Instant Pop of Color: Hair Shadowing Technique On Hair Extensions

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We all love to color our hair. Sometimes, we want a new look that can give us the space that we need.

I remember when I was younger, I wasn’t able to do my hair in the way that I wanted because the coloring process was so lengthy and expensive. Years ago, getting color in your hair that looked good, lasted long, and didn’t damage your hair was nonexistent. Also, because most coloring techniques would require me to dye my hair and potentially damage my hair, my mom was entirely against it.

Eye Shadow Hair Color

I’m excited to see how the hair industry is changing, growing, and providing different options for all of us to engage in.

When I first heard about hair shadowing, I was shocked to know just how versatile hair stylists and creatives were willing to go to make a new way to gain color without unnecessary damage. I haven’t tried hair showing myself, but I have asked my friends that have tried it.

All of them had nothing but good things to say about the trend. If this is your first time hearing about hair shadowing, then don't worry, Private Labels Extensions is here to help!

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What Is Hair Shadowing?

Hair shadowing is a technique that uses eyeshadows to dye hair temporarily.

Hair shadowing is a temporary method which means that you don’t have to worry about permanent damage. The color products that you use are applied to the top of the hair which creates a highly pigmented appearance without needing bleach or other damaging chemicals.

Hair shadowing requires products like hair chalks, powdered eyeshadows, liquid or spray-on colors, and more. This technique is becoming extremely popular in the natural hair community because it isn’t damaging to different curl patterns. Hair shadowing is a great, cost-effective way to achieve hair color that you want without damaging your curls, or hair texture.

It’s a great way to make a splash during the summer, or spruce it up in the winter.

Eye Shadowing

How Much Does It Cost

The hair shadow technique is cheap, and that’s what makes it so great because you’re not pulling funds from your bank just to get some color.

Of course, the cost of getting color depends on the amount of color you need, your hair texture, and what kind of coloring style you want. For hair shadowing, be prepared to spend anywhere from $6-$50 for a quality styled hairstyle.

Extensions Vs. Natural Hair?

So, even though hair shadowing is widespread in the natural hair community, it is also a great and safe method to use on hair extensions as well.

If you are planning to do a hair shadow on your extensions, then it is essential to consult with a professional before coloring. A professional will be able to show you the proper techniques so that you don’t harm your hair.

Hair shadowing on extensions isn’t much different from doing it on your actual hair. However, because hair extensions do cost money, you want to take precautions when manipulating them in any way. Also, keep in mind that hair shadowing is only for human hair extensions.

Synthetic extensions cannot be managed in the same way.

Blue Eye Shadow Dye

How Do I Do It?

The very first step is to make sure your extensions are clean, dry, and conditioned.

Conditioned hair makes the shadowing process smoother. Also, shadows and chalks are drying so you want to make sure you retain as much moisture in your extensions as possible. Dry extensions become brittle and can ruin your style.

To start shadowing your hair, place a small section of hair between the shadow color you’re using and your finger. Slowly pull the shadow down the length of the hair. If you want a deep color, then continue to repeat those above until you achieve the color you want. If you are using a spray, apply like you would any hairspray. Make sure you put the products on from root to ends, or from the part of hair you’d like the color to start, to end.

If you’re using a liquid product, then apply the liquid to your hand first. It is important to remember this because fluid can move around, and you don’t want to risk getting the color on different parts of the hair.

During this entire process, it is essential that you use gloves. Hair shadowing can be messy, so if you can, try to do this process outside. Wear clothing that you won’t be mad if it gets ruined.

The process is simple, and when you’re done, you should be happy with the results!

Temporary Eye Shadow Hair Color

How Long Does It Last?

Hair shadowing is a temporary coloring process.

The color you add to your hair will look vibrant for about two days, and then begin to fade away. You can lengthen the days by sealing color with a paste or pomade. After applying the color set the tone with an adhesive, and lightly blow-dry your hair.

This should allow your hair to maintain the color a bit longer than usual. The great thing about this temporary color is that it can be done over and over again until you’re looking for something new. Don’t be scared to use hair shadowing as a technique until you’re ready to take on permanent color.

Eye Shadow Dye

What To Remember

Hair shadowing is a fun technique to use for coloring your hair extensions.

Understand that hair shadowing is a temporary technique that will only give you color for a few days. The process of coloring is messy, so wear gloves, and old clothes if you decide to do it on your own. Consult with a professional if you’re not aware of how to do it.

A professional will be able to help you get through the process, but once you know it, it is relatively easy. Hair shadowing is significantly cheap. You can use products such as eyeshadow, hair spray, hair chalk, and any safe product that can spruce up your look

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