how to cut and add layers to hair extensions

How To Cut and Add Layers to Hair Extensions

Longer and Fuller Hair

Many women purchase hair extensions to make their hair appear longer and full of volume. When you install extensions of the same length and density, they can look flat and too uniform. Extensions of the same length can create a thin and low-volume look. Women rock their naturally long hair usually have hair strands of different lengths due to the different growth cycles and growth rates of each strand. Different growth cycles create a beautiful and soft finish. This growth cycle is why when you get a blunt haircut, the haircut will lose its shape after a while.

How To Create Layers

Layers are essential to a natural and sexy extension install. Layering will make your extensions bouncy, flowy, and light. If you order extensions in different lengths like 16 18 20, then you will have very light layers, and your ends will not appear blunt. To layer your hair extensions without cutting them order them in different lengths. So, the bottom bundle can be 18in, the middle bundle can be 14, and the top layer can be 12in. You may still need to use shears to texturize the ends, but this method will create layers without the need to cut a lot of hair out. Of course, it is best to have a stylist cut your layers for you, but if you stellated your extensions yourself, you may want to experiment with cutting as well. There is a simple way to create natural layers at home without the help of a stylist.

Soft & Sexy Layers

To create your soft and sexy layers, you will need: 1. A pair of sharp shears. Not kitchen scissors, shears ladies. Hair cutting shears. 2. Elastic Bands 3. Razor comb You can find all of these supplies at Sally's or most beauty supply stores. Keep in mind that I geared these directions to extensions that are on your head, but you can easily use these directions on a wig that is on your head or a mannequin head. Simply apply your wig and part in where you usually wear it. Follow my directions accordingly. 1. Sections out the bottom part of your hair and braid it to separate it from the rest of your hair. This section will not be cut. 2. Section out the middle and top section of your hair in two elastic bands. 3. Standing in front of a mirror, hold the middle ponytail and bring the ends of the hair to the top of your head so you can see what you are doing. Using your fingers as a guide, angle your fingers with your fingertips pointed towards the ceiling. Carefully cut 2 inches of hair off. 4. Repeat on the top ponytail.

Add Layers To Thick Hair

This method will give you soft, horizontal layers while keeping the length of your hair. If you have fine extensions or fine natural hair mixed with your extensions, you may want to cut long layers in your hair. Unfortunately, horizontal layers can make fine hair appear stringing, especially if it is straight. Adding Layers To Thick Hair: 1. Section out the bottom part of your hair and braid it so that you will not cut it. 2. Part your hair in three vertical sections starting from the top of your head to the base before the braided hair. Tie the elastic at the very top of your head. 3. Using your fingers as a guide, take the ends and angle your fingers upwards towards the ceiling. Trim 2 inches off the ends. 4. Repeat on the next two sections. These long layers will keep the length of your hair while adding beautiful soft texture and dimension, without causing your hair to appear thinner than it was before you started. I love the look of extremely thick extensions, especially when my extensions are long. Many women are afraid of adding layers to their thick hair because they believe that the layers will make their hair seem huge and appear unnatural. This does not have to be! When cutting layers into thick hair, always use the long layers method and trim little by little. Start with only 2 inches and go on from there.

Adding Layers To Curly Hair

We tend to get nervous when it comes to cutting curly hair, but I am here to tell you it is easier than it seems! Curly extensions are beautiful, but they look even better with light layers that make the hair appear full and flowy. To add layers to your curly extensions, follow these directions: 1. Dampen your curls so they will be easier to detangle and stretch. 2. Thoroughly detangle your curls with a Denman brush, Wet brush, or wide-tooth comb. 3. Section out the bottom section and braid it so that you will not cut it. 4. Take the rest of your hair and flip it over and make a ponytail at the very edge of your hairline. 5. Comb the hair forward and use your fingers as a guide and trim about 2 inches off. Release the ponytail to reveal the layers.

Benefits of Layers

Adds Body Layers add tons of body and movement to your tresses, especially after a fresh cut style. Layers can also give you a new look when you are tired of your hairstyle but don't want to get a drastic cut. Adds Texture If your extensions are fine or seem to "perfect," layers are perfect to add texture to your hair and add an edgy look. Blends Your Extensions Layers also blend your short hair with your long extensions. If you have clip-ins or leave-out, you may notice a drastic difference between your natural hair and your extension hair. This can be easily remedied by adding layers that will blend into your natural hair. For this, I highly recommend seeing a stylist. This will require a precise cut, and you simply cannot see your hair to cut these kinds of layers. Compliments Your Face Shape Layers can be strategically placed to accentuate the features you love and conceal the features you may not be so fond of. Adds Sexy Volume Who doesn't love big hair? I love full hair that moves in the wind! Nothing is sexier than a woman that walks in the room with her head held high and a mane of beautiful full healthy hair flowing behind her. Layers add fullness and body to your extensions! Cons of Layers Once you get fabulous layers into your extensions, you may experience an influx of haters and even an influx of good-looking men checking for you. Proceed layers with caution. Not everyone can handle the attention.

How To Blend Choppy Layers

If this is your first time cutting hair, there is a big chance that your layers may appear "choppy" and are obvious where they start and end. This is simply due to short hair laying over short hair. To blend these layers, you will need to use a method called Point Cutting and Texturizing. Point Cutting makes each strand of hair a different length, blurring the line of demarcation and creating a natural finish. To point cut, grab the original sections of hair that you cut and put the back into a ponytail. Using your shears, vertically cut into the ends. You will only be cutting ½ inch to an inch at a time. Continue doing this in random spots of the ends. The key to this technique is not to be uniform. Random trims will create that natural blurred line that we want! To easily Texturize your layers, buy a good pair of texturizing or thinning shears. Simply use the texturizing shears to cut into the ponytails, similar to pint cutting vertically. The blade and the comb cut the hair and varying lengths, easily creating a natural finish.

Best Way To Style Layers

Hands down, the BEST way to style your new layers is to wear your hair and down and to add body curls or bump the ends. If you want beautiful, thick looking hair for the day, use a 2-inch curling iron to create big beautiful bombshell curls. Use a wide-tooth comb to loosen the curl and slay them for the day! If you want a sleeker look, I highly recommend bumping the ends with your flat iron towards your face. If you cut layers into your curly hair, simply wet and moisturize the hair and allow it to dry naturally. This is super low-maintenance but will look incredible.

Will You Be Rock Layers?

Are you ready for layers now? Layers are super fun and easy to rock. Don't be afraid to try something new! Spring is here, and summer is approaching, so it is time to refresh our look! Let us know if you are going to try layers this season, and if you already have layers in your extensions, let us know what you think about them in the comment section below! Share your experience and your advice to our readers so we can all slay layers this spring! Signing off, Josseñia B. Pomare
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