how to sell 142350 in hair extensions this year

How to Sell $142,350 of Hair Extensions this Year

Tips on How to Sell Hair Extensions!

Who is ready to sell some hair?! (raises hand)

In the last year, we have helped launch over 1,000 hair brands for stylists, salon owners, celebrities, and hair entrepreneurs just like you.

Don't know where to start? That's OK; we can walk you through the basics of how to sell hair extensions.

Find out what it takes to sell $142,350 in hair extensions in a year.

(Have any questions about how to sell hair extensions? Leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page!)

Getting Started Selling Hair

The most cost-effective way to start selling hair extensions is with an online store.

Have you noticed the trend of huge retail stores closing their doors? Online sales are the future and continue to grow every year. Just check out these estimates for E-Commerce sales.

Over the past few years, Private Label Extensions has become a Hair Agency that has everything you need to get started selling online including wholesale hair, dropshipping, branding, and a knowledgeable customer service team.

Your basic needs will be as follows:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Dropshipping
  • Wholesale Hair
  • Custom Packaging

We can give you all the tools for success, but you also have to invest in your knowledge on how to sell hair extensions online. It is more than just putting up a website. The steps are not that complicated, and we can give you the guidance to head in the right direction.

Once you have set up your brand, it is crucial that you focus on marketing your products and build customer loyalty. We will get into that a little bit later.


What Does it take to sell $142,350 in Hair?

Not as much as you think.

The average retail hair extension order is around $195.

If you get (2) sales a day at this average, you will make $390 per day in sales. Multiply that by 365 days in a year, and you get $142,350.

Yes, all you need to do is get just two sales a day!

What if your store received orders a day? Your sales would be around $1,067,625.

Motivated yet? The addition comes when you learn exactly how to sell hair extensions. Let's get started!


If you are on a tight budget, you can hold off on some of the custom packaging items. Will your bundles look as hot as you want? Probably not.

Your will never launch your business "perfect" every time. The key is to get started!

The next step is to understand how to take payments for your orders. More payment options are coming to the market every year. Let's initially focus on the easiest ways to get your money safely.


Accepting Payments

If you want to get paid you have to have a way to take payments. Not all credit card processors will process payments for hair extensions.

For example, Stripe is a fantastic processor, but they consider hair extensions high-risk. Don't try and sign up with them because you will eventually get shut down.

This payment situation is the biggest issue we have with creating a hair extension website on Shopify. You are forced to use Shopify Payments which are just a white-labeled version of Stripe. You will have to pay additional transaction fees which can add up. Stick to WordPress!

The best two payment solutions that process payments for hair extensions in our experience have been PayPal and

Which one should you sign up for? Both! We will explain why.


Fantastic service that has been the leader in online payments since online payments were born. The fees are reasonable, and their service is excellent if you stay in contact with them during any issues.

The single best aspect of PayPal is that you have instant access to your funds. This is huge! You can sell your hair extensions at Retail prices and use the free PayPal debit card to purchase them at the wholesale cost immediately.

It will help solve any cash flow issues.

PayPal allows you to log in to their system and sends invoices to your clients. Sweet! is a service where you get your own custom link where clients can send you money as well.

PayPal makes it easy to gather payments from your customers in many different ways. We love the flexibility!

This payment processor is a reliable company that has no issues with processing payments for hair extensions. They are more of a traditional processor that can easily integrate with your website and allow you to take payments online. You will need an SSL Certificate to take payments online securely. (All our websites come with a free SSL). Their fees are manageable, and they have a good customer service team if you have any issues.


So why do I need (2) Credit Card Processors?

Technically you only need one.

If you are like me and want to limit the risk of any issues doing business then get two. Here are a few situations you need to look out for.

When you are first selling online you have to build up your trust with the credit card processors. Just like building credit with a credit card company.

Believe it or not, if you sell too much too fast they will often start holding a portion of your sales. This helps the credit card processors mitigate their risk of possible fraudulent charges and chargebacks.

Chargebacks are the worst thing that can happen to you when processing payments.

Most credit card processors get red flag signals when you more than a 1% chargeback rate. So if you get two chargebacks in your first hundred orders then you could have some trouble.

The processor will often limit your account and make you do some extra verification steps. It can generally be resolved quickly but it could shut down your ability to take payments online.

Having a backup credit card processor could quickly solve this. You can easily switch to your backup processor and still continue to sell online while you resolve any issues with the other processor.

Planning ahead is going to be an important part of learning how to sell hair extensions online!

How to Sell Hair Extensions with Great Marketing!

We all know that marketing is a crucial part of selling anything to anyone. There are hundreds of specific components to selling hair extensions both online and in person.

If you focus on learning how to be better at marketing on a daily basis, you will see great results.

In our Start a Hair Business Group, one of the main things our members struggle with is marketing.

Private Label Extensions services thousands of clients and we want all of our clients to be successful. We're not able to interact with all of our clients one-on-one, so we created a marketing consulting service that allows us to have that one-on-one interaction to help them get to the next level with their marketing.

Hair Biz Marketing Consulting will include:

- An hour session to increase your marketing efforts

- Detailed recap notes

- SEO basics

- Email marketing

- Social media marketing

- Blogging

- Youtube

- Branding

- Anything specific you would like to cover

We're excited to begin your marketing journey with you and help you reach $142,350!

Let's go over some of the primary marketing channels for you to sell your hair.

Social Media

There is no better way to get your name out there than social media. It has never been easier to find new clients online with all the channels available.

Just think back 20 years ago and how difficult it would be for a small business to get their name out there. Magazine ads? Newspaper ads? Flyers in the library! I can't even with all that.

We have a world of opportunity right inside the apps on our phone. Let's put them to work!

Selling Hair on Facebook

With 1.6 Billion users it is hard to deny that Facebook is not the biggest opportunity to start marketing your hair brand.

Believe it or not, your friends do not want to see your posts about your new hair brand all day in your personal feed. You have to hold back some of your excitement and create a Facebook Business Page where you can start getting followers that are interested in your brand.

To get started, you must first create a business page.

Create Facebook Page


We suggest choosing the Brand or Product option.

The proper category for hair extensions is Health/Beauty. Enter your hair brand name and then click "Get Started."


Make Your Facebook Page Shine!

Once your page has been created, you have some work to do.

The "Profile Picture" should be 160px X 160px. This is a great place to put your logo. Keep it simple!

The "Cover Photo" is 828px X 315px and can have a more dramatic design.

Make sure you "+ Add a Button" which gives you the opportunity to link to your website, send your page a message, and a few other options.

Make sure to "Add a Short Description" so visitors know who you are and why they should "Like" your page.


Check out our Private Label Extensions Facebook Page if you would like to see what a page looks like when fully setup.

You have to have at least 25 Likes on your page to secure your Facebook URL. If you go to our page, you will see that our Facebook URL is

This structure will help with your branding as it is in your best interest to have the same URLs for your social media.


Now that you have your Facebook page setup you can start marketing your products.

It might take a little while to build up your social proof with more "Likes, " but everyone goes through this same problem.

I have never met someone that created a Facebook Page and started off with more than (1) Like. And it was probably their own.

The key to building up your brand on Facebook and every other platform is consistency.

Facebook Advertising

The quickest way to get your brand more attention is paid advertising.

Facebook has many different options to market your Facebook page, website, or get customers to send you messages with questions.

You have to have your Facebook page setup first to begin.


The Facebook Ads dashboard can get a little intimidating because of all the options.

You don't want to try and create ads in a hurry. Make sure you have time set aside to get an ad correctly setup.

Depending on the media you would like to promote there will be a promotion option for you. You might want to start by increasing your brand awareness and "Likes" for your page to increase your social proof.


Spend Wisely

Don't blow your entire budget on your first ad. We recommend spending as little as possible to test your results slowly.

It is great that you are excited about your brand, but you don't want to make the common mistake of spending all your advertising funds too quickly. You want to test your results from a smaller campaign first.

If the campaign works out well on a small budget, then you can slowly increase your spending.

You will also want to learn about Facebook Retargeted advertising with the Facebook Pixel. This retargeted advertising method is a very powerful way to increase your sales when done correctly.

How to Sell Hair Extensions in the Facebook Marketplace

Last year Facebook created an easy way to sell a little bit of everything online with their Facebook Marketplace.

Think of it as like a "Craigslist" but with more credibility because it is connected to your personal Facebook profile.

In your area, you can list your hair extension products for sale online for free. We have a lot of clients around the USA that do this with really good results.

Add this to your how to sell hair extensions "To-Do" list!


Make sure to take great photos of the hair and even think about being in the picture.

When a potential customer sees a real person in a picture, it helps add to the credibility of the seller.

Facebook Messenger is used when a potential customer wants to get in touch with you about your hair. You can either send them a link to your website to purchase or if you have the hair on hand, you can meet them in a public place.

If you are a stylist, you might even get some new clients from this technique.

It is free. It is easy. There are NO excuses not to do this!

Sell Hair Extensions with Instagram

The next best thing to Facebook is Instagram!

Here are some basics on how to sell hair extensions on IG!

Your marketing strategy on Instagram will be more visual than Facebook. It is important to have a good mix of phototypes and promotions to keep your followers interested.

Building up your Instagram page will take time. Research the best #HASHTAG strategies to use for your posts. It will help you get found and followed much faster.


Once you have your Instagram page registered it is important to correctly fill out an excellent description, your phone number, email, and address if available.

Try to create a schedule for your posts and promotions. If you want to stay systematic use a program like that allows you to schedule your posts for the future.

This scheduling technique can be fantastic if you can't use social media during the day, you are on vacation and want peace of mind that your social media is running. We use a similar program here at Private Label Extensions, and it has helped grow our following tremendously.


Instagram Orders

You can't take payments on Instagram so having a hair extension website is crucial for successful transactions.

Getting an order request via your DM will sometimes happen, but the payment flow is not fluid. Many extra steps need to happen like sending PayPal invoices and manually updating tracking information.

The key is to grow a loyal following with informative and eye-catching posts. If you try to "sell" with every post, then you will eventually be un-followed.

Re-posting client photos is a MUST! Your customers will want to see what the hair looks like once it is installed.

Instagram Stories is also a way to stay in front of your clients. Creating 5 - 10 stories a day can boost your visibility and brand awareness.

More Ways to Promote Your Hair Brand

Social media will be a big part of your online promotions. Especially when first starting out when you don't have bigger budgets for advertising.

If you are just setting up your brand make sure also to create Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.

You should maximize your efforts with these platforms as well but make sure you focus on a few that you feel comfortable with to start. Getting huge followings on multiple platforms at once can be challenging even with a big budget.

YouTube is FANTASTIC for getting your brand more exposure, but you will want to have some decent equipment to create and edit videos. Once you learn how to sell hair extensions on YouTube, you will see the orders start flowing in!

Here is an example of a video we made showing an inside look at our office:

If you are great at styling hair, then make some video tutorials for your channel. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Hair Care - How to look after your hair extensions.
  • Coloring - Best coloring techniques and examples of how the hair can color.
  • Wig Making - Create a beautiful wig using the hair extensions to showcase their versatility.
  • Sew-In Techniques - How to properly do a sew-in.
  • Product Video - Give your clients a closer look at the hair.

If not immediately, creating videos should be a part of your marketing strategy shortly after launching your brand. People are more visual than ever with short attention spans for reading long posts like this.

Email Marketing

A classic way to stay in touch with your customers is to create a newsletter.

We highly recommend the Atlanta-based company MailChimp. This email marketing service is the same company that sends out all the newsletters for all our brands.

They offer a free account of up to 2,000 subscribers.

This free service gives you plenty of room for growth. By the time you reach 2,000 subscribers, you will have received so much benefit from the service that you will beg them to take your money.

You can sign up here - Create MailChimp Account.

After you create your account, you will have access to the MailChimp dashboard. Your goal is to build your list of subscribers and provide them with excellent information in their inbox.

Here are some email campaign ideas:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Education Emails
  • Shopping-Cart Abandonment Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Posts
  • Coupons or Specials

Growing your email list will play a big part in selling more hair extensions!


Selling Online by the Numbers

Getting your first hair sale online is always the hardest. Knowing how to sell hair extensions online will help you reach your sales goals faster.

The key is to understand the numbers of how to sell online works. Let's go over the basics.

Conversion Rate

For every 100 visitors that visit your site, you will have (X) amount purchase. The national average for E-commerce stores is about 1%. So for every 100 visitors expect about one sale.

To reach the $142,350 of sales in a year you would need about 200 visitors a day with an average order value of $195 which we used for the equation.

Increase Traffic = Increase Sales?

Usually. If you are getting targeted visitors that are looking to purchase hair extensions, then the answer should be yes, you will increase sales.

Of course are variables. If your site is not mobile-friendly, don't expect to sell a lot online. About 85% of hair extension buyers are making purchases on their mobile devices.

If your website is slow and not well designed? That will hurt your sales as well.

Increase Average Sale

The average customer will purchase three bundles of sew-in extensions.

Upselling your clients with additional items like a closure, frontal, edge control or 3D mink lashes will increase your average ticket size.

This production technique is one of the fastest ways to increase your overall sales!

There are hundreds of variables when learning how to sell hair extensions. You have just to take it step-by-step and learn the basics.


Local Events & Hair Shows

Getting directly in front of your customers can make a big impact. Nothing can stop a great personal connection with someone.

Have hair samples available for your clients to feel the hair and give them tips on styles and installation.

It is very important to understand how to make a great hair extension display to showcase your products!

Our company has presented at some local events as well as the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta to help get our name out there. Did it help? You bet! We still do great business with clients we met at the shows over 2 years ago.

You can check websites like Eventbrite and Facebook to see what local upcoming events are coming up. The bigger shows like Bronner Brothers can be very costly so you might want to start out at a smaller event to plan for the big leagues.


Create More Traffic with Blogging!

You need a way to showcase your knowledge and connect with your customers. You will sell more hair if you start writing great blog posts for your website.

A blog will also give you another place to post your YouTube videos for your customers to see.

Writing great blog posts can be very time-consuming. The good news is that they will work for you in the search engines forever.

Google loves high-quality content. Don't just write 200 words and click "Publish." Focusing on informative information related to your hair products will let your visitors know you are very knowledgeable about hair. It is much easier to sell hair extensions to visitors after they know you are an expert in the field.

Here are some great topics you can write about for your hair blog:

  • How to Color Hair Extensions
  • Tips for a Great Quick Weave
  • DO's and DON'S for Installing Hair Extensions
  • Wig Making Techniques
  • Your First Hair Purchase

Increasing traffic to your site will increase sales.

Ready to Start Selling Hair Extensions?

Starting your hair extension brand can be very rewarding. The key is not to make the upfront mistakes that can be very costly to your business. Keep your running expenses low and your motivation high! Learning different aspects of the hair business will help you learn how to sell hair extensions faster with better profits.

To finish this up to let's go over some Do's & Don'ts of Selling Hair Extensions:


  • Put your website on a crappy E-commerce platform or have it hosted on a cheap server that is slow.
  • Accept risky transactions with customers requesting a shipping address not matching their billing.
  • Spam your personal pages with promotions for your hair company.
  • Try to overcharge your customers. The days of $150 bundles are over!


  • Have a mobile-friendly website that has clean graphics and professional.
  • Follow up with every comment on social media and email to your customer service.
  • Continue to learn how to be better in every aspect of your business.
  • Focus on offering great products at great prices with fast shipping.

The single best way to learn how to sell hair extensions is to get started. The hair team at Private Label Extensions is here to guide you along the way with all the branding and wholesale hair you need to start.

Our top clients will do over $1 Million Dollars a year with us. That is on websites we have created and hair extensions we ship for them all day long.

We are here to work with you and help you grow your business.

Have Any Questions?

Have a question about how to start a hair business? Drop it in the comments section below!
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I sold hair for Koreans wig stores and beauty stores for 5 years before starting my own business in 2001,I also worked as a toupee maker and hair stylist so I have alot more experience than most,and I can say it isn’t that easy.Sure you can make 100,000 within a year but this article never stated how much there wholesale cost was,so what is the profit?It could be extremely low like more like 50.00 after you add in shipping cost.Dropshipping is another bad ideal,especially overseas.Raw hair needs to be quality controlled with a us vender for the obvious, lice.If your company overseas sends out one bag of hair with lice your business is over.But if your a cosmetologist this a great time to deal directly with hair venders and stock up on hair for your own salon.You don’t have to rush and sell it,most people stock up for thirty years because hair doesn’t degrade when kept in a dry area.

Dawn Bell

Hi there! I’ve specialized in extensions for over 25 yrs… this is long over do

michelle mangus

Hi…I enjoyed reading your information starting a hair business. What is an approximate out of pocket expense I will need to start my hair business?

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I want to start selling hair.

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How much are the wholesale prices


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