Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair (And How To Use Them Right!)

Short Hair Don't Care

Did you know you can go from having short hair to hair down your back overnight?

The big secret is… human hair extensions!

Clip in hair extensions, sew-ins, and wigs are the best way to transform your short natural hair completely.

Depending on your lifestyle, preference, and desired look, one or all of these options may be optimal for you.

If you've never used clip-ins before, don't be intimidated. They may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, they're easy as one two three.

Just follow these steps, and your clip-ins will look so natural people will be asking how you grew your hair so fast.

Sometimes, We Get Bored!

Sometimes, we get tired of the same look. We want something different. When I had shorter hair, I loved my short look and thought it made me stand out. I had just done a big chop and didn’t want to change it.

However, after some time, I got bored with my look. I still had so much pride in my short cut, but I wanted something different than what I had.

The style was unbearably boring. At first, I didn’t know what to do! I thought I would be stuck with short hair forever!

Thankfully, after some good searching and stumbling upon Private Label, I was able to see the versatility of my short hair. The great thing about short hair is that, unless you have a pixie cut, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

After doing my research, I found plenty of styles that I could achieve with extensions.

Before doing anything with extensions, it’s important to understand the different types of extensions.

What kind of look are you going for? Which extensions will help you achieve that? Do you want something that covers your hair entirely or accents it? Think about all this before choosing what kind of look you want.

Make sure that you make the right choice because short hair requires a lot of blending.

If you don’t blend your short hair correctly, you’ll end up with showing tracks and you never want that!

Don’t be afraid to see a stylist if you need extra help!

Curly Short Hair Cut

Blending Your Extensions

Layering your clip-in extensions is crucial to achieving and seamless blend. This is why it is so important that you understand how to use hair extensions for short hair.

If you just place the long clip-ins into your short hair, you will see a clear line of demarcation.

If you aren't comfortable with cutting, I suggest seeing a hairstylist. You don't want to ruin your expensive hair extensions because once you cut it, they will now grow back.

Simply grab a pair of hair cutting shears and open them wide. Take one piece of your clip-ins and place it in between the scissors.

Lightly tighten and loosen the shears in your hand and slowly drop the shears in a downward motion. This will create light layers.

Do not completely close the shears, as this will cut a huge chunk of hair out. Repeat this for your entire set of clip-ins.

Be sure to layer each side of your clip-ins so it will be even. Make sure to follow these tips and the next when dealing with hair extensions for short hair.

Applying Your Clip-Ins

To apply clip-in extensions, section out the nape of your hair. Take the shortest piece of hair and clip it into the section.

Clip as close to your roots as possible. If you have silky straight hair, use a teasing brush to tease the root and add texture.

Teasing the root will help the clips to stay secured. Repeat these steps all the way to behind your crown, use the shortest to longest clips of hair.

Once you get to the top, you will then add the last two clips to the side of your head. These clips go on your temples, leaving enough hair at the crown to cover the clips.

Before and After

Styling Your Clip-Ins

To finish the look, you will need to style your hair extensions with your natural hair.

You may choose to flat iron or curl your hair to achieve your desired look. Flat iron or curl your natural hair with the extensions to blend them.

If you have naturally curly hair and you have kinky curly extensions, combine your curls with the hair extensions by lightly twisting your natural hair with the extensions.

Continue to play with them until you get the perfect look.

How to Clip In


If you have thick and textured hair, a sew-in method is great to transform your short hair. You may think your hair is too short for a sew-in, but don't be so sure.

Go and have a consultation with a stylist that specializes in sew-ins to see what type of magic she/he can do.

A sew-in is a great option because it is a protective style. If you get a full sew-in with lace closure extensions or lace frontal extensions with no leave out, you can protect all your precious strands for up to 3 months at a time.

If you aren't familiar with a sew-in, don't worry I've got you covered.

A sew-in is a hair extension technique in which a stylist braids down the client's hair into a flat and consistent pattern. This creates the foundation for the sew-in.

Following the braids, the stylist begins to sew hair into the braid pattern.

The stylist sews the wefted hair around the hair until she reaches the crown; this is where the stylist will either create leave-out or sew on closure or frontal.

Clip Ins


Glueless Wigs are my favorite option because they are versatile and you can apply them at home. They also aren't as time-consuming as a sew-in is.

Once you invest in a great quality wig, you will not regret it.

Glueless Wigs in 2024 is very natural looking and come in a variety of textures, lengths, and densities.

How to Apply A Wig

Applying a wig is fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

To prep, your natural hair, simply cornrow it down flat. If your braids are too big, they will be clunky and creates bumps in your wig.

Be sure to do small and flat braids. Once your hair is braided down, apply a wig cap that is closest to your skin tone.

Now you are ready to apply your wig! Apply the wig the same way you would apply a hat, just be sure that the lace is at the front of your head.

To lay your lace, use one of our lace glue products and/or Spray and spray a generous amount to your hairline. Once the gel and spray become tacky, lay the lace on top.

Wig Stand

Removing A Wig

Once you are ready to remove your wig, simply wet the lace with water to loosen the lace glue. Once all the spray is loose, gently remove the wig.

There you have it! These are the best extensions for short hair or any hair length! Follow these tips for the most natural-looking extensions in town.


Curly Short Hair

Now you may be thinking all this information is great but what about curly short hair?

Curly short hair can be the most difficult to apply extensions into especially if you want a realistic look.

The combination of the texture and length of curly short hair can make it hard to come by extensions that fit curly short hair.

When looking for hair extensions for short hair you can always create your own. I highly recommend that you purchase curly hair extensions or clips ins.

Get a texture of short hair extensions that matches your curl pattern and, cut it and blend it with your curly short hair.

How To Pick The Right Color Of Hair Extensions

As you know already, your hair extensions need to match your natural hair if your natural hair is going to be out.

If you are growing your colored hair out, you will need to get an ombre set. Don't want an ombre set? Then you will need to color your natural hair to one solid color.

If your natural hair is colored and you would like your extensions to match your color, you may need a stylist to color your extensions for you for the perfect match.

If you have virgin hair, there is a good chance the natural colors clip-in extensions come in will match your color.

Loose Wave Bundle

Maintain Your Extra Length

Now that you added extensions to your look need maintain that. they're an easy manage when become accustomed short hair. Styling short hair, and styling much longer hair is completely different.

The process requires that you add a little extra into your day. For example, when I started wearing extensions, I would forget to wear a silk bonnet that covers all of my hair and just what my regular scarf.

Due to this, I would wake up with ridiculous bedhead.

My extensions looked ridiculous in the morning! I had to make adjustments to my nighttime routine, and my daytime routine.

Due to the hair being longer, I had to wake up a little earlier to get my style looking right. At first, I just used clip-ins but that required me to use too much heat on my hair.

So, then I decided to get a weave with leave out, however, that also required a lot of heat styling.

Most short hairstyles require heat styling, but I wanted to maintain my healthy curls since the big chop.

After feeling frustrated for a while, I asked my stylist and they said to use a heat protectant or get a closure and wig. Eventually, I decided to get a wig that covered my hair.

The great thing about it was that my hair was completely protected and I didn’t need to worry about it anymore. No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you’re maintaining your new length!

Living with short hair is a blessing in disguise when you know how to style it right. Before cutting your hair, or deciding to add extensions, think about the kind of styles you want.

How do you want to look? What kind of style do you want to achieve? These are all important questions to ask yourself before choosing to add extensions to your everyday short look!

Do you have short hair? What are some ways you like to style your hair? How you do perfect the blend?

Comment below and let us know your best tips on blending extensions with your natural hair! We want everyone to know how to rock hair extensions for short hair!

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Great tips on using hair extensions for short hair! How do you determine the right length and texture of extensions to match your natural hair seamlessly?


Great tips for using hair extensions with short hair! Very helpful guide.


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