Enrich Your Tresses With the Caramel Moisture Treatment

Your kinks and curls are in for a sweet surprise with this softening treatment.

"Caramel or Carmel?"

Do you say "caramel" or "carmel"? I say caramel since I just pronounce it exactly how we spell it.

To say it the other way may depend on where you’re from. I also want to say that you will not actually be saturating your hair with this delicious treat! The name for this treatment comes from the color formed when you make the product.

The Caramel Moisture Treatment is a natural, homemade remedy that can work as a deep conditioning treatment. It is made up of five essential ingredients (more or less for other recipes) that help boost your hair’s moisture retention and manageability.


What’s Inside?

Scratch off the milk, sugar, and butter. Everything involved in making this treatment is healthy and helpful to your natural hair.

It doesn’t take long to create your product, and you can store leftovers for a few weeks. With naturally softer hair, you can make it easier to alter your hair texture without too much heat or chemicals. You can also have it more elastic for easier manipulations for natural hairstyles.

Regardless, all I want you to know is that you can benefit from this process.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is among the must-have natural hair products.

Its ability to penetrate through strands with a lightweight feel gives hair the perfect nourishment and shine. Extra virgin olive oil processes differently than regular olive oil, but basically holds the same properties.

You can find it at your local grocery or food shops, or online from trusted carriers. The anti-inflammatory properties promote healthy scalps by keeping them moisturized and dandruff-free.

Olive oil is full of nutrients, including vitamin E, and is delicate enough to be used by those with sensitive skin and hair. If you’re looking to lengthen and strengthen your strands, this oil should be found in your bathroom as well as your kitchen. It naturally softens the hair on contact, so it works as a natural conditioner and detangler.

This oil also contains a light scent, so it is ideal for use when mixing with other products or by itself.


Raw Honey

Honey, if you haven’t added honey to your hair regimen, what are you waiting for? There are several benefits of using raw honey in your hair masks:

Honey contains properties that capture and seal moisture. It is adhesive to water, meaning your hair will stay hydrated throughout the day.

A natural conditioner, honey softens and smoothes curls so that they become more accessible to manage and shinier. The most basic homemade deep conditioning recipe consists of equal part olive oil and honey. Sometimes less is more for some people, and it works wonders!

Honey creates an environment for optimal hair health. The anti-microbial abilities rid of buildup and clogged pores. It helps to treat dry, flaky scalp and skin irritations. The cleaner your scalp is, the better off your hair becomes.

When in contact with water, honey can lead to lighter hair color due to hydrogen peroxide formation. It is entirely natural but can be avoided if you prefer your hair to stay darker. If you want to eliminate the lightening properties, be sure to warm the honey before use and try to minimize sun exposure following any treatment (best at night!).

However, if you don’t mind a natural highlight, then proceed with caution as usual when dealing with natural hair.



For those who are unaware, molasses is all the healthy stuff leftover when sugar is extracted from the sugarcane.

During the refining process, what remains is a dark, thick liquid containing vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium.

Regular molasses and Blackstrap molasses differ, where Blackstrap is boiled more for higher iron levels. Because of its high nutritional value, it is labeled as a “superfood” and can help those suffering from hair loss or even anemia. The contents within Blackstrap molasses helps to improve hair health.

Whether you consume it or use it directly on your scalp, you will begin to notice thicker, stronger hair that is less likely to become unruly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an all-around treatment. There is nothing but benefits from usage anywhere on your body.

For hair, ACV has many advantages that can lead towards a healthier hair lifestyle. From all the products and treatments you use, even if they are natural, sometimes the natural pH of your hair begins to change.

ACV restores your hair’s levels back to normal, and its acidic nature helps to do so. Since it has such a low pH level (2.9), it can kill the bacteria that causes an itchy and flaky scalp. It relieves the scalp from buildup and closes cuticles to protect the hair shaft to minimize breakage.

Everything you need to obtain shiny and smooth hair can come from using ACV regularly.



We all know if we need some potassium, to snack on a banana.

As yummy as they are, bananas can be beneficial in non-edible ways. Bananas help to soften and smoothen hair, as they create more manageable curls. They can help to reduce shrinkage, and strengthens strands.

If you are transitioning from damaged hair to fully healthy tresses, using bananas on your hair helps to restore any heat or chemical issues remaining.


Creating Your Treatment

As the colder, drier months come upon us, we have to find better ways to revive the moisture lost throughout the day.

To make it easier for yourself, you have to begin your days with moisturized and sealed strands to guarantee lasting hydration and ease. With this caramel moisture treatment, you’ll be able to do just that.

To begin, you have to gather all the ingredients to transfer into a pot. Mix ½ cup of olive oil, ½ cup raw honey, ¼ cup molasses, 1 tbsp ACV, and a banana (or puree). When you mix all the ingredients, add low heat on the stove and continue to mix until it becomes one color and texture.

Since this process is similar to most deep conditioning treatments, be sure to start on damp, clean hair. In sections, you can take your time to saturate the strands with the product, making sure to reach from root to tip. After applying it all over your hair, you can cover it and wait from half an hour to overnight. When you’re ready for a rinse, do so using your favorite conditioner.

This remedy may work as a deep conditioner but does not take the place of the actual conditioning.


What to Expect Afterwards

Every ingredient mentioned above affects natural hair. You don’t always have to put products directly on your hair.

By consuming foods and drinks with nutritional value, you can still ensure a healthy body, mind, and crown. However, using these products directly on your scalp has much more promising results.

There are many variations to the caramel moisture treatment, and all you have to do is keep trying until you create the regimen that is unique to you. I’ve heard of women who’ve swapped out bananas for avocados or using a higher amount of a particular ingredient. Whatever the reason, it’s simply because no two scalps behave the same and we have to notice our hair’s behavior and reaction to each component.

Some people even use this treatment as often as each week whereas others do so every few months. Again, it depends solely on your hair’s actions. Less is more, so you always want to ensure never to overdo it and to use treatments in moderation.

Nonetheless, after each time your hair will feel as good as ever!


Be Sweet to Your Hair

After using the caramel moisture treatment, you will notice the difference in your hair’s texture and feel.

No need to worry about strands losing their natural curl pattern since every change is natural and reverses with time. Many people write reviews online about how they do this treatment before they straighten their hair.

Even for the tightest, kinkiest coils, the caramel moisture treatment allows their hair to transform without chemicals or added heat efficiently. The reason many black women use perms is to be able to press their hair straight. If your hair will give the same result without chemicals, why use it? This is one of the reasons I’m even more excited to try this treatment because of its wholesomeness.

Whether you choose to add heat on your hair or not, you always want to be mindful of your hair’s exposure to your environment. Heat is unavoidable since the sun’s rays alone is powerful enough to damage hair.

Using electric heat for hair is not always bad, primarily when used in moderation and with protectants. For natural hairstyles, having soft and smoother hair helps to manipulate your hair for various looks.

The beauty of natural hair remains in your care. No matter how long or cool it looks, nothing beats a scalp full of healthy hair in top condition.

Try the caramel moisture treatment soon and let us know the distinction of your hair before and after, and how you benefit from it.

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