8 Must Have Hair Apps While On The Go!

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Apps Are Taking Over

I’m always down for stocking up on apps, especially those that will help make my hair life easier! In 2018, we are in a technology based world and many people are looking to their phones for guidance. The app store for Apple has a ton of different app options for all different industries including hair. Check out these 8 hair apps that are all catered to helping your tresses prosper.

Hair Journal

If you want to document your hair journey, Hair Journal is the perfect hair app to do so. I wish I would have known about this hair app when I did the big chop years ago! To get started, you will create a customized profile and document everything from hair length, hair type, and personal hair goals. What I love the most about this hair app is that you can upload pictures of your hair to keep track of its progress. I think that this is a great way to stay motivated about reaching your hair goals. It mentions all of the products you use such as shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, etc. Doing this makes it easier to know what products are aiding in your hair growth.

Grow Your Hair by Michelle Gachungi

To all of my naturalistas, you’re going to fall in love with this next app because it was created just for you! Michelle Gachungi was once like the most of us, trying to find a hair regimen to help grow and maintain the health of her hair. After making the decision to care for her hair instead of going to salons, her hair began to progress rapidly. In the “Grow Your Hair” app, she provides educational information on caring for and nurturing natural hair. One of my favorite features of this app is the DIY hair conditioners and mask; I love to make DIY products for my hair! This app even comes with a free E-book that gives you the entire nine yards of natural hair. Lastly, this app is 100% FREE, so be sure to check it out!

Style Seat

If you’re relocating and looking for a stylist nearby, Style Seat is going to become your go-to! With the click of a button, you’re able to find a local hairstylist, pick a service, and schedule an appointment. You can even read reviews and ratings from previous customers to get a better look at what the stylist is all about. For your convenience, most of the stylist will have pictures of their work for you to browse through to determine if they are a good fit for you. I love this app because it is so easy to use and saves me the hassle of having to search around for a stylist. This app is also FREE and available for iPhone and Android users.


If you’re in need of some hair inspiration, then Pinterest is the app for you! It is my go-to before booking an appointment because I can search for looks and show my stylist the exact hairstyle that I want to achieve. I love this app because you can type in any style such as “Lace closure weave” or “Pixie cut” and get thousands of hair ideas based on your search. My favorite thing about this app is that it is up to date and always gives me the trendiest hair ideas. You can even upload pictures of your hairstyles to inspire others!

Hair Care by Andro App Developers

Sometimes, we need to start with the basics, and that is what The Hair Care app does. It is straight to the point and tells you everything you need to know about how to promote and maintain healthy hair. I love that this app is friendly to all hair types and packed with information about dandruff, homemade hair packs, remedies for hair loss, grey hair coverage, and much more. There is so much to learn about hair care so if you want to learn, try out this hair app!


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m always scoping out the latest beauty and hair trends. Beautylish is that all in one app that every beauty lover must have because it keeps you updated on everything happening in the world of beauty. To get started, just sign-in with your Google + or Facebook account. Once you’re in, you can choose from a range of categories geared towards beauty such as hair, makeup, and skincare. You are then able to view different hair products, trends, tutorials and much more. The best part of this hair app is that it is FREE and simple to use!


The MYAVANA hair app is like the Instagram of natural hair. It is excellent for those who are looking to grow in a community on their hair journey. I love that women everywhere can post pictures of their hair progress and of the various styles that they wear. Having a community of support can help you stay true to your hair goals. What I love the most about this app is that you can request consultations from hair professionals. This hair app is a must-have so make sure you check it out!


Colour is a hair app that can be described as "Uber for hair". With the app you can book hair appointments with local hair stylists and they will come to you! The tip is even included in the price already and you can choose from select styles. What makes it so cool is it based right here in Atlanta and founded by two women of color both of whom are Harvard grads. They created the hair for busy women who are on the go just like them. This hair app is perfect for busy women on the go or stay at home moms! These apps are all phenomenal and show the beauty that can happen when technology and hair meet! Hopefully, you’re able to find a few apps from this list that you find helpful. What are some of your favorite hair apps? Have you tried any of these apps or heard about them? Let us know in the comments.

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