Getting Started with Dropshipping Hair Extensions

Getting Started with Dropshipping Hair Extensions

New Service to Dropship Hair Extensions

The team here at Private Label Extensions works with hundreds of salon owners, stylists and hair entrepreneurs to supply them with top quality hair extensions at wholesale prices.

We work with customers and get their feedback on what other types of services would help grow their business. Over the past year that has been an increased demand in the option of dropshipping hair extension orders for our clients.

The current Private Label system is built to supply customers for wholesale orders over $500. This helps separate retail customers from wholesale customers. The demand for the dropshipping solution continued to increase. So we decided to create a system that would help solve this growing need.

We listened to our customers and created a system that solves the problem of shipping smaller orders to individual customers around the US.

Dropship Bundles Explained

Problem Solved

Today we launched our new dropship service for hair extensions with a brand new website called Dropship Bundles. This solves the problem of shipping individual orders to customers around the US. Starting your own hair extension brand without the inventory requirement has never been easier.

How Does it Work?

Dropship Bundles is a membership based service that gives members access to our inventory at wholesale pricing. Start taking orders via your social media, website, phone or any other possible sales method. Now that you have your order let's go over how the dropship process works!
  1. Sign Up - Get started with a Dropship Membership.
  2. Login - Once logged in you will have access to our entire inventory.
  3. Pricing - You sell the hair extensions for retail price. Your membership give you access to buy and ship individual orders from (1) bundle and up at wholesale pricing.
  4. Shipping & Billing - Place your order in the cart. Put YOUR billing information in the Billing/Address area. Type your CUSTOMER'S shipping information to where the hair order should be sent. We will ship the package from YOUR name!
  5. Tracking - Our system will send you the tracking information as soon as the order ships. Relay this information to your customer.
If you choose, our secure system can save your credit card information for quick ordering. As you can see from the streamlined process, this is the most efficient program for dropshipping hair extensions on the web! Supplying your hair extension brand is just a few minutes away. Get started now at Dropship Bundles.
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I would like to come to Atlanta and visit warehouse. Please inform me of dates n times those things are available. I would like to start my brand.

Felicia bristol

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