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Can I Really Get Straight Natural Hair Minus The Heat?

Is Straight Hair With No Heat Possible?

Natural hair gurus and enthusiasts across the globe want to know, is it possible to achieve a straight, sleek look without the heat?

The answer is yes… and no. As much as we all would love a straight answer, the science behind heat-free straight hair has many variables. Let’s debunk this mystery together!


Is Heat All That Bad?

The day you transitioned to natural hair you learned that heat is the enemy, almost as bad as the creamy crack!

The truth is, merely using heat tools does n’t automatically damage your hair. Your hair can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, and heat damage doesn’t usually occur until that temperature is surpassed and applied excessively.

Heat styling your natural hair is a great way to achieve new looks without chemical treatment. If used correctly, heat styling should not damage your hair. Proper heat styling should create a temporary change in the hair, and your curl pattern should completely revert with water.

Excessive reapplication of heat can cause your curl pattern to loosen over time.

Although a looser curl pattern is not heat-damaged, you may not want to sacrifice your precious curls for the sake of a short style.


How To Achieve Straight Natural Hair Without Heat

Not everyone can achieve sleek natural hair without the heat, only because everyone has a different hair type. To accomplish a straighter hair texture temporarily, you can use tools to stretch your curl pattern to mimic a heat style. Here are a few options:

1. Curlformers

If you haven’t mastered the art of flexi rods, twist out, or other hair curlers, you may enjoy CurlFormers.

CurlFormers are a revolutionary tool that hit the market a few years ago that allows women with natural hair to achieve stretched curls easily. This tool may seem a little tricky at first.

But I'm here to break it down to you so that you can obtain a straighter hairstyle with no heat.

Benefits of CurlFormers

  • Easy to install
  • Quick drying time
  • Easy to sleep with
  • Provides heatless style

What You Need To Get Started

Choose a size based on your hair length and the type of stretch you’d like. The bigger the curl, the more straight your hair will fall.

CurlFormers come in a variety of sizes. I recommend the long or extra long barrel curls for this technique.

Once you have picked out your CurlFormer set, it is super easy to achieve the style. Just wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Then separate your hair into sections, thoroughly detangle, and apply your favorite styling products.

Use a comb to separate a smaller section out of the more substantial part gently; this will be your first curl. Use the latch hook to grip the base of this subsection and pull through the CurlFormer. Repeat this across your entire head.

Check out this YouTube video for a more detailed explanation on how to quickly install your CurlFormers.

Allow your CurlFormer set to dry thoroughly overnight, or you may use a hood dried for faster drying time. Gently remove using a light oil on your fingertips to prevent excess frizz.

Viola! Now you have beautifully stretched barrel curls! As the days pass, your curls will fall into a loose wave.

2. Roller Set

This roller set (Check out this article: roller set natural hair) technique is excellent for those with a looser curl pattern.

What You Will Need To Get Started

  • Larger Magnetic Rollers
  • Foaming Mousse
  • Light Oil
  • Comb
  • Brush

You will need to freshly wash your hair with your favorite smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

After you wash your hair, separate your hair into large sections and wrap them into Bantu knots. These large Bantu knots will stretch your curl pattern into smooth waves. These Bantu knots are the start of the stretching process.

Allow your Bantu knots to dry about 80% before taking them down. Apply a small about of foaming mousse to each section and wrap around a sizeable magnetic roller. Repeat this neatly around your entire head. Allow your hair to dry completely throughout the day before removing the rollers.

For a faster dry time, use a hooded dryer. Coat your fingertips with a light hair oil before removing the rollers to prevent frizz.

Wrap your hair at nighttime to maintain this straight look and to increase smoothness.


3. African Banding

This method is excellent for kinkier hair types. Africans have been using this method for centuries to create a stretched hairstyle without the use of electric styling tools. The banding method is excellent to use to achieve a heatless blowout or to use as a base for other styles.

What You Will Need To Get Started

  • Roll of Thread
  • Scissors
  • Shea butter
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Clips

I recommend starting this style on freshly washed hair. Thoroughly detangle your hair before styling.

Gently separate your hair into sections using clips. Use a generous about of shea butter and apply to the first section. Use the thread to wrap around the base of the section multiple times.

Once the base is secured, wrap the thread down the remainder of the section. Repeat this on all sections of your hair. The larger the part, the straighter the stretch will be. Allow your hair to air dry overnight thoroughly.

Coat your fingertips with a light oil when removing the thread to avoid excess frizz.


Will Any Of These Methods Work For Me?

As stated earlier, everyone’s hair type will react differently to these methods.

You may need to switch things up to get the perfect result for your hair type. It is unlikely that you will achieve an ideal straight hairstyle without the use of any heat tools, but these methods are excellent ways to get closer and make a similar look. You can also choose to use a blow dryer or a flat iron to perfect the result.

Have you successfully straightened your hair without the use of heat tools? Let us know about your methods in the comments below!

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