The Benefits of Using Lace Tint on Your Wigs

The Benefits of Using Lace Tint on Your Wigs

You’ve got a fabulous wig that could have come straight out of a Hollywood red carpet. You try it on, and the lace is staring at you right in the face,  screaming, “She’s got a wig on!”

You quickly grab your phone, and a simple Google search tells you that lace tint is the answer to your problem.

There are a few more scrolls, and everyone seems to be raving about them.

If you’re wondering why, we’re about to explore the benefits of using lace tints on your wigs and why it is an absolute game-changer!

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Reasons To Get  A Lace Tint

Anyone can get a lace tint mousse for just about any reason. However, there are three most significant reasons why lace tints are highly sought after, and these are:

Lace color mismatch

Unless you are willing to splurge on HD laces, there’s a high chance your lace will look like…well, a lace, which means it wouldn’t match your scalp.

This is where lace tints come to the rescue, especially if you hate it when people can tell from 10 miles away that you’re putting on a wig.

Noticeable hairline

Again, lace fronts sticking out like a sore thumb can be annoying. Lace tint spray is necessary to fix this, especially around your hairline.

Do you know how cringey it feels when you can tell an actor is putting on a poorly placed wig? That’s sort of how it works here, and you don’t want to be in that situation.

Enhanced appearance

Have you wondered how Beyonce, for instance, slays her weaves all the time? If her laces were sticking out, we wouldn’t all be in love with her hair.

With a lace tint like the Private Label Lace Tint Spray, for instance, your wig game goes from zero to 100 because it gives your wigs a realistic look and a flawless finish.

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The Main Benefits of Using Lace Tint on Your Wigs

Using a lace tint on your wigs has various benefits, and here, we’ll discuss a few of them.


One of the most popular benefits of using lace tints on your wigs is their versatility. Whatever your skin tone—relaxed, neutral, or warm—there’s a lace tint for you. You can even mix and customize shades until you get your exact match.

A typical example is the Private Label Lace Tint Spray, which comes in four shades:

  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Warm Brown
  • Medium Brown

This versatility ensures everyone can find their shade regardless of their complexion. 

Seamless blending

Another primary benefit of using lace tints is that they give your wig a natural look since they blend seamlessly. Visible lace is a dead giveaway that your hair isn’t natural.

Lace tints come to the rescue by blending your lace into your scalp for a realistic look.

Enhanced confidence

While we may get wigs for various reasons, the primary reason is to look great. Nothing beats knowing that you look particularly stunning, and lace tints significantly boost confidence. How?

Because you can step out with the assurance that very few people can guess you’re wearing a lace front wig.

Easy application

Another benefit of lace tints is their easy application and use.  Applying a lace tint is pretty straightforward; you don’t have to be a certified hairstylist to use it.

For instance, with Private Label Lace Tint Spray, you need to shake, spray, and dry, and you’re good to go!


When you invest in high-quality lace tints, you can be assured you’re getting long-lasting results.

A good lace tint is durable and should withstand several washes before fading off, meaning you don’t need to reapply them every time.

Saves your makeup

I’m sure we are all guilty of using our makeup to blend our wig laces to our skin. While this can suffice, it isn’t a great substitute and can be time-consuming.

One of the several benefits of using a lace tint is that it saves your makeup and prevents product buildup over time.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Using Lace Tint on Your Wigs

Now you’ve read about the many benefits of using lace tint on your wigs, and you can’t wait to try one.

Wait! Not so fast. You still want to avoid some lace tint mistakes before using one.

Over tinting

For one, you don’t want to over-tint your lace. As with almost everything related to appearance, less is usually more.

Not only does over-tinting lead to product buildup, but it also counters the very reason you got the lace tint, which is to give your wig a natural look.

Uneven application

This is where you need to follow instructions to the T! Read the instructions properly and then layer your wig bit by bit to get a uniform look.

Doing otherwise would make your lace look weird, like badly painted artwork by a 5-year-old, and you don’t want that.

Little drying time

Avoid wearing your wig right after tinting, just before adequately drying. Aside from a sticky, uneven finish, your wig will look horrible, especially under light.

I know getting a well-tinted lace can be exciting, but you need to give the tint ample time to dry before rushing to put on your wig.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken the time to provide answers to some frequently asked questions about using lace tints on your wigs.

Can lace tint damage my wig?

If you use a quality lace tint like the Private Label Lace Tint Spray, you can be assured your wigs won’t be damaged, mainly when used correctly.

If you get a lace tint with harsh chemicals, though, prolonged use could lead to wig damage.

How often should I reapply lace tint?

As stated earlier, a high-quality lace tint is ideally long-lasting.

However, if you notice the tint fading off, especially around the hairline area, you can reapply a small amount to cover that up. 

Is lace tint suitable for all wig types?

Lace tints are generally suitable for most wig types, but their skin tone match and effectiveness largely depend on the kind of wig.

Lace tints, for instance, work exceptionally well with human hair wigs compared to synthetic wigs. 

Can I use regular makeup instead of lace tint?

Most wig wearers use regular makeup to blend their lace. While this works, it is a temporary solution compared to using a lace tint.

A lace tint is more durable and provides a flawless finish than your foundation!

Read this comparison between foundations and lace tints.

Private Label light brown lace tint spray close-up

Wigs Love Lace Tint!

In summary, using lace tints for your wigs holds numerous benefits. It is invaluable in giving your wigs the best look.

They boost your confidence, provide a seamless, natural look, and are long-lasting!

If you’re unsure where to begin, get the Private Label Lace Tint Spray today and be assured that your tint will always be on point, your lace flawless, and your wig turning heads!

Also check our naturally toned Wig Knot Healer to explore your options.

Remember to visit a Private Label hair store for additional advice. Now go forth and slay your wigs!

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The tips on achieving a seamless blend and boosting confidence are spot-on. I especially appreciate the emphasis on versatility and easy application. Definitely makes me want to try the Private Label Lace Tint Spray for a flawless look!

This article highlights many great benefits of lace tints! Can you elaborate more on how to properly dry the lace tint to avoid a sticky or uneven finish?


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