bold and bright accessories for spring with hairstyle inspirations

Bold and Bright Accessories for Spring with Hairstyle Inspirations!

Get Bolder and Brighter

Spring is finally here after weeks of delay from the nor’easter winds. However, with spring comes some fun and bold looks that you might want to try. Do you love bright colors or are you more of a pastel type of person? What about your hair, straight or curly? Sew-ins or braids? There are so many options for spring hair trends that you may find yourself switching up your style more than you probably should. This season is an even better time to try out new accessories that are guaranteed to dress up your look and take it to the next level. Don’t know where or how to start? We have you covered! From Instagram inspiration to some of the media’s hottest trends, there is something for you. A huge factor in these bold and bright accessories is that they are so inexpensive, and most will be with items that you have around your house, are in pieces of old jewelry or can be easily found at a craft store. Talk about convenient and straightforward inspo!

Glitter Hair Parts

What girl doesn’t love glitter, shining hair pieces and honestly, anything that makes her glisten? I am guessing that percentage is small, but for those who are on the glitter train, this look is just for you! Have you tried glitter in your hair? I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but there is always a method to the madness. Glitter is, of course, a fun craft object but maybe you should give it a go in your curls. I promise, it is not completely scary as it sounds, but it is a process to craft and curate for your hair. Even if you are a curly girl, you can successfully get this look without feeling like a walking disco ball. There are so many ways to achieve this look, but I will start with giving you the steps on how to make the mixture.

Step #1

Grab your favorite water-based gel, Eco Styler is always a great option, but each hair type is different so get what works for your hair type.

Step #2

Head to your local craft store and purchase the craft glitter that is big enough to be seen. You want to avoid super fine glitter because it is harder to remove during the wash process and honestly can be a pain as it will reappear for weeks.

Step #3

Next, you want to mix a few tablespoons of gel and equal parts glitter until you get a consistency that you like. Because there is no wrong way to do this, remember to have fun!

Step #4

After you have made your mixture, part your hair as desired and use a comb or hair dyeing brush to apply to your roots. If you are feeling bolder, spread a light amount on a sleek style and brush into your hair.

Step #5

Try doing a high puff, a sleek low bun, space buns or anything that makes you feel as magical as you look. This style is perfect for spring because spring is also festival season across the country. Not only is it bright and bold, but it is the perfect accessory for when you want to stand out a little more.

Intertwined Yarn in Your Tresses

This style requires you to make another trip to the craft store, but for a good reason. So many of us are dying to try bold and bright colors in our hair, but don’t have the guts to reach for the bleach and developer. If you want to try something different with color in your hair, the yarn is your best bet. It is a good thing that yarn comes in an array of colors because it offers you the variety and style without the uncertain commitment of permanent or semi-permanent color. Now I know you are wondering, how do I get this stuff in my head? Easy, you can braid, twist or crochet it in. The use of yarn is one of my favorite things to see when people look to remix their braid and twist styles; it offers that bold pop of color that is easily interchangeable if you grow tired of the color choice. When looking for yarn, the thinner wefts are best because thicker ones are sometimes harder to braid or weave in for blending. Will you be giving this a try?

Puffs for Your Puff

Once again, we are back at the craft store but this time for puffs. You know the ones, they come in a bag of 50 or more in an array of colors, sizes, and textures. We may have even seen them last summer sported on sandals, earrings and the hem of dresses as added decoration. Out of all of the bold and bright accessories mentioned for spring, this is the easiest and requires a few materials discussed below:
  • The bag of colorful puffs
  • Bobby pins
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • Your creativity!
To make your hair accessories, you will take one of your bobby pins, put a dab of hot glue on the closed end and place a craft puff on top of it. In seconds, you have a new accessory that you can wear and create over and over again. If you are a natural girl, you can add in these puffs when you wear your double puffs for that extra flair, or you can wear your fro and pin it to the side in a creative pattern with alternating colors. There are so many options that the selection is endless. Give it a try! We promise its super easy!

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are indeed a springtime favorite, and it includes flowers, a vast selection of colors and the ability to walk around like you are a queen for as long as you want to. They are every girl's dream, young and old. What is better than an accessory where you get to be a queen for a day? We cannot find a better one either, so I think we are all thankful that the flower crown exists. Depending on the style that you are looking for, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the many options. You have full crowns, crowns with flowers on the sides, crowns with flowers on the back and then those that lie in between complete queendom and your princess in training. No matter what style you choose, flower crowns are the perfect bold, and bright accessory for wavy locks, tight coils, cornrows, bone straight hair, up do’s and what you feel suits your crown the best that day. There is no wrong way to wear your crown, expect if your head is down ladies. Hold your head and your crown high!

Spring is Finally in Full Bloom with The Hair to Match

I hope that you are feeling inspired to figure out what bold and bright accessory is the best for your spring wardrobe this season. These trends rotate in and out each year but always seem to make its way back around. You can take your everyday hair and transform it into something special for that day with the girls, that concert that you have been waiting for and even just because you can. There is no wrong way to do bold and bright accessories for your hairstyles, and it is entirely up to you to determine how far you will go to make your hairstyle statement. These hair accessories are versatile for natural hair, straight hair, braided hair and everything that you think you cannot do because of your hair type. The most important tool to remember when trying out these styles is to have confidence. The hair accessory does not make you girl; you make it!
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