find your trendy back to school hairstyle this year
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Find Your Trendy Back to School Hairstyle This Year

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Head in the Books and Hair on Trend

It’s that time of year again. Of course, it’s still hot outside, but the summer fun is coming to an end. It’s time for a back to school hairstyle.

In a few weeks, students around the country will be heading back to school. We’ve spent the summer trying out hair chalk, rocking lemonade braids, and wearing some much-needed protective styles.

We’ve traveled, caught up with friends, and enjoyed the freedom that the warmer months bring, but back to school doesn’t have to mean the end of all things fun. Trading your passport for a stack of books doesn’t mean you need to leave your best hairstyles behind.

Grab your planner and schedule out your hairstyles to stay above the curve.

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Monday Hairstyle – The Coil Out

Mondays. Sometimes Monday’s are dreadful and for some Monday’s are just the reset you need to have a better week than the last one.

Despite how you look on Monday, there’s one thing we all have in common: Everyone gets a case of the “Monday’s.” It’s not fun to drag yourself out of bed after a weekend of fun, but without a Monday there would be no Friday. Head into the week with a perfect style that will take your mind off your hair and free up space for you to start the week out strong.

A coil out is the perfect Monday hairstyle because you can set your coils a few days in advance and take them down in the morning before class.

How to Do a Coil Out:

Step 1:

After washing and conditioning your hair, section it into four sections.

Step 2:

Working on one section at a time, use your desired hair product to saturate your hair and separate each large section into smaller parts.

Step 3:

Take a portion of hair that is less than the width of your finger in size and twirl it around your finger in a downward motion.

Step 4:

Continue twirling small sections until all of your hair is coiled.

Step 5:

Air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until your coils have dried.

Step 6:

Apply a light oil to your hands and softly separate your coils by pulling them apart where you see the hair naturally gaps.

Tip: Do not run your fingers through your coils. Carelessly pulling apart your hair will create frizz. The key to a perfect coil out is to patiently take down your coils so that they form small uniformed ringlets.

Style Your Coil Out

Once you’ve taken all of your coils down, you can wear them in their natural shape.

Or you can use a bobby pin to pull one side back and create some dimension to your look. There is no wrong way to wear this hairstyle. The key to a coil out is to have fun! As your hair gets old, your coils will make sure a super cute puff or bun!

Don’t forget to use some edge control to keep your edges gorgeous and tamed.

Women Curly Weave

Tuesday Hairstyle – French Braids with Hair Accessories

It’s Tuesday! You made it through Monday and reality has hit you that this week isn’t going anywhere.

Monday may have left you with more responsibilities than you expected, but Tuesdays are the day to zone in on your goals and commit to checking off your to-do list. Each day is one step closer to your goal.

Closer to advancing to the next grade level, earning your diploma, or obtaining your degree. It’s vital to your educations that you focus on your goals, but you don’t have to put hairstyling on the back burner. Today’s hairstyle is as easy as ABC.

There isn’t a more carefree hairstyle than French braids. It’s a style that transcends age and gender. When in doubt, it’s safe to French braid it out. Recent trends have taken this style to new heights by adding fun accessories.

Some of your classes may be boring, but your hair doesn’t have to be.

How to do French Braids with Accessories:

Step 1:

Section your hair in as many sections as you wish to braid.

Step 2:

Starting with one section, separate your hair into three parts.

Step 3:

As you braid each of the three sections, grab more of the hair surrounding each strand to create a French braid.

Step 4:

Once your braids are complete, you can add hair accessories to glam up your hairstyle. You can put some gold-plated cuffs on your braids or even thread some colored string throughout the length of your braids.

Tip: If you put any metal accessories in your hair be sure to secure it a night with a satin or silk scarf. Too much friction will cause your hair to rub against the metal and break off. It’s best to remove the accessories to ensure that your hair does become damaged.

French Braids for The Win

Rocking French braids are a great way to stay on trend while you focus on passing your classes. It’s essential that you start this hairstyle with a clean scalp so that your braids last as long as you wish to wear them. Make sure that you’re getting the most out of your shampoo.

kylie jenner colored french braids

Wednesday Hairstyle– Sleek and Straight

It’s hump day! You’re halfway through the week. You shifted yourself into gear on Monday and realigned your focus by Tuesday.

Now that Friday seems so close you may be tempted to start slacking off. Don’t give into temptation. Today is crucial and another day to prove that you can ace the test and slay your hairstyle. Wednesday’s hairstyle will show the world that you mean business.

While others are making their weekend plans, you’re the one stepping up for the extra credit assignment. Achieving sleek and straight hair is easier than acing your book report. You don’t need many tools to get your hair completely smooth. However, if your hair is not naturally straight, then you’ll have to do this with heat.

That means that you need to add a heat protectant to your supply list find the best flat iron to use.

Get Super Sleek Hair:

Step 1:

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply a heat protectant concentrating on the ends of your hair.

Step 2:

Blow dry your hair into medium-sized sections. Hold your blow dryer so that the nozzle is pointing in a downward direction.

Step 3:

Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair in the same direction gently.

Step 4:

Once your hair is blow dried, spray in a little more heat protectant to ensure that you don’t get any damage from your flat iron.

Step 5:

Separate your hair into smaller sections, securing the rest with a hair clip.

Step 6:

Glide your flat iron down one single section until straight. Continue until all parts are straight.

Bonus: It’s vital that you only run your flat iron through your hair twice. Too many passes through the hair will cause permanent heat damage. Make sure that you’re taking your time as you flat iron your hair.

khloe kardashian

Thursday Hairstyle– A Phony Ponytail

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means, one more day until Friday. Thursdays don’t get as much credit as they deserve.

If Friday’s are the party, then Thursdays are the Uber that gets you there. Getting focused on a Thursday can be just as difficult as Monday’s because we know that the end of the week is near. If you’re dreaming of the weekend, then you need to wear a hairstyle that will put the fun back into your math functions.

Wearing a phony ponytail is the easiest way to simplify your daily hairstyling routine. Quality ponytails from Private Label Extensions install quickly and are 100% human hair.

It takes a few minutes to install your ponytail so you can use the extra time to add curls to the end of your hair for your Thursday hairstyle.

How to Install Your Phony Pony:

Step 1:

Pull your natural hair into a tight bun and secure it with an elastic band.

Step 2:

Place the ponytail over your bun and secure the comb that is attached to the hair extension over the back of your hair that’s in a bun.

Step 3:

Use bobby pins to secure any loose spots on your ponytail.

Step 4:

Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the base of your hair for a cute addition that also helps to cover the hair weft.

Step 5:

Use a curling iron to add a few spirals to the ends of your ponytail or run a flat iron through the length of your hair to keep it straight and shiny.

Tip: Make sure that you don’t sleep in your ponytail. Sleeping with your hair pulled tightly will cause tension and lead to breakage. Take your ponytail down every night to give your hair a rest while you sleep.

ariana grande ponytail

Friday Hairstyle – Colored Clip-Ins

It’s Friday! You’ve made it through the pop quizzes, the presentations, and the group projects.

You put in the hours at the library, aced the tests, and completed all your assignments. It’s finally Friday, and you might feel like skipping over the day altogether, but it’s crucial that you finish the week strong. There are multiple ways to celebrate the end of a long week, so let’s start with our hair.

Try adding a little color to your hairstyle with colored clip-in extensions. The good thing about wearing clip-in extensions is that you can add color to your hair without risking any permanent damage to it. PLE extensions can be custom ordered or colored at home.

Adding fun hues to your hair is just a click away.

Install Clip-In Extensions:

Step 1:

Section your hair into medium-sized sections.

Step 2:

Take your PLE clip-in extensions and secure the comb directly below the part in your hair.

Step 3:

Place the clip-in extensions in the areas where you want your highlights to show.

Step 4:

Brush your natural hair over your extensions so that the wefts are not showing.

Tip: To better blend clip-in extensions around your face, install them at an angle so that the end of the weft is pointing at a downward angle toward your face.

It’s essential that you remember to take your clip in extensions down at night as you don’t want to add any tension to your hair as you sleep at night.

After you’ve removed your extensions, make sure that you thoroughly wash them to keep from any product build-up from interfering with the quality of the hair. With clip-in extensions, you can change up your look and head into the weekend for some relaxation before another week of studying.

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Stylin’ All Week Long

As the new semester approaches, your possibilities are endless.

The new academic year gives you nine months to achieve new goals and soar to new heights. While the school year will bring new challenges ahead, you’ll also make some memories to carry with you throughout the years.

Don’t leave your hair goals and sense of style behind in the summer. Make sure that you’re following PLE on Instagram @privatelabelextensions for the hair inspiration you need throughout the year.

Leave a comment and share what hairstyles you will be wearing for the new school year.

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