is it time to cut your hair benefits of trimming your hair

Is It Time To Cut Your Hair? Benefits of Trimming Your Hair

To Trim or Not To Trim

Trimming your hair should be apart of your hair regimen if it is not already.

The benefits of trimming include fuller, healthier ends, less breakage, and length retention. At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I was desperate to save my damaged hair, and I refused to go anywhere near scissors.

I was convinced that if I held on – no matter how scraggly and weak my ends were – that maybe my hair would grow. It wasn’t until one of my friends heard me complaining about my hair that I was advised to cut ties with my damages ends.

If you are anything like me then maybe this is your less favorite part about your hair journey but the most necessary.

hair trim

Maybe you flat ironed your hair with temperatures that were too high. Or you applied an at-home hair color that left your hair in sad shape.

You may also experience ends that tangle incredibly easy, making it difficult to comb all the way through. If you look at them closely, you may see small knots. Knots can be the result of extreme dryness, due to a lack of regular deep conditioning.

Cutting your hair might be the next step but, you are too attached.

Stop putting off the necessary. Scheduling a trim about every eight weeks to maintain its health and get rid of damaged hair will help preserve the shape of your style. Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month.

Below is a list of reasons you should be trimming your hair often. It’s time to let the dead hair go, sis!

damaged hair

Reasons To Trim Your Hair

Split Ends

If you’ve got that frazzled look going on at the ends of your hair, it’s time to bring out the scissors and start snipping.

Don’t worry about losing an inch or two after a quick snip. Breakage is what makes your hair look shorter and thinner, so a little trim will be beneficial to your journey in the long run. Scheduling a trim about every eight weeks to maintain its health and get rid of damaged hair will help preserve the shape of your style.

If you notice many splits ends soon after, then you probably did not trim enough. If you trimmed enough, your hair should not split as much as before. Hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month.

If you don’t get a trim, the split ends will start to diminish off, and your hair will look thinner. Nothing worst then having luscious locks up top and frazzled tips at the end. In the words of O.T. Genasis, you need to cut it!

split ends

A Change

Your hair doesn’t have to be heat damaged, color damaged, thinning, or have excessive split ends for you to cut it.

Maybe it’s just time for a change. Switching up your look is always fun. I’ve revived several wigs and bundles by just merely cutting it and turning them into bobs. You can never go wrong with switching up your look.

short blonde bob

Color Damage

Chemically processed hair should be every four to six weeks to stay healthy.

When new growth comes in, you should take half an inch off. I can’t even count how many times my friends have colored their natural hair and either damaged their hair by not correctly following the directions or because they weren’t taking care of their freshly chemicalize hair.

hair color

Heat Damage

Most likely, you have heat damage, and unfortunately, it’s an irreversible condition.

Pout and whine for a few minutes and then get right to trimming! Holding onto heat damaged ends makes it difficult for styles to flourish. If you’re packing on moisturizing products and the tips of your hair, remain frizzy, dry, and brittle this is a clear sign that its time to part ways.

As I stated earlier, I was attached to my damaged ends even though it wasn’t entirely reaching its full potential. I was scared that if I cut my hair, I would be moving backward instead of forward. But trust me you won’t regret it once you begin to snip those ends.

Treat your hair extensions like your natural hair. You wash it and style it, but for some reason, you refuse to remove the damaged part of it. If your hair extensions are an investment and apart from you the best thing to do is to retreat it with care.


no flat iron


Having healthy hair is not an overnight success; it takes time and can be a long, vigorous process.

There are plenty of ways to stimulate hair growth and trimming your hair has been said to be one of them. Cutting your ends can give room for your healthy strands to flourish. When you have split ends and didn’t take care of them, the split travels up the hair shaft and stunts hair growth.

Now that will send your hair journey back to the beginning. All that hard work and energy would be a waste all because you were scared to trim your hair. One wants to accept when it’s time to cut the hair you’ve cared, nurtured, loved, and watched grow.

But every now and again, it’s time for dead ends to leave the nest to make room for healthy hair to flourish. Trust me; you are better off removing all that dead weight out of your beautiful mane than retaining length with struggling strands.

healthy hair

Time To Let Go

Imagine the ends of your hair are toxic friendships and unnecessary drama, do you want that in your life?

All that nonsense stopping you from living your best life. I didn’t think so! Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it gave you plenty of knowledge and courage to cut off that damaged hair. If you've experienced the struggle of letting go of your stringy ends, we want to hear from you in the comment section below!

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