kris jenner goes platinum blonde

Blondes Have More Fun: Kris Jenner Goes Platinum Blonde

Head Mom in Charge and Looking Fly

When I think of Kris Jenner, mother of the notorious Kardashian Crew, a few adjectives come to mind. Stylish, business-oriented, and fabulous.

When I heard she dyed her hair bleach blonde the cliche slogan "Blonde's Have More Fun" popped into my mind, while others thought "She's too old for that." Which caused another cliche to come to my mind, "age ain't nothing but a number."

Should our hair choices be caged in by the perimeters of age? Or should we be able to express ourselves through our hair with no limits or apologies? If you know anything about Private Label Extensions, you know we support the latter.

Hair is an extension of self and should be allowed to manifest in any way a person sees fit.

Although, age seems to play a lot in the hair choices and hair approval of others. This bias can be the same way that colored hair in many professions is frowned upon, though I can't exactly figure out why.

Does blue hair mean you are less capable of doing a task? Does dying your hair blonde in your sixties mean you are tasteless or going through a life crisis?

Probably not, I think it's more along the lines of stepping out there and being free for Kris Jenner.


Who is Kris Jenner?

If you've been on Instagram, then you know who Kris Jenner is. And if you've been up there recently then you've seen the frenzy the bleaching of her hair has caused across every hair and gossip blog.

Kris Jenner has made a name for herself as the leader of an all-girl troupe of millionaire daughters and son Rob Kardashian. She is the ex-wife of deceased famous lawyer Robert Kardashian and Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Kris has raised six kids and built an empire. The question is not can she pull off blonde hair, it's what can't she pull off!

Kris is sixty-two years old. That's right, she's sixty-two and fierce. This mature mother of six and grandmother of seven soon to be eight grandchildren and counting, decided to take her hair and Instagram by storm debuting her Blonde hair.

kris-jenner-blonde (1)

Blonde Babe or Bad Move?

This new style garnered tons of attention from everyone on social media, sparking a debate over whether her hair was "age-appropriate" or not.

Many felt that being in her sixties, Kris' should keep her hair more simple and understated. Arguably, as an older woman, she should not be trying to "keep up with the times" or "keep up with her daughters" and should sport safe, neutral hair colors.

I can't help feeling that this sentiment comes from the critical feeling surrounding the Kardashian family. However, Kris is not the only woman outside of her teens, and twenties criticized for her hair color.

The women of LHH are always under fire for their wild colored wigs, rocking pink, blue, and orange lace fronts in any given episode. People have a grudge against fun hair colors and older women.


The Slay at Any Age

It is a common conception the older one gets, the blander their style should evolve.

That is true to some degree, as a twenty-one-year-old young lady I wouldn't rock the beaded braids or multiple ponytails that I would as a child. Though the bead sentiment that could be argued considering Alicia Keys circa 2001 until at least 2005.

But that same creativity and hair spunk would be translated in a different way such as being allowed to wear weaves or dying my hair whatever color I wish. It is also true that some things like hair color and hairstyles are timeless.

There are styles that are appreciated by all people of any age such as feed-in braids, a sleek pony, buns, and poetic justice braids. Some hairstyles are merely ageless.

The Slay Must Go On

I adore Kris's platinum blonde hair!

Not only is Kris' new do refreshing and fun, but it's also super cute that she matches Kim and Khloe! It's never too late to try something new. It amazed me that so many people frowned upon her hair color considering that many women are naturally blonde.

If Kris had debuted a hot pink hair color maybe, just maybe I would be singing a different tune about age appropriateness.

Kris rocks this color and slays this cut no matter her age. She and countless other women her age and others make blonde look right; as if she needed any help being fabulous!

As long as the hair is healthy and up to your standards, one should be free to express themselves. Men can be versatile; nobody tells them they are too old for fades, dreads, or shape ups so, why should women's hairstyle choices be reprimanded?

Kris credits her choice to change her hair to her daughter Khloe, saying that they convinced her that the coloring wouldn't do damage.

Hair damage and hair health is a frequent topic at Private Label Extensions.

Nothing is wrong with the blonde; it is not doing too much for her skin tone or age. The color is tasteful, and Kris' signature shaggy bowl cut seemed to have all of its usual bounce and sheen still. The cut frames her face and makes the color stand out even more.


Would you Go Blonde too?

I love switching it up with different hair colors. That is the beauty of hair products and hair weave. The ability to change our hair is what makes getting your hair done fun. I vote hot all the way on Kris' hair. It is also age-appropriate on Kris Jenner!

What's your vote? Leave your opinion down in the comments below.

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