it’s easy to ensure a natural and flawless finish every time.

Versatile Parting Capabilities

More coverage goes hand in hand with more parting capabilities.

It’s just that simple. With more length and space to work with, you can bring all of your parting dreams to life. Want to go with a sexy and bold deep side part? It’s possible with a 7x7 lace closure but not with smaller lace closure options.

Want to enjoy a cutesy middle part? While it’s possible to do with any lace closure, achieving a more natural-looking aesthetic with a 7x7 lace closure may be easier.

More Styling Options

All that extra coverage and hair isn’t just excellent for your hairline and parting, though, queen! We also have to talk about styling options.

Plenty of gals feel that they have to ditch fave ‘dos, like ponytails extensions and bulk human braiding hair, when they’re wearing a lace closure. That’s not the case with a 7x7 HD lace closure!

While you might not be able to wear your favorite looks with other lace closures, almost anything is possible with your handy 7x7.

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Undetectable HD Lace

At this point, we’ve primarily focused on size and how it makes the 7x7 a better option compared to smaller sizes.

But, once again, we can’t overlook the HD. High-definition lace is another way in which 7x7 HD lace closures stand apart from the pack.

Unlike traditional lace closures, high-definition lace is thinner and more transparent, making it virtually undetectable when worn.

Gone are the days of trying to fuss with a thick and prominent lacy material! (Go ahead and cheer, babe!)

Comfortable and Breathable Lace

If you go with a smaller lace closure crafted with thick lace, you’ll likely end up miserable by the end of the day.

Let’s face it - thick and clunky materials sitting on your head all day are a recipe for an uncomfortable disaster. Luckily, 7x7 HD lace closures are comfortable and breathable— a welcome change for any woman who’s worn a less-than-lightweight closure in her lifetime.

With a 7x7 HD lace closure, you can enjoy your look all day without wishing you were home to rip it off to find some relief.

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Who Should Wear a 7x7 Lace Closure?

Is a 7x7 HD lace closure right for you and your hair needs? Let’s find out, girl!

Here are the top five reasons a 7x7 HD lace closure may be right for you:

  • You want a natural appearance - without having to fuss with blending or going out of your way to make the lace invisible.
  • You desire more coverage from your lace closure and don’t want to limit your parting or hairstyles.
  • You’re experiencing thinning or hair loss and want more coverage to hide those undesirable areas.
  • You need a lace closure that’s comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, ensuring comfort from the beginning of wear to the end of wear.
  • You’re new to the world of lace closures and want a hairpiece that’s easy to work with and even easier to manage.

If you answered yes to any of the reasons above, we highly recommend getting your hands on a 7x7 HD lace closure ASAP.

Why wait another day to achieve your ultimate #hairgoals?

7x7 Closure FAQs

Now that you have learned more about why we LOVE 7x7 closures at Private Label, we think it would be good to review some of our clients' common questions.

What is the difference between lace closure and HD lace closure?

High-definition lace, or HD lace, is thinner and more transparent than other types of lace materials used for closures.

Therefore, it blends seamlessly without much (if any) work from the wearer.

What are the different sizes of lace closures?

There is a wide range of lace closure sizes to meet the needs of consumers.

The sizes range from smaller options, like 2x4 and 2x6 closures, to larger sizes like 6x6 closures and 7x7 HD Lace Closures. The 4x4 remains one of the most popular and common picks.

Is HD lace more expensive?

HD lace tends to be more expensive than other options, but for good reason.

High-definition lace is thin and transparent, making it easier to blend and manage.

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Enjoy Impeccable, All-Natural Coverage with a 7x7 HD Lace Closure Today!

A 7x7 HD lace closure offers more coverage and an all-natural aesthetic. Where smaller sizes are limited, the 7x7 lace closure unlocks endless possibilities for parting and styling.

If you’re looking for a lace closure that’s easy to work with and allows for all kinds of hairstyles, the 7x7 HD lace closure may be right for you.

Check out our impressive line-up and learn how to install 7x7 lace closures!

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Wow, I had no idea 7×7 HD lace closures offered so much versatility and natural-looking results! Thanks for breaking it down so clearly.


This article really breaks down the benefits of 7×7 HD lace closures! It’s clear how much more versatile and natural-looking they are compared to smaller closures.


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