How To Color Hair For the Flyest Winter Colors!

How To Color Hair For the Flyest Winter Colors!

Choosing the right hair color according to the season can seem a bit intimidating especially during the winter. During the winter, things like our skin tones tend to lose their color. So how do you determine what is your right color?

I am sharing with you four different hair colors that you can wear through the frosty months. Let's go over how you can achieve them, and how best to maintain them. After following these steps your hair color will never lose its spunk.

I believe that these four hair colors will go with any skin tone during the colder season. These colors will help you look at your flyest through the chilly temperatures.

Hair color

Ash Blonde

For this coming winter, ash blonde has been by far my favorite color to rock this season. It gives you an edgy look with a bit of softness.

The best thing about blonde hair is the versatility offered by the different shades. There are levels to being blonde! The many variations of this kick-ass hair color make it pretty much suitable for everyone regardless of skin tone.

Can you believe there are levels to the types of ash blonde colors as well?! There is light ash blonde to medium ash blonde too, my absolute favorite, dirty ash blonde. Are you looking forward to becoming a blonde bombshell that turns heads everywhere you go? Look no further and go ash blonde!

It is always recommended to use a professional beautician when you are looking to apply color, especially bleach which is a hard chemical, to your hair. Using this can cause a lot of damage when and if it is not used and applied properly. But if done well, and I mean well, it will be a luxurious look and feel for your hair.

I would recommend taking your time searching for the right stylist that colors hair well helping it thrive despite the stress on it. As for me, I’m a total do-it-yourself kind of girl!

Blonde Hair

Steps to Achieving Ash Blonde Hair

Why do I choose to color the hair myself?

First, I like to be hands-on and accomplish what I put my mind to and set out to achieve.

Secondly, I believe it is more time and cost efficient. The items needed to go for this look are, the right grade of hair, powder lightener, creme developer, and hair toner, preferably in the lightest ash blonde possible. Because of its intensity, blonde hair does require a bit more maintenance to keep up that fresh look, but the faded tones help.

To keep your blonde locks lasting, the number one product to keep close is purple shampoo.

Many thanks to hair science and the color wheel, purple is the complete opposite of those yellow to gold tones that reflect in blonde hair, so it counteracts. Keep those brassy tones at a distance, girl!

Achieving Ash Blonde Hair


Looking to spice your look up for these winter months? Add more dimension and depth by coloring your hair a bold burgundy shade.

What I love about burgundy hair color is the slight purple hues it displays all the while being a deep reddish-brown and that’s when you get more into the dimension. There is a wide range of colors across the burgundy spectrum including cabernet, merlot, maroon, and cranberry.

To get the perfect shade, the cool deep shades of burgundy work well with deep undertones whereas warmer shades of burgundy go well with lighter skin tones, but this is a great color that is versatile with any tone.

I would recommend that you seek a professional’s hands for a burgundy color process. Because we want to make sure this vivid shade is distributed as evenly as possible.

Burgundy hair color

Steps To Achieving Burgundy Hair

Another vital reason to have a professional stylist achieve your desired shade is that the coloring process could consist of several steps and products blended into a unique concoction, just for you! To help in achieving your desired look, focus on an inspiration photo to make sure the right hue is achieved.

When maintaining your new gorgeous hair, shampoo and conditioner are important. You don’t want to apply just any products from a normal wash system but something that is for colored hair. Surprisingly those everyday shampoos and conditioners can be harsher than we think.

It’s always recommended to use cool water regardless of color or style for shampooing, but I find it crucial to use cold water when it comes to color, especially those of deeper shades like burgundy. Hot water can cause your brilliant shades to fade in five, four, three, two, one.

Now, that you’re all up to speed on how to achieve this color and how to properly maintain it, who’s up for some burr-gundy?!

Achieve Burgundy Hair

Blue-ish Black

If you’re looking to get a bit edgy, then blue-ish black is the best color for you! What is so great about this style of color is its chicness and the depth & vivid contrasts it provides. It’s a cool color for a cold winter as it has subtle tones with a pop.

The most important factor when going for this color is to make sure it has a high gloss. There is no point in going blue-ish black if it is going to be dull.

Where’s the fun in that?

The steps are so simple to achieve this hair color, all you have to do is follow the steps on the box!

Yes, this is an easy dye to work within the comfort of your home however it can get a little messy but that's par the hair coloring course.

There are a few recommended brands for hair box dyes that you can check out to see what works best like Garnier Nutrisse, Revlon, and L’Oreal Feria which all consist of a creme base and offer anti-fading qualities. They are super convenient to use, you skip the harshness of bleach, and it costs less than a trip to your stylist.

Bluest Black Hair Color

Hair brands

Keep Your Blue-Black Hair Vibrant

Maintaining a blue-black dye to your hair is very important because fading is common especially in vibrant colors. It’s best to find different methods to maintain your hair versus applying dye again as this can damage your hair cuticles over time causing that dull, dingy look.

No, ma’am! How can we save it?

Again, use color-friendly wash systems! Using this type of product is crucial because some shampoos and conditioners are just too tough.

Also, avoid any hair products that contain alcohol. Not only is this bad for your hair in general but it harms your gorgeous new color.

Any type of hair glaze is another great product to help your color stay alive. Follow the proper steps, and you’ll be on your way to phenomenal vibrant hair with cool vibes.

 Blue, black dye to hair

Golden Caramel

Can the hair be delicious? Because if it can, then golden caramel makes me drool! Golden caramel is a stunning color year-round but definitely pops during the winter. We've discussed a couple cooler tones but how about the warm ones?

What I love about this color is the blonde-ish undertones. This color is great for highlights, ombre, or a whole head of color. This color offers an array of saturation and contrast from ashy to soft to creamy. Who wouldn’t want to rock a hair color like that?!

Getting this look can seem a little intimidating just like that burr-gundy we talked about earlier because it can consist of mixing more than one color. You first want to select the right shade of caramel on your skin tone. However for those with a bit more melanin, honestly, any shade of caramel should compliment you well.

To go with your caramel, you'll need a warm brunette, something like a cozy chestnut or even a golden brown. Golden brown could enhance the gold a bit more in your caramel so it should come together perfectly! If you're thinking about a chocolate brown then go for it! Just make sure it does not wash out your caramel by being too dark.

The golden caramel color is great for highlights to just go with warm brown hair if you don't want to mix the two.

Either way, your hair will be stunning with these colors in it!

Golden Caramel Color

Golden caramel hair color

Keep Your Color Popping

One major way you can extend your  hair color's life is by not exposing it to too much sun! Those rays can hurt.

A great way to make sure this hair color stays warm and delicious-looking *does Birdman hand rub* is to deep condition your hair. Going back to the fact that color can dry out hair, we want to make sure it is moisturized as possible giving off a healthy look.

Want to kill two birds with one product? Apply a leave-in conditioner that will protect your hair and color from the sun's harsh rays and moisturizes all at the same time.

Which One Will You Chose?

Don’t be scared of a little color, girlfriend!  Nothing is a game-changer and more refreshing than a change of color to spice up your look.

If you’re looking to switch things up this winter, check out these four hair colors and pick which one you think you’ll rock best.

It’s vital to follow the necessary steps to keep your color alive and well, always making sure your hair looks healthy and maintained. Let’s toast to looking fly for all seasons especially these chilly ones *cheers!*

Have any questions about how to choose the right color or what products are best to use for the color you want? Or maybe you have some other colors you think would look great in winter. Let us know; we’d like to hear from you!

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