12 habits your hairstylist hates

12 Habits Your Hairstylist Hates!

As a hairstylist of eight years, I cherish my long-time clients and all the new faces I see weekly. We've all heard of the things clients hate that stylists but do you know what gets under their skin? After being in the salon for so long with other stylists and by myself I have noticed a few things clients do that can annoy a stylist. See if you have any of these 12 habits that may drive your stylist up the wall.

1. Last Minute Cancelling & No Shows

Most stylists do not get paid hourly or salary. The appointments they set for their clients are what they rely on to make their weekly quotas. Now we all understand last minute emergencies or changes in your schedule that you can’t control, but when holding a day and time for a client, it makes that appointment unavailable for others to book. If a client cancels last minute or doesn't show up at all, it's the worst. Some clients make it a habit of canceling last minute. It’s considerate to give your stylist 2 to 3 days notice that you won’t be able to make your appointment. We recommend you do this so that they can fill that spot and still make their money. A no-show is just disrespectful, and salons have policies and fees associated with last minute cancellations as well as no-shows.

2. Running Late

We understand traffic and running behind; we just want to be notified before your scheduled time. When a client is running behind it can throw off an entire stylists day because that will make us start the next client late and so on. Hairstylists also rarely take lunch breaks or breaks at all because we are running on other people’s time. It seems like when clients are late and do not contact us they just want to stroll in with hopes that since they are there, we have to do their hair. Sometimes I just want to know if my client is running behind ahead of time so that I can take a few minutes and eat, relax, or make a phone call. In my salon, we give our clients a 10 minute grace period. If you stroll in 20 minutes later without speaking to us on the phone, your appointment is subject to be rescheduled. Running late often turns into a habit so if you know you will be late try to let your stylist know before your scheduled time.

3. Loud Phone Conversations

Think of a hair salon as a place where people want to get away and relax all while getting pretty. Clients forget this when they talk on the phone loud or watch videos on their devices loud. It’s uncomfortable to hear someone's phone conversation honestly or hear their videos playing in public. We have many clients that catch up on their shows when they come to the salon, but they use their headphones. If we need to ask them a question their headphones aren’t too loud to where they can’t hear. Some Stylists prefer that you do not talk on the phone during your service. Even stepping out to take a call holds a stylist up. Also, remember not to use your phone near the shampoo bowl.

4. Not Utilizing the Online Booking Features

It’s 2018, who doesn’t rely on online booking? Online booking is a feature stylist pay for to make their lives easier instead of paying for an Assistant. If you have a habit of texting or calling your stylist for everything keep in mind, this is more work for them. Usually, on their online booking system, you can view their policies, prices, availability, change or cancel an appointment, and see their ratings. You know what to expect before you get there, which is amazing. Many stylists work for themselves, and that could mean they are always busy. Since they work with their clients throughout the day, they want clients to utilize their online booking 100%. They get annoyed when you call them and the answer to your questions are on their website and social media.

5. Trying to Get a Consultation Over the Phone

We understand you are excited about your first appointment with us, but clients get in the habit of telling us their life story over the phone. Unfortunately, we are visual, so most of the information you are taking the time out to say to us isn't helpful. Take advantage of the consultation to tell your stylist about your hair history.

6. Coming in with Your Hair Tangled

Clients take advantage of the day they know they have a hair appointment. I’m talking about those that walk in with wild hair that you know hasn’t been touched in 24 hours. Many stylist charges for excessive detangling or a prepping fee. In a perfect world, all clients would come to their appointments with their hairstyles taken down and thoroughly detangled. Coming to your hair appointment with tangled hair takes more time than allocated to work through and it is only right that we charge you for it.

7. Bringing Other People to Your Appointment

I know you want to bring your friends, family, kids or boyfriend with you to your hair appointment sometimes, but stylist would prefer you not to. If a guest is not getting their hair styled, they take up seating that is for clients. In some cases, these guests can be distracting. If we are trying to consult with you or get your opinion about your hair and you are asking your guest their opinion or have them speak for you, this can become annoying to the stylist. I’ve even had a client who loved their hair, and when their boyfriend came in, he said he hated it. We are only concerned about if you like your hair and you should be too. On another note, some clients bring luggage into the salon or just a lot of stuff; this also takes up a room. So when you are heading to your hair appointment remember just bring yourself.

8. Not Following Prepping Instructions

For the stylists that braid or do weaves, sometimes they do not offer a shampoo, condition, and blowout, so you have to come with your hair clean and ready to be braided. Clean means you just washed your hair yesterday, not last week or weekend. Come ready means your hair is detangled, dry, and blown out straight enough to be braided easily. It is unfair to know this and still try to come with hair that is not clean or ready to be styled. Stylists take this personally because it was explained to you already. Please, clients, make it a little easier for them if they ask you to come ready to style.

9. Being a Know it All

Now that there is so much information out there about hair we encounter "Know it Alls" here and there. Don’t get me wrong; it is refreshing to have someone in your chair that knows about hair and their hair as well. I mean "Know it All" as someone who hears what you're saying but they don’t listen because they heard something different. Just remember if a stylist is trying to consult with you be open enough to hear and listen to what they are saying and understand that the general information that is available online doesn’t always apply to you. Some stylists will stop consulting with you if it seems like you are a "Know it All" and then you aren’t able to gain everything you could from your service.

10. Price Negotiating with the Stylist

When was the last time you tried to negotiate the price your stylist gave you? In any way, even as a joke, or a mention that Sabrina down the street does a silk press for less than what they charge. Our prices are thought out, and we consider different things when making up our price list. In the service industry, you pay for the service providers time, knowledge, products, and customer service. A stylist is considered a small business and they're sensitive about their worth. We prefer to have people in our chair that value our services and accept our prices. If you don't the best thing to do is to book with someone else.

11. Micromanaging the Process

Are you a client that tells your stylist exactly how you want your hair done? I’m not talking about the style; I’m talking about how to achieve the style step by step. If you book with a Stylist, we have the right to assume you have seen our work and trusted us enough to sit in our chairs. Every stylist has their way of achieving the finished look, and honestly, we can not be our best when a client micromanages their appointment. Some of my best work has come from clients allowing me to do it my way and be creative. You wouldn’t tell a doctor how to do your surgery; you would trust they know what they are doing. I think about this when a client doesn't want a trim even though I am saying it is necessary. We want what's best for your hair, and we know what will happen when you do not trim what is split or damaged. Now after your service, if you don’t like something about your hair it is up to you to express that while you are still at the salon. A stylist that cares would not let you walk out unhappy, unless you were demanding the entire time, just being honest.

12. Texting or Calling Too Early or Too Late

Just because your stylist is an individual and not a company with customer service hours does not mean it is appropriate to contact them at any time. We have a family, personal lives, and take time off on holidays just like everyone else. Depending on your stylist hours of operation, you should not contact them via calls or texts outside of those hours. I’ve had clients call at 7 a.m. when I don’t take my first client until 9. I’ve had clients text me after 8 p.m., and we close at 6 p.m. If you think you're going to forget your question or reason for contacting them you can email them or schedule your texts to be sent out at a decent hour. In the corporate world it is custom to respond to an email within 48 hours, so if a stylist does not answer back immediately cut them some slack. We wear many hats and try our best! What are some habits your clients do that drive you up the wall? The next time you sit in your stylist's chair ask them that. A great stylist will always try to ensure you have the best experience. Try to do the same for them as well. What are some of these habits you are guilty of and what could you do to improve? Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear from you!
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