why bantu knots are more than just a way to curl hair

Why Bantu Knots Are More Than Just a Way to Curl Hair

Everything From Curly Hair To A Fashion Statement

Bantu knots have been making a comeback in the past years. The style has become increasingly popular over the years to the point that celebrities have been making statements by wearing them.

I’ve worn Bantu knots before, and I loved how they made me look. I also liked how simple the style was to create and maintain. I hadn’t known that such a cute protective form had existed until recently.

It’s been my go-to look every time that I decide to let my hair breathe for a while. Bantu knots can be created with extensions, especially if your hair isn’t long enough to make them out of your hair. The great thing about Bantu knots is that the style is more than just a style.

It’s a style that’s been around for centuries, and there is an extraordinary history of the style. It’s very cool when you get into it. All of my friends have tried Bantu knots before, and they loved them!

Let’s get into the history of Bantu knots and all the ways this style is more than just a way to curl hair.

Bantu knots

The History of Bantu Knots

According to the SAHO, the South Africa History Organization, “Bantu” is a term used to describe 300 ethnic groups in South Africa that spoke the Bantu language.

There were over 90 million people speaking different variations of the Bantu language in southern and central parts of Africa. Across these regions, Bantu is recognized as the Zulu work for people.

It’s still unclear how these languages made it to the southern parts of Africa, but it is said that Bantu speakers achieved incredible progress over the centuries. Unfortunately, all that changed after colonization. Colonizers discovered Bantu speakers in the 16th century.

It’s noted that when Bantu speaking people were found, they were wearing the hairstyle that we all knot to be Bantu knots. Before and during the Apartheid, Bantu speaking people wore Bantu knots so much that it became the hairstyle of choice and recognition.

This hairstyle has been around for a long time, and it makes me happy to see it coming back around.

It’s essential that hair history receives recognition, acceptance, and love!

History of Bantu Knots

It’s A Protective Style!

Beyond a way to curl your hair, Bantu knots are a great way to protect your hair while also looking cute and fashionable. Bantu knots are a quirky way to keep your hair from harsh protective styles. They are a little bit tight on the edges, but they don’t have to be.

When creating the Bantu knots, you should separate your hair into sections. Make sure that you moisturize your every part with oils and other healthy products. After you moisturize each section, you should make sure you have them sectioned in a way that you’re satisfied with.

Is each part even? Do you have an even number of sections? After figuring all that out, you should twirl each section in a circle to create a knot.

If your hair isn’t long enough, feel free to add extensions. Wrap the ends tightly so that they don’t unravel. This style can last for a long time, and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Make sure that you continue moisturizing your scalp as you wear the style, and don’t be afraid to redo it if it’s too tight or too loose.

A Fashion Statement

So many different celebrities have been seen wearing Bantu knots. Everyone from Rihanna to Missy Elliott has been seen rocking this style.

It’s such a cute hairstyle to add to your fashion statement, and the best part is that it’s not bad for your hair.

I’ve seen people add temporary color to the top of their knots so that their hair is a colorful display. No matter the occasion, Bantu knots are a dominant part of your fashion statement.

Try out some Bantu knots the next time you have a night out in town!

Bantu knots Hairstyle

Bantu Knots Can Be Versatile

Many people think that Bantu knots have to be worn all over the head for them to be considered Bantu knots but that’s not true! You can wear them on the top of your hair, and wear the rest of your down.

My favorite way to wear this style is wearing two Bantu knots at the top of my head, and the rest of my hair down. It’s an adorable hairstyle that gives me a summer feel.

Bantu knots always give me a summer feeling, so I wear them most during that season.

If you’re not sure how to style your Bantu knots, you can find plenty of tutorials online.

It Gives Your Curly Tresses

Last but not least, Bantu knots are known for giving people curly tresses. When you wear this style, you should expect your hair to be curly and bouncy after you take them down.

For an even kinkier effect, use some curling product or leave-in conditioner. By doing this, your hair will be bouncy and beautiful.

Follow the instructions in the previous paragraph to get that curly look you’ve been dying for!

Curling Product

Overall, It’s One Of My Favorites

It’s important to remember that Bantu knots are about more than just hair. Bantu is a word derived from a history of people. Bantu was originally a language spoken by tribes in South Africa.

It eventually spread to other regions. Ultimately, the speech was wiped out during colonization, and the word now has a different meaning. Bantu has transformed into a hairstyle that many people take utilize. It’s more than just a way to curl your hair.

This style can be a way to protect your hair. It’s low maintenance and allows you to keep your hair out of your face while also making sure your hair is moisturized. Bantu knots can also be a part of your fashion statement.

Many celebrities have worn the style while out at different events. Missy Elliot is known for wearing Bantu knots during her music video, so it’s a trendy style! It’s more versatile than one might think.

You can add color to make it pop! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box when you try this hairstyle!

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