celebrity hair battles who wore it best

Celebrity Hair Battles: Who Wore It Best

Celebrity Hair

Lots of girls rock the same hairstyles, who doesn't love bangs, blunt cuts, bobs, and finger waves! Not to mention our coils and girls who have girls for days. Oh, and there are fabulous braided styles that everyone loves!

And while no one owns a hairstyle, there are a few people who follow the trend, and still manage to stand out more than all the rest! The same rules apply when it comes to celebrity hair.

Let's look at some celebrity hair and see who wore it best!

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde or 613 Bundles in the Hair Industry, stands out on its own. It gives whoever adorns the color a golden effect. The color has been trendy this past year, and here are a few people who stood out:

Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj

Cardi B has burst onto the music scene, and if her personality and relationship do not stand out enough, 30-inch blonde bundles sure do the trick.

Nicki Minaj has to be the queen of costumes, fun colors, and edgy lyrics. However, this week her hair takes the cake. Private Label Extensions conducted a poll, and the survey says Nicki rocked her Platinum Blonde 40 inches the best.

I love the look both ladies adorned. Cardi B's curls give dimension to the look and keep a hairstyle that's hard to pull off, fun, and manageable. Nicki Minaj's tresses stick right to a beautiful middle part installation/wig, and bone straight hair to fully show off every inch.

These hairstyles remind us why many look to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj when it comes to celebrity hair.

Get This Look

To get this look, head over to Private Label Extensions under Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions and purchase 30-32 inches. Our 30-inch bundles are priced for your beauty needs, coming in at $80 per bundle. These bundles can then be bleached to obtain the look.

Private Label Extensions also sells hair in the same blonde as Cardi B and Nicki, labeled Russian Blonde Body Wave, which also comes in clip-ins for added versatility.



Bangs are a fun way to look edgy and try something new. Most people will try out the bang look at least once in their life, and two people do it well:

Black Chyna Vs. Ciara

Black Chyna has tried many different hairstyles, but her signature is a straight look with even full bangs. I believe Black Chyna wore the bangs best. She had fullness, beautiful bangs that stopped just above the brow to accentuate her eyes, and the whole style with straightened to perfection in a beautiful jet black color.

Her bang look is a classic style. However, our viewers disagreed, giving the crown to our favorite singer and dancer, Ciara.

While we love Ciara for her songs and often recognize her by her mix of blonde and brown hues, she gave us even more with this look.

Ciara is working highlights, layers, and the crowd's favorite bangs. The singer goes with a sunkissed look, proving that there are many ways to rock a cut, and that bangs do not have to be so permanent.


High Ponytail

Grab your edge control, (also available at PLE website in clear or black), your brushes, you bundles and scrunchies to get this high fashioned look:

Justine Skye Vs. Tammy Rivera

Justine Skye is a singer signed to Roc Nation and a New York Native. Many people recognize her for her purple hair, a color she never leaves, whether she's rocking weaves or natural, curly or straight hair, or a slicked, tight high ponytail.

Justine leaves her roots black and allows her ponytail to do the work, wearing a 20 inch, purple ponytail she slays this look. If the high pony wasn't enough, Justine slicked and swirled her baby hairs right into the equation.

Tammy Rivera knows a thing or two about baby hairs. Tammy rocks aside high ponytail with drop curls, lightly swooped edges, and a little hair out around the ear for style. She garnered the attention of PLE voters and came in as the favorite.

Looking at both these women, I have to call it a tie myself. I love the creativity that Justine showcases with her hair, the bold color, the fleeked edges, and the bedazzled hair clip. However, I adore Tammy's classy style and subtle ways of adding in her personality.

And while she isn't in the category, Cardi B gets an honorable mention she combining her love for inches and ponytails.

Get This Look

To get this look, slick your hair down with your choice of gel or jam, and secure it at the top of your head, exact placement is at your discretion.

Smooth down your hair the best you can, and wrap the base of your ponytail with your choice of bundles, using bobby pins to secure the hold along the way.

Use edge control or oil, to style edges and tie with a scarf, so it lays flat.


Bald Cut: Keke Palmer Vs. K. Michelle

Keke Palmer tries something new, straying away from her usual wavy look, shaving her hair into a buzz cut and dying it lavender! Keke has the wow factor when it comes to buzz cuts.

Another woman shedding her beautiful weaves is K. Michelle. She has long lashes, a touch of gloss and a freshly shaven, blonde bald cut. Instagrammers loved K.Michelle's new look and welcomed the singer's ability to switch it up.

But the PLE votes, including myself, must pay homage to no other than the MUVA of Bald Cuts, Amber Rose. She steals this category, rocking her signature blonde cut, with a little design for added flair.

Get This Look

To get this look, take the plunge, find a stylist or barber who is handy with their scissors and clippers, and get to chopping!

If you want to add some color like our favorite ladies, Keke, K.Michelle, and Amber Rose, do not forget the tips on coloring from the article on our Private Label Extensions Blog, "Coloring Hair: Everything You Need to Know."



Private Label Extensions loved all the ladies' looks! They remind us why we are so in love with celebrity hair.

They prove that extensions are an extension of your style and personality. Hair is more than strands that sprout from your head or that you sew, glue, or slap on.

While PLE Voters picked out who rocked each style best, all these ladies' hair looked terrific.

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