Man Weave Trend: Why Men Are Wearing Weaves (And How It Works)


Hair Loss with Men

No matter how you see it, extra hair will always boost someone’s confidence. Whether it’s longer, curlier, more volume, or perhaps-- magically getting it back.

A lot of men know they are going to be bald one day. The older they get, the more they anticipate the day they will have to say goodbye to their defined hairline and witness their hair thinning every day. Men accept it because just like anything in life, there’s an end.

“Hair loss is genetic,” said Dr. Alan Bauman of the Bauman Medical Group in Florida. Hair loss can trigger by everyday habits such as smoking, or taking certain types of medications.


Because we are used to men balding, it is hard for us to adapt to the idea of men getting their hair back, especially in a quick turnaround. And if it did, it would shock us.

What if I told you that men could get a full head of hair back? Well, it’s happening. Now, more than ever, the number of men is considering getting a “man weave.” Yes, a “Man Weave.” Some call it a “Man Unit.” Men are wearing hair units--units that are almost like wigs.

Just recently, the popularity of men installing these hair units has risen substantially. Many started a couple of years ago with this fresh new idea.

man weave hair piece

Why Man Weaves?

The sought-for confidence and feeling young again is the reason why men want to get their hair back. It’s like women getting that exciting feeling about receiving new hair bundles in the mail: trying a different look, looking fresher, and beautiful after the install--men want that same feeling.

Is this idea controversial? Men in the past have been known to think negatively about women wearing weaves and hair extensions. Now that men are starting to wear hair unit weaves are men more appreciative of the hair industry? Do they see what hair can do to a person’s confidence and lifestyle?

Personally, I think culturally growing up; we have been used to the idea that men do not necessarily need hair to enjoy life. Men are culturally and socially don’t have to have hair to be attractive.

“Image is a very important thing to both men and women, and the fact that fashion trends are becoming more unisex and less gender-specific shows just how much the image industry is a huge game-changer,” states Susan Mukami of

Hair Weaves for Men

Hair bundles, weaves, wigs, and hair products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and man weaves add to that industry.

As hair weaves appear more and more real and natural, especially for men and women of color, the dollars of this multi-billion industry continue to reach new heights and available for any and everyone interested. Today, what you can do with hair is limitless. African American/Blacks have spent over 2.5 billion dollars in the black hair industry.

This number shows the high importance of hair in the Black community. Not only have African Americans/Black men have bought into the idea, but man weaves come in different types of textures: Caucasians, Latinos, Asians, etc. There is so much versatility when it comes to man weaves.

The versatility includes lengths and styles such as braids, cornrows, and realistic dreadlocks, and different textures within a type of hair, such as curly, kinky curly, afro kinky, etc.

men's hair piece

What Is A Man Weave?

“Man weaves are cranial prosthesis hair replacement units that are non-surgical.” Installing these hair units are giving men who have lost their hair regain it back. Many patients who go through balding, thinning, or cancer treatments are usually are tempted to get these cranial prosthesis hair replacement units.

The Man Behind the Male Weave

Wade the Barber, a barber from Baltimore, Maryland, made the “man weave” very popular. He is a master barber, business owner, and entrepreneur.

Wade, is a certified Hair Loss Specialist and he was one of the first barbers to offer and install custom hair units for men. His service allows men who are thinning or balding to regain their confidence by having hair. The male weave helps with overall confidence.

man weave male hair piece

General Installation Process: How Do You Install A “Man Weave”?

I know what you’re thinking. “Okay, I get the whole man weave thing,” but how do you install it? How does it look so real? Could I notice if a guy has on a man weave?” We need answers! We need receipts!

First, the installation process for a man weave is simple-- yet tedious. Someone with a great eye for styling would be the best behind a barber's chair. It’s craftsmanship. "Man weaves" are installed by hair bands and glue. It is part of a process that gives the most natural results. The hair glue and bond chemicals do not damage the hair.

This video shows a very quick walkthrough of a man weave installation at a barbershop.

The stylist first defines a client’s hairline before starting the hair process. A marker is used to draw a line in the front of the hair.

The stylist then combs and cuts/shaves down excess hair that they'd have to remove before installing the hair unit.

After, the stylist styles the actual hair unit, cutting it into shape and preparing it for installation on the head.

Next, they'll place a hair glue bond on the actual bald areas of the client’s head, the scalp. The stylist uses a brush to glaze the glue bond all over the scalp.

The stylist then uses a hairdryer to dry the glue bond to make sure the glue and the hair quickly bond together.

Next, they carefully place the hair unit on the head according to the defined hairline.

After continued styling and cutting, it's completed. And there you have it, the “man weave” is installed. Male hair extensions don't require a complex installation but it should always be done by a professional.

Men feel confident once they leave the hair salon or barbershop. The results are transforming. In addition to their self-confidence back, some men look younger with a head full of hair. They feel young again.

People’s Thoughts on the Man Weave

Stylist Q. Shamone of Atlanta stated “Once you cross over, there ain't no coming back. This is a lifestyle.”

"The results were amazing," Robert Jenkins, getting a man to weave for the first time states, "I think I was shocked because I hadn't seen myself with so much hair for so long. I really didn't know how to take it."

Hairstylist and Barber, Wade the Barber stated: “...some of these brothers come in here nervous and then walk out with a smile and happy about life...”

Male Hair Piece

The Method of the Man Weave

So we get the general idea of how to install the man weave, but each man weave is styled exclusively for each client--meaning, no man weave is the same.

When installed, the stylist has to take into account the head shape of the client, the hairline, the hair texture, and color. It is a simple--yet tedious process. The stylist or barber then has to cut, trim, and shape the client's own hair and the hair unit to blend both hairs to give it a more natural look.

The Cost and Process Time

The average cost for man weaves usually ranges from $200 to $800, and it takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to install.

Maintenance for the Man Weave

Those that have installed the hair units should be careful about too much water. Wearing a shower cap in the shower is a must.

Although, it is possible to wear a hair unit while swimming. The man weave could last from a month to a year depending on how an individual maintains it. But, it’s always okay to go back to your hairstylist or barber to help with the maintenance.

Also, clients should even wear a du-rag or head covering at night. Many types of hair coverings could help keep the texture and look of the hair to keep it long-lasting.

Black Male Model

Man Weave Trend

Normalizing men wearing a weave is going to take some time, but it is getting there. Hair weave for men should become a common thing. Men’s egos boost, and it feels great knowing that they have found something that makes them feel good about themselves. Hair is an essential factor in someone’s life whether you are a man or a woman. As the hair industry continues to grow, so will our sense of style and importance of our appearance.

I cannot see women policing men who wear man weaves but be shocked and surprised by it. I think the hair industry is transforming and will continue to change.

What do you think about men wearing hair units?


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