10 ways to maintain a new short haircut and look fab

10 Ways to Maintain a New Short Haircut and Look Fab!

Short Hair, Don't Care!

So you finally decided to make a huge decision in your life, which is to cut your hair! At this point It seems to be the trend in 2018, so congratulations! You are now trendy, eye-catching, taking control of your look, dismissing societal standards of beauty and exceptionally, brave! A lot of times, when we make decisions with our hair, we tend to be careful. Our hair is a part of our look. It’s a big part of the way we present ourselves to the public and how we express ourselves! If we can’t get our hair right, for the day, our whole mood changes. So, deciding to cut your hair can be a big adjustment and can bring an entirely different set of rules for hair maintenance. But, no worries! We will go through all the steps and maneuvers that it takes to style and maintain your new short haircut (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair), whether you do your hair yourself or you’re getting a break between salon appointments! Whether your short haircut is a new addition to your hair history or you’ve been A1 since day one, there are still endless ways for how both counterparts can maintain their look, so let’s get into it.

Products and Supplies

Sometimes all it takes when it comes to maintaining hair is a series of trials and errors, especially with shorter haircuts. You have to be willing to experiment and research what your specific hair type needs, while it’s in this new stage of its life. It's easy to neglect your hair when you don't have as much as you used to, but you must keep in mind that your hair now needs your attention more than ever. There are things you should consider and remember when it comes to choosing the products and supplies, as well.

Shampoo and Conditioner

To keep the frizz from taking over your locks, you have to invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair feeling and looking smooth and soft. For my queens with thicker or curlier hair, this is especially true for you. Try to pick products that contain natural ingredients, such as coconut oil to retain moisture and volume.

Heat Protectant

Depending on the type of cut received, the average person tends to place more heat in his or her hair if it’s shorter than usual. It’s best to purchase a quality heat protectant, usually in spray form. The sprays are lightweight and can aid in helping to prevent too much breakage. Research what types would be best for what you see yourself regularly doing to your hair. There are all-purpose heat protectant sprays, and there are sprays for specific functions, such as putting it on right before you use a flat iron or perform a blowout.

Straighteners/Flat Irons

Speaking of flat irons, choosing the right one is vital if you care about the quality of your hair. You need a flat iron that is stable, easy to use, gets close to your roots and thin enough to have a firm grip on your hair. Bulkier flat irons can be too harsh on your hair and more laborious to grip since its shorter. You have to remember that because your hair is now shorter, it's more prone to damage. These factors can determine the difference between your hair’s flourishment or its deterioration.

Setting Lotion

In many ways, it's easy to style shorter looks with the right products and "setting lotion" is one of them. Setting lotion sets your hairstyle in place at night, while you wrap your hair. If you choose to cover your hair, setting lotion is your absolute best friend. They leave your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. Be careful not to put too much on your hair at night. Otherwise, you could wake up with your hair feeling dry and looking dull. It is all about finding the balance.

Edge Control/Tamer

I believe we are at a point, right now, where many people have come to realize that edge control doesn't work for everyone hair type, especially when it comes to thicker textures. But, when it comes to shorter haircuts, the rules can shift a little. Edge tamer is a must have, if you have that pesky runaway hair or you’re looking for a sleeker look. It’s best to get this product in a “stick” form. The sticks are safe because they aren’t too heavy or sticky.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Style maintenance is all about balance in between two worlds. The dryer your hair, the more moisture your hair needs to maintain its chemical balance and avoid damage. Try different oils, serums, and moisturizing creams to see what works best for your hair type. Vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals are all ingredients you want to consider when choosing this product.

Wait...Too Much Product

Too much of a good thing has never been a good thing. Know when the amount of product you put in your hair is enough and when to wash it out. Finding that balance is very important if you want to see growth in your haircuts flourishment

Satin At Night

Not only are satin scarves, bonnets and even pillowcases beautiful and soft, but they also work wonders with your hair as well. Satin scarves are useful for maintaining short hair at night at its best, while sleeping, working out or doing any other activity where you aren’t able to pay too much attention to your hair. The fabric allows your hair to breath so that your hair can maintain its moisture and keep its shape. That is imperative when sleeping or when it comes to vigorous activity.

Wrap it Up, Den!

A regular pillowcase can strip your hair of its natural oils. To retain those, its best to sleep with a satin or silk scarf. Sleeping with a scarf will ensure that your hair won’t break and also your hairstyle will last longer.

Rattail Comb

Although the rattail comb should be everyone’s go-to supply, this is especially true for the ladies who rock their new short haircuts. For precise styling, including the parting of your hair, this is needed because of its small fine-toothed features. The teeth quickly go through each hair strand, smoothing out the tiny hairs from your nape to your edges.

Hard Hat Dryer

Simply put, these dryers allow your entire head to dry faster than it would if you had a handheld dryer. The fact that the dryer covers your full head in one setting should tell all potential buyers that your hair will get evenly distributed coverage as far as heat. Handheld dryers take an extensive amount of time than it would with a hard hat dryer because heat distribution wouldn't be even. Therefore, this will affect how long your hair can dry.


Now that we’ve covered everything you may need on this journey, we can talk about ten different ways you can maintain your haircut for everyday wear!

Lifestyle choices

Before you get this haircut, you have to think of the pros and cons of each decision. You must consider, face shape, hair type, curl type, and how active you are to determine which haircut is right for you. Your lifestyle needs to support the hair choices you make so that you aren't making it harder for yourself to maintain the style. Hair may be a chore sometimes, but there are times where you have the decision to take a bit of the workload off.

Hair Texture

Every single person has a different hair texture. You may believe your hair texture is similar to others in a way, but in some ways, your hair might be entirely different. The hair texture is one of the most important factors when considering any hairstyle. You have to know which styles work for you, as stated before. Women with thinner hair need to find methods that add volume to their cuts without appearing frizzy. For the thicker textures, women need to find ways to maintain their frizz, while keeping in moisture to find that balance.

New Healthy Hair Routine

With a new cut, comes its own set of needs. Work with different products to see which ones work best in maintaining your hair at its healthiest state. Consider the ingredients in all of your products, by avoiding sulfates and incorporating natural oils and moisturizing creams. Think about your shampoo, conditioner and everything you use when it comes to styling.

Trimming on the Regular

We all hated when it was time to trim our hair. Now, that cutting hair is looking more attractive, we probably don't mind the trimming so much. But, did you know that when it comes to maintaining shorter haircuts, frequently trimming our hair might the norm? It seems backward, yet logical. With longer hair, it’s easier to get away with a lot of things. With shorter hair, you have to pay attention to when specific areas don’t look the same anymore. That means paying attention to how neat and precise your hair looks compared to two weeks ago when you just received your shape up. It may be time for another trim. Shaping your hair could be a consistent job depending on your hair type, so make sure you get to know your hair’s wants and needs to determine what’s best for you.


If you tend to have dry or curlier hair, then you may want to consider co-washing your hair, once every week or once every two weeks. This method uses the only conditioner as a way of cleansing your hair, but shouldn’t be overdone since this could cause product build-up.

The Drying Process

There are many ways you could choose to go about drying your hair. One way is using a hard hat dryer. These dryers dry your hair in the quickest time possible, without you having to do close to anything at all in the process. If you’re attempting to avoid heat, maybe consider roller setting your hair. Roller setting is a styling method that you can leave in overnight for less time consumption. Have you thought about letting your hair air dry? With the right amount of product and moisture for your hair type, this can turn out cute and functional without you having to worry about possible damage from heat.

The Scalp Need TLC Too

Your scalp contains all of your growth and natural oils. We have to keep in mind when doing our hair that our scalp is skin and therefore it sheds dead skin cells, which means our scalp needs to be cleansed and moisturized just like everything else. Maintaining can be challenging, yet rewarding and stylish if done the right way. The entire process is about finding a balance between what you want your hair to do and what your hair wants to do. We have to mainly keep this in mind if shorter hair is on our to-do list. If it isn't taken care of properly, the idea of maintaining your look can be stressful, time-consuming and cause you to even give up on the vision. Who would've thought that shorter haircuts could cause such a significant amount of effort?

Show Your Short Hair Love

Caring for your hair shouldn't be news to you. All it takes is finding out what your new look needs to be sustainable. In the long run, you won't regret your decision to put scissors to your head as long as it's what you decided to do. Keep an open mind about experimenting with different looks and different products. Follow your own heart and follow the heart of what your hair desires as well. If the two of you are in synch, there won't be anything holding you back from rocking a trendy new short haircut!
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