different services a hairstylist can provide for any client type

Different Services A Hair Stylist Can Provide for Any Client Type

Diversity Is Key

Once you decide to step into the world of cosmetology, you are sure to meet diverse clients throughout your career.

As a hairstylist, you should provide a full range of services that you can provide for any client type. Having the ability to do such will not only broaden your clientele, but it will also add value to your services and expertise as a hairstylist.

You must first understand the type of clients and personalities you will face, prepare yourself, and offer services to cater to each client individually. Don't know where to start?

No worries, keep reading here, to understand the different services a hairstylist can provide for any client type.


Understanding Each Client Type

Necessary groomer

This client views hair appointments like a trip to the dentist, it has to be done, but it's not enjoyable. This client type usually opts for a basic option and won’t come in until their hair is in bad enough shape. It is hard to persuade them to explore other avenues.

The Prioritizer Client Type

While they do value their appearance, creating a “new look” is low on their list of priorities.

This group usually are parents of younger kids and having a busy home or work life. Salon visits are likely rare for them. Try to suggest quick techniques to maintain their hairstyle and home and products. Allow special hours to accommodate their time and create a relaxing atmosphere.


The Young and Free Client Type

This client type generally ranges from ages 18-24.

They usually is easily influenced by a knowledgeable stylist and the hottest trends. This client type is open to suggestions and new products and styling methods; however, if they don't agree or don't like it, they are very vocal.

Making this client type feel at ease and ensuring they have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to achieve their new style at home is a bonus. Be sure to discuss all options.

The Career-driven Client Type

The career-driven client type has clear and concise ideas about the styling of their hair; which is to fit in with corporate America or a projected image their company implements.

They are frequent and consistent visitors and are familiar with the atmosphere of the hair salon. The career-driven client expects a well groomed and polished look as the result of their hair salon visit.

The career-driven client type may be less inclined to try different hairstyles but are open to time-saving techniques and styling products. Hairstyle decisions are clear, factual, functional, and promotions do not influence them.


Sporty Client Type

The sporty client type tends to choose uncomplexed short hairstyles or longer hairstyles that are easily styled and are ideal for a ponytail. Their taste veer towards comfortable and casual sportswear. Try showing them products for low maintenance upkeep.

Elegant Client Type

Elegant client types hairstyles range from short choppy cuts to longer hair that allows movement. The elegant client prefers timeless classic styles. Pay attention to their face shape, ensuring the hairstyle cut, shape, and color highlights their best features.

Trendy Client Type

The trend inspired clients change their hairstyles on a regular basis to match the seasons new look. Ensure that you understand their expectations of you. During the consultation ask for inspirational photos to ensure you are both in agreement of the styling direction.

Introverted Client Type

Introverted client types are reserved and inward-looking, thoughtful and contemplative.

The introverted client type may veer towards the safe choice. Their hairstyle often are functional styles opposed to a specific look to make a bold statement. Do not pressure the introverted client into a style that is uncomfortable for them.


Different Services A Hairstylist Can Provide For Any Client Type

Shampooing and Conditioning

Shampooing is the solid foundation that prepares your clients hair for the service you are about to provide.

If you client enjoys the shampoo, they are likely to have more confidence in your hairstyling ability. After shampooing, it is essential to follow up with a conditioner to help replace the moisture the shampoo stripped away.

Conditioning Treatments

Hot styling tools, hair products, and the elements cause dry, brittle hair which leads to breakage, frizz, and split ends. Conditioning treatments are ideal for any client type because let's be honest we all do the things listed above.



Haircutting is an excellent service a hair stylist can provide for any client type.

Certain hairstyles and shapes are easier to maintain than others. Providing haircuts for high maintenance hairstyles like bangs or short bobs, allows you to cater to your frequented clients.

Also, while providing cuts for low maintenance clients and kids will enable you to cater to a diverse market.

Haircuts you can provide are:

  • Adult cuts
  • Wet cuts
  • Cut and shampoo
  • Cut, shampoo, and styling
  • Kids Cuts
  • Bang or beard trimming

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is also an excellent service a hairstylist can provide for any client type. From providing hair color to clients wanting to cover greys to clients who wish to look younger, there's a large clientele for this service type. You can offer:

Permanent coloring

allows grey coverage or going lighter or darker.

Semi-Permanent coloring

Color is removed after so many washes.

Specialty coloring

Dimensional coloring, ombre/sombre, balayage, block coloring, color melting, etc.

Grey Blending

Maintaining a more natural grey.


Mini (1-5 foils), partial (6-15 foils), full (16+ foils), cap.



Hairstyling is the most versatile service you can provide as a hairstylist. These styles range from blowouts to intricate updos; and are based on your clients' preferences and inspirations, what can be more versatile than that?

You can offer:

  • Formal styling/special occasion hair
  • Blowouts
  • Flatirons
  • Curling


Providing extension services as a hairstylist is another service to add to your service menu.

With the ever-growing market for hair extension usage its a no-brainer. Clip in, tape ins, sew-ins, and wigs are enormous in the extension industry and allow a lot of versatility which clients tend to love.


What Services Are you Offering?

Knowing what specific service to provide for each client type is hard to manage and does not happen overnight.

It takes time and energy to understand different personality types. Starting with the basic services you can provide for each client type is the best way to ensure each client is satisfied.

It is a learning process, take it one step at a time, makes notes, and ask for your client's feedback. Are you familiar with working with different client types as a hairstylist? How do you manage it? If you’ve implemented any of these suggestions and they are working out for you, please let us know below in the comment section.

May your best hair days be ahead of you!

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