head and shoulders new royal oils collection for black hair

FUBU: Head and Shoulders New Royal Oils Collection for Black Hair

Respect your Crown with Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders is launching a new line of hair care products for all of us naturalistas.

Yes! I am in love with branding and Head and Shoulders got it right when it comes to the visuals for their new product line “Royal Oils.” I want to use the products just because the photos are gorgeous. Have you seen them and can you tell I’m excited?

The natural hair care industry seems to be very crowded right now. I have my favorite product line which I currently use. But Head and Shoulders have me amped up to try the new products they are releasing. It seems as if the company recognizes the diversity of the women who are wearing their natural hair.

Okay, enough talking! Let's get into all the details of what the “Royal Oils” collection products are and how these products can get your natural curls popping!

You know what time it is! Go ahead and press play on your DVD player and get all your life watching “Black Panther.” It’s wash day so let's get it!


“Respect the Crown”

Head and Shoulders is proud to be the leader in the haircare industry since it’s beginning in 1962.

The tagline for the Royal Oils collection is “Respect the Crown,” and I believe this is the perfect one because it combines the main focus of the company from the first day of business to its new product they are launching this month.

What does the tagline mean to you? Comment below with how you respect your crown. Are you sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Are you washing or co-washing your hair too much? I want to know!

This product line has the approval of My Black is Beautiful platform. This says a lot about a brand that is new in the natural hair care industry. Kudos to Head and Shoulders for having a product so good MBIB will co-sign on it.

I’m sure the fact that the company has African American scientists on the team to provide expert input is a bonus.

Benefits of the Product Line

The products’ formula gives your scalp what it needs.

All of the products give your scalp relief and hydration which is specifically for African American hair. They are for all types of natural hair whether it’s natural, relaxed, kinky, or coily. The two main focuses of the products are:

  • Soothing the scalp by providing long-lasting relief from flaking, redness, and itching
  • Moisturizing the hair by keep moisture levels balanced for healthy hair and scalp

All products are free of sulfates, mineral oils, and dyes.


Why Are Sulfates Bad for your Hair?

Sulfates are in most shampoos and conditioners. The sulfate combines with water to emulsify grease, so it washes away easily.

Sulfates are known to cause skin irritation and organ toxicity. High dosages (over 15 percent) of it are not healthy, and with prolonged exposure, it can be extremely harmful. Sulfates can increase your sensitivity and strip the hair of its’ essential oils.

The benefit of a sulfate-free shampoo is:

  • Keeping hair color vibrant because it doesn’t strip the color away
  • Helping to maintain moisture in your hair

Why Are Mineral Oils Bad for your Hair

Mineral oils are known to clog the pores.

They are considered a hydrocarbon which is made up of petrolatum paraffin, and mineral oil. The oils lock in moisture, but they also clog pores which is counterproductive because it damages the skin and increases water loss. The petroleum does not absorb in the skin, and the mineral remains on the skin surface.

Because it stays on the surface, it reflects off the sun which causes sun damage.

What is Royal Oil’s Purpose

The product line is specifically for total scalp care.

If you are currently struggling with scalp issues check out the article I wrote earlier on how to remedy them. Now, this product line will help you maintain your healthy scalp after you identify underlying issues.


The Royal Oil Product Line

Daily Moisture Scalp Cream

The cream is excellent for protective styles, twists, and locs. The light formula is easily absorbed and is for between wash days.

Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir

The leave-in formula is for the same use as the scalp cream. Apply the cooling, no-rinse formula to your scalp. It’s free of ethanol which is great since a lot of leave-in products have a high amount of alcohol in them. Use the elixir on protective styles, twists, and locs.

Moisture Boost Shampoo

The shampoo has a nice and fresh coconut scent which provides long-lasting odor protection. It cleans your scalp and hair to remove buildup.

Moisture Renewal Conditioner

The conditioner has the same fresh coconut scent as the shampoo. It leaves the hair soft and health while restoring scalp and hair moisture.

Moisturizing Co-Wash

The coconut scent is in all the products, and the co-wash has a low-lather formula which gently cleans and hydrates the scalp and hair.

Deep Moisture Masque

The masque is an intense moisturizer for your scalp and hair. It soaks into the scalp to provide lasting moisture (with regular use).

Shampoo Routine for Relaxed Hair

The new products are perfect for relaxed hair. The most important part of a hair care routine for relaxed hair is to add moisture to it.

Step 1:

Shampoo your hair with the Moisture Boost Shampoo by applying the product to the roots and massage in with your fingertips. Shampoo again and rinse your hair.

Step 2:

Apply Moisture Renewal Conditioner

Step 3:

Deep condition your hair by sitting under the dryer with a cap on for 15 minutes

Step 4:

Rinse your hair

Step 5:

Rinse your hair once again with cold water

Step 6:

Apply a leave-in conditioner

Step 7:

Dry your hair and style

Tip: In between washes use the Daily Moisture Scalp Cream and Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir


Shampoo Routine for Natural Hair

The nice thing about these products is their versatility. Here’s how to use them on natural hair:

Step 1:

Allow warm water to run through your hair

Step 2:

Separate your hair into four sections and clip them up

Step 3:

Massage the Moisture Renewal Shampoo onto your roots

Step 4:

Apply oil and massage it into your scalp

Step 5:

Apply Moisture Renewal Conditioner and detangle with a wide-tooth comb

Step 6:

Braid your hair up into two strand twists

Step 7:

Put your hair in a plastic cap and allow to deep condition for an hour

Step 8:

Rinse the conditioner out

Step 9:

Rinse your hair again with cold water

Step 10:

Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Step 11:

Apply your leave-in conditioner

Step 12:

Style as desired


Co-Washing your Natural Hair

Co-washing your hair is a useful shortcut for when you want to have a wash and go style. Below is wash and go routine to follow:

Step 1:

Apply the Moisturizing Co-Wash to the roots of your hair and massage in

Step 2:

Detangle your hair

Step 3:

Rinse your hair twice. The second rinse should be with cold water.

Step 4:

Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Step 5:

Apply Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir to your scalp

Step 6:

Style as desired


You're royalty, and your Hair Wants to be Treated Royally Too

I can admire a company that takes the time to research how its products can enhance our hair.

I applaud Head and Shoulders for taking their time to create a specific product line which addresses the needs of African American hair. The coconut scent infused into the product has me excited to use it. When the seasons change its important to have hair products that will help you keep your hair healthy.

Make sure you tag us in your photos when you use the product, and you may see your picture on our feed. On Instagram we are @privatelabelextensions.

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