get big volume hair and perfect texture using hair powders

Get Big Volume Hair and Perfect Texture Using Hair Powders

Go Big or Go Home with Hair Powder

Everyone wants hair with a little body in it. The thickness, the pizzazz, the wow factor. There are many reasons why your hair lacks the magical fluff. It could be grease--too much dirt, humidity, and natural oils that flatten hair. Another reason could be that you have thin hair. Don't worry because whatever the reason, you can save your hair from being dull and flat. Adding volume to hair is achievable with hair powder, and this stuff has been here forever. It practically brings your hair to life.

What is hair powder?

Hair powder is a product placed in your hair to help shape it into the desired style. It is a sticky substance that allows strands of hair to hold on to each other to create a full and texturizing look. Any successful hair powder should achieve texture, volume, and it is lightweight when applied. Hair powder usually comes in a small shaker bottle, sort of like baby powder. The product is a white powder that is silica silylate which is for cosmetic uses such as a skin conditioning agent and an anti-foaming agent. The silica helps with the textured look and is responsible for the volumizing effect of the hair.

Is Hair Powder for You?

If you struggle with volume or have thin hair that is hard to style because it’s somewhat limpy, hair powder is for you. Maybe you like lifted hairstyles such as updos, then hair powder is for you. If you find yourself using hair accessories such as bobby pins, hair clips, etc. to prevent your hair from appearing flat, hair powder is for you.

What does hair powder do?

When the product is on your hair, the powder disappears as it absorbs the oil from your hair. There is a powder to a liquid reaction. When the powder starts to dissolve, texture starts to show on your hair. All hair powders are mostly the same, but some brands may focus on specific styling options such as volumizing hair powders, or texturizing hair powders, or even both. Some play on “mattifying” powder which provided texture while maintaining a natural movement of the hair. You may be wondering, how can hair powder create texture? Well, the hair powder helps the hair strands to create shapes and dimensions that enhance the appearance of the hair. As earlier stated, hair powders are mostly the same, but many brands love to capitalize on unique things that their hair powder can also do other than just volume and texture.


The powder essentially gives an incredible root lift and excellent hold to provide a bounce and volumizing look.


The hair powder allows the strands of hair to form a structure that enhances the hair.

Matte style

Hair powder can provide a matte finish look that will bulk up hair by increasing friction between hair fibers.

Benefits of hair powder

The benefits of hair powder are that it’s colorless, odorless, and it doesn’t create a mess. Although hair powder can dry your hair out, always leave room to moisturize your hair before adding the hair powder.

How Do I Use Hair Powder?

  • Using the tiniest amount, apply the hair powder by sprinkling it particularly at the roots or all over your head.
  • Rub in the hair powder, kind of like, massaging your scalp. Spread it around with fingertips to ensure there is not a high concentration of it within one location and to ensure even coverage you don't want clumps due to too much powder in one place.
  • Make sure sections of hair that you want volume has a decent amount of powder.
It's that easy. There are also spray hair powders that achieve the same goal. Spray the powder in the direction of your scalp and roots. Then, use your fingers to rub in the product and style your hair as desired.

Hair Powder Products

Here are a few starter products that can do the trick to revive your hair.

Got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Powder

This product helps you get volume in an instant. The powder disappears immediately, and it takes 10 seconds for volumizing results to show.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder

This is a spray powder texturizer, but the brand also offers the regular powder product you can sprinkle in your hair. It is an affordable product and can be a great start if you are buying your first hair powder.

Kristin Ess Working Texture Loose Styling Powder

This powder has an invisible finish. It’s an excellent start for those that want to try out hair powder. The product specializes in creating a specific texture for hair braids. Afraid your braid will unravel? Try this hair powder.

Volumizing Hairstyles

Some hairstyles have volumizing effects such as bob haircuts, feathered hairstyles, lob hairstyles, pixie cuts, and hairstyles with large loose curls. These hairstyles look great with a little magical fluff. At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, British Artist, Rita Ora rocked a platinum blonde volumizing side hairstyle with large loose curls. Miley Cyrus--in honey golden volumizing curls at the 2012 Oscars. Amazingly stunning bob hairstyle with a twist.

Housekeeping Information

Hair powder can wash off using regular shampoo. The powder doesn’t damage your hair. If there is still hair powder left in the hair for an extended period, build up creates, and there is eventually going to be itching and flaking. Try to wash your hair at most three days after you use hair powder. Some people use baby powder as an alternative to hair powder, but be careful because some baby powder is dangerous if inhaled. 100% cornstarch baby powder is a better and safer product if you use baby powder.

There you have it

Hair powder is an easy way to achieve volume, texture, and a matte hairstyle for any occasion. The ease of using the product plus the immediate results makes this hair product the best. Turn drab into fab in seconds. Start shaking on the hair powder!
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