How Flexible Is Your Closure & Why it Matters!

How Flexible Is Your Closure & Why it Matters!

What Makes Closures Significant

In my opinion, human hair closures have become nothing short of God's gift. If you are reading this article and you don’t know what a closure is, let me help you.

A closure is hair device with an individual strands most likely hand tied over lace or silk.

2x6 Transparent Lace Closure Bottom Lace

Closures have transformed modern-day hair technology and are saving women across the world from that sweated out leave-out look.

Especially with the new 7x7 HD Closures rolling out.

Whoever invented them, apparently had our best interest at hearts and I can’t thank them enough for this valuable change in my life.

Closures not only promote healthy hair, but they look real when performed correctly.

Since closures have become so familiar in the world of human hair extensions, it is just right that we tackle a subject about how flexible your closure can be.

Also, why you might choose them over frontals, closure pros and cons and what parting options you may have.

Curly Hair Model Working Out

Closures Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Before I address why you should choose closure over frontal extensions, let’s talk about why closures are so bombed when promoting healthy hair.

It keeps all your hair protected underneath. If you are natural like me, you are over that whole leave out stage in your life.

It gets pretty annoying invariably flat ironing your hair over and over again trying to blend it and get it to lay down properly.

What I find fascinating is that you can braid your hair down and apply a weave to your scalp that can resemble the real thing but at the end of the day, all of your hair protected underneath extensions.

The fact that none of your real hair is out to make it automatically a protective style even if you didn’t intend on it being so. I know by using this method, I have noticed a significant difference in hair growth in myself.

So often we want to accomplish specific styles while also achieving the hair damage.

This style allows you to moisturize and maintain your scalp. You won’t feel guilty any longer because your hair is cute but not protected in any way shape or form.

Healthy hair so crucial because as we get older, we grow out of hair extensions, wigs and things of that nature.

It is important to have hair to fall back on like your own. The only thing you will have to rely on is your natural hair.

So you can either keep feeling guilty about your damaged hair or feel confident knowing your hair is secured underneath.

And know everything about closures for your own good.

2x6 Transparent Lace Closure Top

Why You Might Choose a Closure Over A Frontal

Would you prefer a frontal or a closure?

I honestly can’t make that decision for anyone, but I can give you helpful things to remember when choosing between the two.

Starting with closures, they would be my first choice. Although I’m limited with updos, you can’t go wrong with them.

Closures only require to be sewn down in place and last a very long time. Most closings are one essential part.

You can invest some money and buy a 4x4 closure or 5x5 closure. This gives you some range in parting.

If the shutdown is sewn down directly in the middle, you can do a center or a side part and a low ponytail.

That’s all the styles you would get out of it. If you don’t have a problem with sweating, I guess frontals wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

The only issue would be frontal glue. Most people get their frontal glued down whether it’s a 180 or a 360 frontal.

Adhesive can be very tricky because sweating, you don’t want your frontal sliding down or off.

Ghost bond glue seems to be what everybody generally uses when dealing with frontals, but I can’t say how the adhesive withstands with sweat because it all depends on the person and how much they sweat.

My best advice to you will go with closure if you don’t want to carry your frontal glue everywhere you go.

In my opinion, frontals are for fall, winter and it is that time of year again. It’s all about what you want to deal.

2x6 Transparent Lace Closure Bottom

Closure Pros and Cons

The pros of closure are definite.

They positively promote healthy hair by allowing you to give your hair a break. No need for a leave out blending or putting heat on your hair anymore to blend in.

They are incredibly affordable, and you can be available in almost every beauty supply I'm sure near you.

Although, I have noticed that closures in the beauty supply are of lower quality than purchasing online.

I say that because the closures in the store don’t have as deep of a part as the ones you can order online.

Another pro is that they look so natural, the average person would believe the hair is growing right out of the scalp.

A good stylist will be able to accomplish a flawless closure install, and nobody around you will be able to tell if it is not your hair.

It’s a plus that when it comes time to take your closure out too and all you have to do is wash it and reuse it time and time again.

If you are a workout freak, I seriously think closures are for you. You don’t have to stress about your hair sweating out on a regular day at the gym.

Find solutions for working-out with weaves.

Now that your hair is starting to grow, know that by nature your closure is going to begin to lift which brings me to the cons.

As your hair grows, your closing will grow out causing you to take it out at some point. Another disadvantage would be limitations.

When you decide to get closure, you have limited your options on parting your hair.

Curly Hair Model in black dress and blue makeup with blue earrings

Closure Parting Options

One statement I made earlier about your closure is that your parting will not be limitless.

See they have a closure that contains the part and the part only, like a necessary part.

In most recent years they created an all lace closure you can purchase from Private Label Extensions, a 4x4 or a 5x5.

This gives you some range in parting. If the shutdown is sewn down directly in the middle, you can do a center or a side part and a low ponytail.

Will You Be Flexing in Your Closure?

Overall, I believe your closure is flexible and you get a lot of wear out of them being that you can wash them over and over again and reinstall.

Rest assured that your hair will be a whole lot healthier with this invention in your life. We have discussed the pros and cons, but I believe the good for sure outweighs the bad.

Your closure awaits you, what are you waiting on?

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