how to prevent dry tangling matting weave

How to Prevent Dry, Tangling & Matting Weave!

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Getting Down to the Root of the Issue

I don’t know about you but I hate when my hair tangles! We love our hair extensions but they can become tangled, matted, and we don’t even know why.

Why is your hair weave tangled and matted in the first place?

There are numerous reasons why hair extensions can become tangled or matted. There is never just one cause for anything so let’s discuss it.

Here are some tips to help prevent tangling and the frustration it comes with.

Hair Extensions

Why Do Hair Extensions Tangle?

First and foremost, not taking proper care of your hair extensions will eventually cause them to tangle and mat up.

The sidekick to poor hair care is terrible hair quality. You cannot buy cheap hair and assume that you can get much wear out of it before it begins to tangle and eventually mat up.

It is best to focus on quality and you have to pay for quality. Poor quality hair can be overly processed which will cause it to become tangled and matted at the first touch of water, heat or even weather conditions. You probably never thought that weather conditions could affect your hair extensions.

Harsh weather and extreme weather conditions can change any human hair for the worst.


Invest in Your Hair Products

Alongside weather and poor hair care; hair products take a toll on hair extensions as well.

The proper hair products make all the difference in whether hair weave will mat up and tangle or be soft and manageable. Do your research and find out what products work best for which hair textures and stick to using those products.

If you love risking your hair’s quality with hair products, then expect the possible consequences of your sew-in tangling and matting up.

saving money

Other Causes of Tangling and Matting

Here are a few other things to keep in mind as to why your hair extensions may tangle or become matted:

#1 Thickness

The hair is super thick so it can be prone to tangling

#2 Hair Length

Longer hair is prone to tangling so cutting layers can help

#3 Dryness

The hair extensions are dry or damaged and can become brittle

Now that the blame game is over and you understand why your hair extensions are tangling let’s look for a solution. We will also discuss super easy ways to prevent tangling and matting.

damaged hair

How To Prevent Hair Tangling & Matting

Brush Your Hair

Yes, it’s just that simple! Brushing your hair can help prevent tangling so that your hair won’t become matted down the road.

Although brushing your hair extensions sounds foolproof, there is a correct way to brush your extensions. Always brush your extensions from the ends and upwards. This will help the hair strands from becoming split or breaking off as well as can help the shedding and the tangling.

Another key to brushing your extensions is to brush your hair while dry. When your hair extensions are wet, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb to comb from the bottom and on up.

Hair extensions tend to get tangled the most at the ends due to knots. These knots appear when the hair hasn’t been brushed or combed in several hours or days.

Brushing Weave

Sulfate-Free Hair Products

As mentioned before, the hair products you use rather good or bad quality can alter the hair.

Using hair products that contain sulfates can strip the extensions which cause them to become weaker as the product sits. Always use a good conditioner and shampoo combo when washing hair.

Also, use products that apply moisture and provide hydration to your hair extensions as dry hair can lead to tangles and eventually matting.

Using the right products can help keep your hair extensions soft and manageable.


Tie Your Hair Up at Night

If you do not tie your hair up at night, the extensions can rub against the pillowcase all night.

Hair rubbing against a pillowcase causes friction that can lead to frizziness that will become tangled hair by the time you wake up. Tying your hair up at night means nothing if you do not tie it up with a silk scarf or bonnet.

You can even get a satin or silk pillowcase if you notice that you always fall asleep without tying up your hair up. A silk scarf, bonnet or satin pillowcase cost less than ten dollars at your local beauty supply store or local drugstore.

Prevent tangling at all cost! Protecting your hair is important but its just as important at nighttime.

perky ponytail

Detangle, Detangle, Detangle!

Detangling is your best friend!

I already mentioned to brush your hair extensions already, however brushing is different from detangling. Brushing is a proactive step to prevent tangling, but once your hair is tangled, you’ll need to detangle  it.

Detangling is a prevention measure for hair extensions so that they won’t become matted. The best time to detangle (Check out this article: how to detangle matted weave) hair extensions is while wet but as mentioned before: use a comb when hair is wet.

You can also use your fingers as a tool to help get the tangles out so there is less tension and pulling while using a comb or brush. Ensure it is done thoroughly!

detangle hair

Tangles and Knots Be Gone!

Preventing your hair extensions from tangling and becoming matted is not rocket science.

All it takes is the proper care and attention. It also helps to use the appropriate products on your hair and tends to your extensions several times a day.

Don’t run for the hills at first sight of tangling or matting ladies; you have the power to turn an annoying situation around in your favor. Hopefully, these tips help you out. These tips are in no way the end all be all to this issue because tangling will happen one way or another.

Although some things with hair extensions are inevitable, that does not mean you cannot be proactive instead of reactive. You can apply all of these tips to prevent any extra shedding as well.

You’re welcome we just killed two birds with one stone!

Always be one step ahead of issues that why you will be prepared for when they happen. When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

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32 thoughts on “How to Prevent Dry, Tangling & Matting Weave!

  1. Brit says:

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    Ughh I can totally relate to this! Thank you so much for posting this article! Using sulfate free products has always helped me! Gets my tangles right out.

  2. Fennella Miller says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’m not going to lie I love synthetic wigs because of the color potency and affordability but I dislike matting. Thank you so much for these helpful tips!

    1. Alexandria says:

      0/50 ratings

      Me too sometimes they are designed to last longer too

  3. Alia says:

    4.5/52 ratings

    I’ve had so many experiences of hair matting up on me you don’t understand! It’s frustrating and kills your confidence. I learned a few methods to fix it that I want to share with EVERYONE. The few methods I will be discussing are the boiling method, the microwave method, and the silicon mix method. For the boiling method you boil a pot of water on the stove with your choice of conditioner, let the pot sit and add your extensions for about 10mins, rinse the hair with cool water and let them air dry. For the microwave method you shampoo your extensions and rinse, then you get a ziplock bag and add conditioner and your extensions then seal the bag, microwave for two mins and let stand for about an hour then rinse. For the silicon mix method, you wash your extensions, then use silicon mix as a conditioner, let the hair sit in silicon as long as you feel it needs it (a few times the hair was so bad I let it stay overnight!) it works every time!

    1. Patrice says:

      5/51 rating

      I’m using silicon mix on a closure now. Just purchased the closure, wet it, and it matted IMMEDIATELY. I’m hoping the silicon mix works. It’s worked wonders for my other extensions so hopefully it works here too. I’ve never had hair do this before, especially brand new. It’s really bad.

    2. Frances Benjamin says:

      4/51 rating

      What is the silicon mix and where can you get it from? My weave is a matted mess and with it deep conditioned, still matted.

    3. Latice says:

      0/50 ratings

      Thanks for sharing. Which method worked best for you??

  4. L Willis says:

    0/50 ratings

    Very good article. Silk sheets have saved my life along with a great hair care routine. Quality hair and products always allow you to make the best of things. And if you can’t afford them you can always make the famous weave soup to bring your hair back to life and a deep conditioner to revive your natural hair!

  5. Kyndra Underwood says:

    5/51 rating

    When my hair gets tangled I like to put a small amount of biosilk on my hair before I brush it. It helps the brush glide through & gives my hair a nice sheen once I’m done!

  6. NICOLE Mason says:

    0/50 ratings

    Great article! My first set of bundles, I had NO idea they required the same amount of care that I would show my real hair. I learned that lesson when I fell asleep a few nights in a row without pinning up my hair in a scarf … I woke up unable to get the tangles out and I got so frustrated that I just cut it the tracks out! Ruined perfectly good hair & it deterred me from buying bundles for a long time. Ladies, don’t be like me! 😩😩 #epicfail

  7. Nikea Ballard says:

    0/50 ratings

    I agree. I bought hair from a vendor and I was told by the stylist to use Dove conditioner on the hair when washing and do not scrub the hair like we do our natural hair but wash in a downward motion. After I dried the hair, it was so soft and beautiful again. I kept that hair for almost two years.

    1. Britney says:

      0/50 ratings

      What type of dove shampoo ? Was it Brazilian hair ?

  8. Twanna Spencer says:

    0/50 ratings

    Omg. I absolutely love this article. Why you may ask?! Yes, I will tell you why most women want what they see other women have they don’t care what it entails they just want it. They want everything from hair texture down to the cut and style. It won’t be right unless she looks like the inspiration sometimes. Lol. And in this trillion dollar business who are we the hair sellers to tell them no. Lol. However, more and more women are wanting their 300-400 dollar extensions to just take care of themselves. I think they feel like just because they invested so much money into the hair it should look like silk all the time… like for an example they want the bonnet to magically jump on their head before they lay down with not even running a comb through at all from a long day of getting tangled because of the wind. Oh and not to mention buying extremely low-end products to co-wash their EXPENSIVE extensions. SN: To tell you the truth I hate when a woman says co-washing. Those extensions need to be shampooed and condition. Back to what I was saying..Now now u may say well that’s what she can afford. Ummmmm no that’s not all they can afford if they just invested 300-400 in their hair extensions they can do better than that for sure. They just don’t want to because they just invested so much into the hair they have high expectations from them. Which I understand however the hair can’t shampoo or condition itself. Hair all hair tangles if not combed properly throughout the day. Or not combing period will lead to matting and all kinds of mischief. Here are some tips and tricks to elevate tangles and matting and to help bring your extensions back to life. You also can use these techniques on your natural hair also.

    -Always comb your hair with a wide tooth comb then follow up with an Afro comb because sometimes the wide tooth comb only covers general areas, not the nitty-gritty areas
    -Always use sulfate free products
    -use a mild conditioner comb through while wet
    -treat your extensions like they are coming from your scalp you invested in them
    -let extensions air dry properly
    -Always use a silk scarf or bonnet before bed
    -shampoo at least 2 twice a month
    -trim as needed

    – please limit co-washing because all it does is leave a film layer on the hair and weigh it down
    -please avoid using a fine tooth comb to prevent t shedding
    -please limit the amount of heat you apply to your extensions as they will get dry and brittle faster than expected.
    -please refrain from using heavy oils as it will weigh your e tensions down
    -please refrain from the vigorous rubbing of the extensions while shampooing as this can lead to unwanted tangling

    Tips that work for me
    Before shampooing apply a small amount of conditioner to your hair to loosen any matting and tangles before combing through. This can be done on extensions and natural hair.

    Have a wonderful day hugs and kisses


  9. She Brown says:

    0/50 ratings

    Well, looks like you covered everything about this subject. All I can do is agree with it all.
    I can add having hair extensions is work. You can not just buy and install extensions and think the hair maintains itself. NO! You have to treat extension just as you would your natural hair…if not better.

    I find using natural shampoo products with leave-in conditioner and Aragan oil after drying helps tremendously.

    Great blog.

  10. Jamilah alexander says:

    0/50 ratings

    Very good article the part that stood out to me is about purchase quality hair because its an investment so be aware of where the hair is coming from and check reviews always.

  11. Chevelle says:

    0/50 ratings

    Awesome article, the key is to purchase quality hair from a reputable supplier. Just because someone sells 5 bundles for a $100 doesn’t mean it’s quality hair. Of course all hair tangles, the hair extensions should be treated like it’s your natural hair on your head. I always use dove and Argan Moroccan shampoo and conditioner to keep my extensions looking fabulous. I don’t go to bed with wet hair, I either put in a ponytail or two braids and tie with a silk scarf as added protection.

  12. Drusilla Cudjoe says:

    0/50 ratings

    One thing I’ve definitely learned is to make sure to store hair properly. Don’t think just because you bought some “Good hair” means you can just put the hair anywhere and think you can straighten it back to perfection! Take care of the hair until it’s up for its uses, just make the most of them.

  13. Amy Ds says:

    0/50 ratings

    I tell my clients to use the microwave method. After they shampoo their bundles. They can put conditioner on the bundles and then instead of leaving it sitting on the hair at room temperature, they can put them in a ziplock bag and then put them in the microwave. I usually suggest about 3 minutes but microwave times may vary depending on the wattage of their microwaves. They may need to adjust the time by either more or fewer seconds or minutes for best results. If it’s your first time trying this method you may need to check it every 30 seconds to see if the hair has heated up with the conditioner on it until you get the hang of doing this method successfully. After the hair has been heated up, you can let the hair sit in the ziplock bag for a few more minutes to guarantee complete deep conditioning. Rinse with cold water and let air dry. This method leaves the strands feeling soft and looking healthy as ever. It’s a great way to keep your hair lasting as long as it can. This method helps cut down on tangling and matting. Its a great way to care for your hair continuously after purchasing and it will promote longevity within your strands of hair in your bundles.

  14. Hello HaLo says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’ve never had matted hair before… but this is the best article I’ve read. It explains in great detail on how to care for such a situation!

  15. Sandy says:

    0/50 ratings

    It is extremely important to use the right products when washing or styling your hair extensions. Sulfate free shampoos work well and i also use baby shampoo.
    It is also important to avoid using too many products. (A little can go a long way). Too many products weight down the hair and can eventually cause matting or tangling.
    I always recommend brushing the hair before bed and using a silk cap or silk pillowcase.
    And finally, it’s good to walk around with a detangling brush.

  16. Nicole Smith says:

    0/50 ratings

    This article was right on point. I wish I had found it a while ago because I have really messed up some hair extensions before from tangles and matting before I learned how to take care of it. I thought just because it wasn’t cheap that I didn’t have to worry about it but sometimes I think it takes more care and I learned the hard way. I found it helped to put olive oil on my fingertips and finger comb my hair daily to help prevent dryness and help it stay untangled. For the worst spots, I used paddle brush with a little oil sheen sprayed on the bristles. But now I have fallen in love with clip ins so I can take them out when I need to brush and detangle.

  17. AshleyEstis says:

    0/50 ratings

    I think it’s all about the grade of hair you have to buy good quality hair to get good results like no shredding or tangling oiling your hair down can really ruin it too this information was good to know.

  18. Monique Glover LaMonique Cosmetics says:

    0/50 ratings

    Having a good personal hair maintenance plays a major role as to how long your extensions will hold up. It may take some time finding the right products because most of the brands are a private label with same ingredients just a different label just like many hair extensions brands so once you find a product that works stick with it! Just because there’s a new item that’s causing a buzz doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better it could most likely be an old product you’ve already tried in a new bottle…

  19. Shantyse says:

    0/50 ratings

    Great read!! Another important factor in whether your hair tangles or not is the direction of the cuticles. That’s why it is imperative to buy QUALITY HAIR!! With cheap or bad hair the cuticles are mixed up and going in different directions, then stripped with chemicals to make the hair appear smooth and tangle free. DO NOT BE FOOLED! The more you wear and style this hair, the worst it becomes. With quality virgin hair the cuticles are intact and all going in the same direction which makes the hair long-lasting and feeling “new” every time you wash and condition it! I’m not saying quality hair will NEVER tangle as all hair tangles to some degree, but if you want your hair to last, investing in quality hair will save you time and lots of money!!

  20. Jen Alston says:

    0/50 ratings

    This article hit it on the nose, use less product on weaves and chose your products wisely. A friend of mine gave me this advice years ago. She said, don’t add all the moisturizers, gels, etc to you weave because it will cause it to frizz and tangle. I have been limiting products on weaves and even the cheaper quality stands a bit longer.

    One method I learned was using a Rice Water Rinse as a second conditioner and detangler. It works in natural and weaved styles. You mix 1 cup of Rice (any rice), 1 cup Distilled Water together. Let it sit for at least 24 hours. I added it to the alarm on my cell phone. Strain the mix, the water should be very cloudy, those are the nutrients from the mixture, into a bottle or another bowl. Disregard the rice and use after shampooing and conditioning your hair with sulfur-free products. I poured my Rice Water Rinse into a spray bottle from the Dollar Store, it helps to get even coverage. Take a wide-toothed comb and fingers to detangle. Cover your hair with a plastic bag, we all have them from Wal-Mart or the grocery store, why spend the money on a cap when you can make a disposable one for free. Let it sit at least 45 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, style as usual. This works on weaves and all hair types. I was shedding less, my strands were stronger and it becomes a lot more manageable.

    Great article and tips!

  21. Tamara Love Lee says:

    0/50 ratings

    How to prevent dry, tangling and matting weave. This is a great question and I’m glad you asked, but before I can answer this question I must ask you a few questions. Question #1, where did you purchase your hair from? Did you say, from the corner beauty supply store and it was in the clearance bin!? Ok, help me understand, was it an emergency purchase for a 2-hour event? Noooo!

    Ok, I understand, you didn’t know, but a flawless style begins with quality hair. Invest in quality products to ensure that your tresses remain bouncy and behaving. Treat your hair as your own after all it’s yours. Establish a routine for shampooing and conditioning and daily care. If you are still unsure and/or need personalized instructions, seek a professional stylist.
    Tamara Love Lee

  22. Shonte Perry says:

    0/50 ratings

    This article is very helpful in putting a little love in caring for our extensions. First, we must realize when hair extensions are cut and made into extensions they no longer carry the natural oils that our scalp contains so daily maintenance is mandatory in order for our hair extensions to last. Secondly, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for quality hair. It’s all about the maintenance involved. The article above gives culprits such as weather, lack of brushing and products being used which is true. I would like to add coloring extensions (over exposure from chemicals), blow drying and using flat irons on your hair can cause tangling, dryness, and matting for your extensions. Oh and can’t forget the over use of thermal sprays – Big no, no!! Hands down sulphate-free products are the only products proven to be safe for our hair extensions. Never brush extensions while wet – always air dry!! Not just for sew-in or handmade wigs but clip in extensions as well. Clip-ins must be removed daily for proper care. Wearing a silk bonnet is helpful, but I would suggest brushing hair with a soft bristle brush, braid hair or put in a loose ponytail before tying it up with bonnet. Otherwise, as we move around in our sleep hair can sometime tangle. Even if you can’t remember all the steps, remember just one, ” Brush extensions 2-3 a day”.

  23. Melissa Brown says:

    0/50 ratings

    I have to agree buying and wearing cheap hair and expecting it to last is a joke. Cheap hair will tangle sometimes before the end of the day. I know this because I have worn cheap hair before just for a quick style or to save money! Even if you have the best hair on the market you still have to take care of it. Why would you pay 200 or 300 dollars or more on some good hair and not take care of it? That is a waste of money and, when the hair is all tangled and matted people are quick to say that hair isn’t any good. Just learn how to properly take care of your hair. I think we have to learn what products will work and which ones will not. I have learned that not all sulfate free products work for all textures of hair. You learn by trial and error and also doing research.

    Tying your hair up at night can help with tangles and knots also don’t go to bed with your hair wet this can cause tangles as well. When your extensions are dry they do tend to become brittle. There are products on the market that you can use to detangle, condition and refresh your hair, but don’t use too much because the hair will get weighed down. When you have tangles and knots in your hair how are you going to represent your brand or anyone’s brand? I wouldn’t buy from you just saying! This article was great with plenty of tips!

  24. Kenyatta says:

    0/50 ratings

    More great ways to keep weave from matting is braiding or twisting it.
    Putting it in a ponytail/updo if you sweat on your neck and shoulders.
    Use a brush without the little balls on the ends it’s easier for the hair to get caught up on them defeating the purpose of brushing.
    I know you look good but stop playing with the hair so much sis, that will help as well.

  25. Amy Ds says:

    0/50 ratings

    Another Tip to prevent matting, tangling and dry hair extensions are to be mindful of the grade of hair you are purchasing. Lower grade hair is more prone to tangling, matting, and dryness than a higher grade of hair due to the difference in quality. Straight or Body Wave are safe textures to get in lower grade hair. Deep Wave Hair is more high maintenance but imagine getting it in a lower grade of hair. You just doubled the maintenance on the hair. The money you would spend on products to maintain it and the time you would spend maintaining it could have been used on getting a better grade of hair. It’s Simple. Don’t buy super wavy or curly textures with low-grade hair and save yourself a headache. It is more likely to tangle than a higher better quality hair extension would. For example Malaysian 7A vs Brazilian 8A. Go with the Brazilian or Indian if you desire curlier and wavier textures.

    1. Marie says:

      0/50 ratings

      Yes but those textures don’t match afro hair.

  26. Symphony Clarke says:

    0/50 ratings

    This article was so helpful! I’m definitely one of those people who gets so lazy at night and forget to tie up or wrap down my hair. I’m going to motivate myself to do better though, because I’m tired of my hair style or weave getting old so quickly! Awesome tips love!

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