best hair extensions for mardi gras

Best Hair Extensions to Wear For Mardi Gras

Stylish Hair for Mardi Gras

Well, if you missed out on this years Mardi Gras, don’t worry, you always have next year to attend! It’s an event you don’t want to be caught missing. With the spectacular fashion, a pumped up crowd and of course out of this world hairstyles, no other event could compare! And nothing can ever compare to the hairstyles that the dancers and people in the crowds wear! Folks try to go above and beyond with their styles to make sure they are representing the culture! Have you ever wanted to achieve certain styles for Mardi Gras but didn’t want your real hair styled? Or just don’t know which extensions are the best option? Below, I’ll go through the best hair extensions you need to have for Mardi Gras!


Who wants to spend all day getting their hair done? Not a lot of people. When it comes to Mardi Gras, there is much to plan for, and if you’re looking for a quick style, clip-ins are it! With clip-ins, all you have to do is clip them in the places you want them at throughout your hair. Are you looking for a funky look? Go with human hair clip-ins and have them dyed to your favorite colors! Clip them in and go! You’re able to remove them at night and continue the installation process for however many days you need too. They are super fun and will also save you time while getting ready!

Ombre Extensions

Ombre extensions are dyed dark at the roots and fade towards the ends of the tips. There're fun since they come in many different colors. Did you know the Mardi Gras colors are green, blue and yellow? Well, they are, and you could have someone color your extensions that color before you get them installed. Why not have fun with colors in your hair when Mardi Gras is all about loud and bold colors? Have fun with these extensions while playing with hair colors and looks.

Fiber Optic Hair Extensions

Fiber optic extensions are the next best hit for Mardi Gras! These LED lights will be flowing through your hair causing many to turn heads. If you’re looking to stand out, these extensions are the way to do it. They are easy to apply, and you can style them a thousand ways. You could have them spread out throughout your hair or even stick them in a messy and give it some character. The fiber extensions are not only safe but also glow in the dark. So while you’re walking the streets in New Orleans, you will surely be in the spotlight!

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Have you ever thought about attending the Brazil version of Mardi Gras? It’s called Carnival. Every year Brazil has an event that is very similar to Mardi Gras and represents the same thing. If you were ever planning on going, why not wear some Brazilian hair extensions? It’s a great way to show support to the country and event. Or even if you attend Mardi Gras, it’s a good extension to wear as well. Most Brazilian extensions come in virgin hair so you will be able to style it as you please as if it were your own. If you wanted to curl it or straighten it, you would have that option as well. Most people who attend the yearly Mardi Gras event are from out of town. So if they wanted to use their time wisely and not worry about their hair, this would be a great option for them. They can enjoy the event while having low maintenance with their hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Now, we all know that synthetic hair is not the greatest. It doesn’t look real nor can heat be applied to it. It’s also known for being very stiff looking. But if you’re attending Mardi Gras, and want to do some tall, wild hairstyles, this hair would be great for you. With stiff hair, you will be able to achieve more dramatic styles that will stay in place for long hours. Also, synthetic hair extensions are very cheap so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on hair that will only be for one occasion. Although synthetic hair can’t be colored, if you needed it, you could just purchase spray cans of hair color. It’s fun and cheap too! They come in a variety of colors as well. Once you have your desired style in place, just spray the color throughout the desired areas. Now, it may fade after a day, and that’s okay, just spray as needed.

Full Lace Wig

Because who has time to do any styling at all? No one. Rocking a full lace wig is a great option if you’re looking for something super cute but very quick for your Mardi Gras event. It doesn’t take long to install, and it also has a natural look to it. You will also be able to part the wig on either side if need be. Full lace wigs also come in many different colors and styles. If you wanted a loud funky color for the Mardi Gras event, you have that option as well. Depending on how the wig comes, you could have it fit your head, so it stays in place. Mardi Gras sometimes brings out the wild side in people so you could rest assured your wig won’t be falling off!

Options Options!

So if you’re looking for best hair extensions for the next Mardi Gras, you should now be covered! Sometimes we don’t realize that most hair extensions have a purpose. You’re able to find a specific type of hair if you need too. Dressing for Mardi Gras is a big deal, and you should want to be able to fit in with the culture as much as possible. The selection of hair extensions that were listed above would be the best bet. Depending on the look you’re going for, you will be able to stand out from the crowd while enjoying yourself at Mardi Gras! Have fun! Have you attended a Mardi Gras before? If so, comment below and discuss the type of hairstyles or extensions you wore!
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