what to look for in an online hair extension course

What to Look for in an Online Hair Extension Course

Get to The Money Later By Educating Yourself Now

I am so glad you are still holding on to your dreams and pushing forward to improve your craft! One of the critical aspects of educating yourself and seeing a return on your investment is to gain continuing education through a great course like the ones offered at Private Label Extensions. I know I gave you a little bit of tea on how to get your hair extension game on point previously with Private Label Extensions’ Hair University but in this article, I am going to go into depth about what you should expect from an online hair extension course. We believe in keeping you in the know on what’s trending in the hair industry. Hair extensions have become an integral part of the industry and commands about a billion dollars a year. With so much demand for Brazilian, Malaysian, and other types of hair in high demand it’s time you get all the knowledge you can learn about hair extension courses so you can quickly become a leader in the business. In this article, I am going to give you the seven topic things you need to look for an extension course so you can easily slay the competition. Most hair extension courses require you be a licensed cosmetologist. Make sure you pay close attention to this and any other requirements.

Things to Look For and Expect

1. Enroll in a course taught by a subject matter expert.

Your goal is to upgrade the knowledge you already have or introduce to the world of hair extensions. If your goal is the latter, you want to invest your coins with someone who is giving you quality content which is current and factual. The best thing to do is research the person or persons over the course or program and check their receipts. Now some people may not have an extensive digital footprint (social media presence) but have training and experience. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who are their current and previous clients?
  • What publications has he/she worked for?
  • Is he/she present on social media?
  • Does the instructor mention the educational platform on his/her website or social media?
  • Does the instructor use and promote the use of the extension line for which he/she is teaching for?
You will be able to judge if the instructor is legit by the connections he/she has and the information the platform shares about their instructor.

2. Enroll in a hair extension course that has a diverse selection of topics.

You should not be in a course that is limited to the type of extensions they will be teaching about nor should it be limited on the kind of styles or techniques currently used in the industry. Some of the information I suggest you should ensure is included is:
  • Basic understanding of human hair extensions
  • Explanation of how to conduct a successful consultation
  • How to avoid hair damage
  • Color application
  • Color matching and blending
  • Proper extension placement
  • How to cut extensions
  • How to work with various types of extensions
  • Adequate removal of extensions
  • Extension installation
  • How to care for extensions properly
  • Pricing, and returning extensions
Trimming and cutting extensions take practice. A good course will have this topic included in its course curriculum as well. It may focus on numerous types of cutting such as:
  • Razor cutting
  • Texturizing
  • Layering
  • Blending
  • Point cutting

3. Hair extension courses should offer a certification program.

Certifications add another marketing advantage for you, as an online hair extension company. It shows everyone that you take your craft seriously and continue to seek information to stay up with trends. Certifications also are a right way for you to create a partnership with the hair company. Usually, these kinds of alliances offer you access to marketing materials and wholesale pricing. A great company will make sure they promote you (or your company) to enhance the partnership you both have created. A bonus will be the listing of your company in the hair company’s directory. Being listed in a critical publication or directory gives you visibility that will continuously bring clients your way. I’m pretty sure you understand when you increase your profile, your clients and revenue have potential to grow as well.

4. Seek a course that fits your scheduling needs.

I honestly believe the main reason most people fail to complete any course (both paid and free) is that never take into consideration the time commitment it will require. Usually, there is a feeling of overwhelm that can take over and it seems as if there isn’t enough time to get the course completed and focus on their everyday lives. You must remember you are taking the extension course for a reason. Before signing up make a conscious decision to look at your daily schedule and set aside the time you can dedicate to your course. Whether it’s once a week, the weekends or every night between 7 pm and 8 pm do what works for you. Now, for your schedule to work, the platform should allow you this type of flexibility. Therefore, there should be an online platform which provides you extended (if not lifetime) access to it. A great course allows you to work at your own pace but does offer group check-ins to make sure everyone is on track. The group check-in, whether it’s a conference call, webinar, or a one on one consultation either one offers an opportunity for registrants to ask questions and get the answers needed. It’s also a good idea if the course is offered in person as well. Hands-on courses are perfect for the registrant who wants to get more training and wants the opportunity to ask questions. Live courses are excellent, so search to see if the company will be hosting any in the future.

5. Be diligent and check out the platform providing the hair extension course.

There are so many companies selling hair extensions today that you must take the time to verify the company before paying money and partnering with one. Ask yourself the following questions before you sign up for a course:
  • Question #1 What are the customer reviews for the products the extension company sells?
I mean, would you want to pay money to a company whose products are subpar and whose reputation is poor? Linking yourself and your company with a poorly operating extension company will not help build your brand.
  • Question #2 What is the customer experience like?
The extension company or company offering the training should be a leader in customer service. Their ability to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently makes you look good because their reputation with customers will rub off on your company. It also sets a standard for you to follow. Whether its shipping or customer issues, customers expect the problems to be solved quickly.
  • Question #3 What promises will be presented as a result of you taking the course and how will you be able to measure the results?
For example, if the platform states you will see an increase in revenue, how will you measure it? Will the course offer knowledge on high demand styles and techniques? Does it give you a hint or advanced training on current trends? This type of information will help you see a revenue increase.

6. The signup process will need to as simple as possible.

How many abandoned carts do you have? How often do you leave an online site without purchasing anything because the checkout is either too time-consuming or not user-friendly? According to Shopify, there is a large number of abandoned carts because of the following reasons:
  • People do not like being forced to create an account
  • The struggle gets too real during the checkout process
  • There are unexpected costs
  • Security issues are a concern when it comes to personal information
A great course platform should be aware of these issues and make your checkout experience as comfortable as possible.

7. Affordable pricing is going to be a huge factor in whether you sign up for a course now, later, or never!

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, so we have to pay attention to who we spend it with. No one has money to waste, and you should make sure your financial investment makes sense. When you invest in a course, you should establish a revenue strategy on how you will recoup the cost of your course and then multiply that investment. For example, a six-week course with over 14 videos, 20 downloaded sheets, and four live sessions may cost $899. In this example, you will have to figure out how you will sale your extensions to make that money back and decide how long it will take you to earn it. I am sure you are taking a hair extension course to help you make more money for your company. So what is your revenue strategy to increase sales once you have taken the course is? Below are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Will I raise prices to increase revenue?
  • Will I invest in more marketing to increase visibility and revenue?
  • Will I evaluate product demand and re-evaluate my inventory?
Regardless of your approach, your revenue strategy is going to instrumental in your decision to take an extension course.

Invest Now to Play Later

A useful hair extension course can leverage you as a leader in your industry. As someone who not only understands hair, as a cosmetologist but also extensions makes you a valuable asset to many. The key to any investment is to know why you need the information, what the returns on your investment will be, and how you can take what you learn to improve your business, client services, and revenue. Remember revenue is not your end goal. You should desire to see a profit when you review all your numbers. Profit is the money left over after you subtract your expenses from your revenue. I can assure you taking an extension course can help you increase your profit as well as leverage you as a subject matter expert. There may be many opportunities you talk yourself out of, but this shouldn't be one! Let us know what questions you have by commenting in the section below. We want to support you as you win this year! Remember it's not about you proving the haters wrong but all about you proving yourself right.
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