10 hair accessories you'll want to buy now

Hair Enhanced: 10 Hair Accessories You'll Want To Buy Now!

Hair Accessories Are a Must-Have!

Hair accessories were such a significant look in the '90s. It's only right to love it when old trends make there way back into our lives.

Years ago you couldn't even imagine leaving the house with anything other than bobby pins in your hair. However, thanks to celebrities, there are so many hair accessories that we have all grown to love.

If you think these cool hair clips are only for little kids, then you are mistaken. I hate to be the one to say it, but hair accessories are probably one of the most overlooked items in a beauty supply store, but I'm here to make the search a little more comfortable.

And for those of you who have passed up the opportunity to wear hair jewels due to the fear of harming or pulling out your hair, then you are also in luck, for I will be giving you tips on the best and safest accessories to buy for your head.

So, take some time to check out this impressive list of 10 must-have hair accessories you'll want to shop for now!


Straight Pin Barrettes

Straight pin barrettes, also known as bobby pins is one thing I feel almost all of us have in our hair accessory collection.

You may think these decorative pins are only useful for hiding and tucking away loose strands or flyways on our hair, but on the contrary, these barrettes can add a little spice to your look.

There is no need to keep this beautiful hair accessory hidden any longer. Straight pin barrettes come in so many shapes and sizes and are cutest when you wear them in the front of your hair, usually to help lay down your edges a little flatter.

Some bobby pins even come with words or different designs on them. You can purchase these pins at your nearest beauty supply store, drug stores, discount stores, and even Malls.

With these simple fashion pins so readily accessible I wouldn't be surprised if you purchase some today.


Hair Cuffs

What better way to express hair creativity than by wearing hair cuffs.

These beauties can make any hairstyle look even that more gorgeous. You can see people sporting these unique jewels on Senegalese twists, box braids, cornrows, even on afros and curly hair.

These bendy hair beauties usually come in the most common colors of gold and silver, so you can always switch them out to match your earrings necklace or overall outfit.

I don't even have a protective hairstyle in at the moment, but I can guarantee you will find these pretty hair cuffs lying all around my room. If you are fond of this gorgeous hair accessory, then you are in luck, because you can find these cuffs at your nearest beauty supply store.


Hair Ribbons/String

When you hear the term hair and ribbons used in a sentence, you may think of a bow that you used to wear when you were younger to decorate your ponytails or buns.

But who knew that these wacky hair ribbons would be such a great accent for the faux locs hairstyle. Now we all know that getting goddess braids or faux locs can make you look and feel like a natural beauty.

And with the help of some colorful string and decorative hair ribbon, you can express and show a more creative side when wearing this hairstyle. Another excellent alternative to hair ribbons can also be yarn, the more unique or bolder, the better.

Of course, you don't have to only use this super cool string on faux locs, but you can also use it to spruce up your braids and twists. If you're in need of some remarkable hair ribbons or strings, try checking out a specific arts and crafts location, or the decor section of your local department store.


Wooden Hair Beads

I remember when I was a little girl, that my mom and dad would love putting colorful hair beads on the ends of my braids.

I would have never thought anyone over the age of 10 would even be able to pull off this hair accessory in this day and age, but boy was I wrong. Wooden hair beads are an excellent accent piece to add to your box braids or individual twists.

Something you should know is that wooden beads can be substantial, so make sure if you try this hair accessory that you add a few at a time, and test out how much weight your braids can handle.

Trust me you don't want a tension headache or edges pulling back due to too many wooden beads on your head. On a lighter note, I think this style is lovely for the summertime and magnificent for music festivals.

Of course, it doesn't have to be just wooden beads; colorful or transparent beads are just as beautiful. So, if you are desperate to get your hands on this accessory, you should stop by your local beauty supply store today!


Hair Rings

Hair rings are almost the same thing as hair cuffs except for its shape.

Usually, these rings have a skinnier look, and you can rock them on braids, twists, or your hair itself. I think this is a great hair accessory to use on your natural hair; reason being is that it won't pull or tug on your hair like a cuff would do.

What's so sweet is that these beautiful rings come in multiple colors that can match your makeup, outfit, or overall style. Hair rings are a must-have, but they may be difficult to find in local beauty supply stores.

If you're out of luck then try ordering these beauties from Esty or any other hair jewelry store.


Head Scarf/ Turbans

Head scarfs are a fantastic accessory for whether you have long, medium, or short hair.

You can tie turbans in so many ways; some may try top knots, a twisted method, or wrapped around your forehead. The patterns and designs on head scarfs are endless.

This hair accessory works impressively for those messy or bad hair days. I have a dresser full of turbans, and the best place to get them I would say is a department or retail stores.

If you want a cheaper alternative, try going to a local goodwill or thrift store to purchase a headscarf at an affordable price.

This accessory is a must-have so make sure you add these scarfs to your collection today.


Hair Wire

This next hair accessory can be found surprisingly at your local hardware store.

That's right if you want to go for an edgy left eye or spice girl look this hair wire is something that you can try out. I've seen this accessory used to wrap around Bantu knots, faux locs, or space buns.

Rose gold wire seems to be the most popular color to try, along with gold, and bronze. What's so great about using this remarkable trend is that you can bend, twist, and shape the wire in any design that you would like to suit the specific hairstyle that you have.

If you want to go for an out of this world look, then stock up on some decorative wire today.


Thick Scrunchies

Upgrading your regular hair tie for a thick scrunchie can be chic.

In the '80s, big, multicolored scrunchies were a thing, and I'm sure your mom or dad can attest to that. This excellent hair accessory is fun and trendy to wear.

What's incredible about scrunchies are that they are less tight than a regular hair elastic. You can wear colorful and cool scrunchies around your wrist as an added accessory as well.

I think its time we give this old fashion trend a try this year.


Flower Headbands

Flower girls aren't the only lovely ladies who can wear flower headbands.

This boho hair accessory is a must-have for the spring and summer seasons. Celebrities like Vanesa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus are known for rocking these beautiful headbands to concerts, or even just out on the town.

I think flower bands are a perfect accent for any dress worn to a wedding, and even some brides incorporate it in their overall look. This accessory is makes anything seem angelic, and you will look like a walking, talking, beautiful piece of mother nature.

Claire's carries several types of flower headbands so if you need something different, and creative head on over to your local mall today, and shop, shop, shop!



Good news, you don't have to wear brooches only on your shirt anymore.

This fantastic hair trend and accessory look awesome on anyone with any hair texture. This hair jewel became well known around the 1960s. People used it, at first, as an extra embellishment on cloaks or button-up shirts.

Usually, brooches were attached to a safety pin so that it could fasten on to any material. Luckily, this cool accessory can also be worn to decorate and bedazzle a slicked-back ponytail, or even a messy updo.

You'll see a lot of future brides wanting to incorporate a jeweled brooch for their big day.


This accessory is an excellent tool for anyone who loves going to formal events and needs an extra shine to their overall wardrobe or hairstyle.

Although brooches can be expensive, they were such a trend back then that a lot of older people gave them away to their local thrift store.

If you want to purchase one of these lovely brooches, you should check out a Goodwill or Salvation Army for some excellent deals.

Tips for Buying and Maintaining The Right Hair Accessories

We all love hair accessories, and if you've finished reading the list above, you are probably super excited to purchase some headbands or hair cuffs as we speak.

But its best to know how to spot out great accessories from ones that may be harmful to your hair. The simplest scrunchies, rubber bands, even clips can be causing your hair to fall out.

Luckily, there is no need to fear I have listed some excellent tips on how to buy and maintain the hair accessories we love so much, and still keep our locks intact.


Tip #1

Make sure to pay close attention to bobby pins or hairpins that you purchase. You want to make sure that there is a round plastic covering at the end of each bobby in, if there is not any, this may increase the chance of this hair accessory pulling out or tangling your hair.

Tip #2

Heavy hair clips are a no go. Some clips that you purchase can weigh down on your scalp and end up pulling out your hair or even leaving a noticeable bald spot. I know we all don't want anything wrong to happen to our beautiful locks so make sure your hair clips are lightweight.

Tip #3

Beware of rubber, elastic, or scrunchies with small pieces of metal on them; they can be very harmful.

To avoid your hair from being pulled out, opt for softer material for any such hair bands. Also, remember that hair ties that are too tight can also increase hair loss and cause headaches, so try stretching out your elastic bands before using them on your hair.


Tip #4

Lastly, It is best to stay away from metal accessories.

Metal combs or clips that you place in your hair can cause scalp irritation and possible hair loss. So, if you are in love with hair clips as much as I am you should try buying some with plastic or wooden combs in the end, this will be less irritating to your scalp overall.

Which Hair Accessory is Your Favorite?

Hair accessories are timeless, and some of the things on this list you've probably have been rocking for ages, and maybe we're just behind on times.

All in all, I hope that this list of items has given some of you the courage to wear those funky cool accessories that you've probably had stashed away for years.

In a world where fashion and hair trends are forever changing it's helpful to remain faithful to yourself the best way that you can. The next time you're at the store picking out a bobby pin or hair clip, I hope that you gaze over the endless hair jewels you can choose from that was made to amp up any hairstyle.

If any of these hair accessories brought back, great memories let us know in the comments down below!

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