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Hair Perfume Galore: 15 Hair Perfumes for Your Hair Extensions

Hair Perfumes Are Back And Better!

Hair perfume is one hidden beauty product that does not get the credit it deserves. Extensions if in for an extended amount of time can cause an unpleasant smell to develop. Honestly, one spritz can leave your extensions feeling fresh and smelling delightful. You want a hairspray that is lightweight, airy, and won't alter or affect the strands in any way. Some of you may be thinking that this product is useless, I mean if your hair smells terrible then just buy shampoo, right? Wrong, as women, we don't have time to wash our hair every day, and in doing that process, you can damage and wear out your weave. So, if you ever need to clean up an unpleasant odor or lingering dry-shampoo that may be left on top of your head using this fragrance mist will be your best bet. This hair product is not as strong as your typical perfume and won't dry your hair out as much either; they don't only make your tresses smell amazing, but they also add a certain smoothness and an added shine that is soft to the touch. So, without further ado here is the list of the top 15 hair perfumes that you can use on your hair extensions.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb hair perfume works wonders on your extensions; its ingredients consist of rose notes, patchouli, freesia, and jasmine that leaves a delicate and sweet smell on your tresses. This mist is lightweight and adds incredible shine to your hair that won't look flat, dull, or lifeless. If you are looking for added volume, then you will love that feature in Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. This product is also available at your local Sephora for purchase.

Mugler Angel Hair Mist

The Mugler Angel hair mist is at any Sephora store closest to you. This spray is lightweight and will once again not weigh down your extensions too much. The spray contains berry, vanilla, and honey extracts that leave a sweet but subtle smelling scent on the extensions that are not too intense. If you are a fan of Mugler Angel, the perfume you are sure to love the hair mist as much. This product does well on natural hair as well on weave just because of the healthy ingredient that is guaranteed to add shine and growth to your amazing tresses. If you are spending the night with a friend or even out of town this mist is great for travel and the smell will last all through the night and into the day.

Miss Dior Hair Mist

You will fall in love with Miss Dior hair mist packaging as well as its fragrance in a matter of seconds. This product also has an infusion of rose petals the create a delicate floral scent. Reviewers think that this perfume is more reliable for your extensions than others because it has a durable staying power that can last up to three days of freshness without reapplying. Oh, and if you think this scent is lovely you can also get away with spraying it on your skin, it is not harmful in any way, and it is kind of like getting a two for one deal. You are guaranteed to receive plenty of compliments with your fresh smelling hair, and this perfume is available at your local Sephora store.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

This product adds a unique final addition to your extensions, and it is full of conditioning properties that will add shine, volume, and a silky finish to your tresses. The scent is more on the fresh side, it's not too loud smelling but leaves the hair feeling clean and like you just had a wash day. This spray is full of moisture that will carry out unto the weave for days to come, so say goodbye to dry and brittle hair. If you want a lightweight and subtle perfume for your curls, then Sachajuan Protective Perfume is for you.

Ari By Ariana Grande Hair Mist

If you are obsessed with Ariana Grande, you will fall in love with latest hair mist Ari. Ariana does have the best signature ponytail in the world right now, so it only makes sense that she would keep it smelling good whenever she can. The scent of this product is sweet and full of feminine florals like woods, pines, Musk's, even marshmallows. All these ingredients will leave your curls smelling sugary fresh, and tasty enough to eat. We are excited to see what new music and fragrances Ariana Grande drops in the future, and I know that I will be first in line for whatever it may be.

Burberry Brit Rhythm hair mist

The hair mist Burberry Brit has a timeless scent that is great if you are a lover of floral fragrances. The ingredients in the products are vetiver, orange blossom, and British Lavender which leaves your extensions soft and smooth to the touch. Spray the mist lightly on your extensions after styling for a refreshing smell, and neat look. Burberry Brit as well as Chanel No five is more on the expensive side so be ready to pull out your wallets on this gem. The price is worth it in the end to have beautiful smelling hair.

Herbivore Botanicals Hair Perfume

Herbivore Botanicals Hair Perfume has a fantastic spring scent that is sure to capture your attention positively. This product has a mixture of rose and organic-plant ingredients that help nourish your roots as well as your extensions. Most of these perfumes that I will mention will have a fluctuating price range, what is excellent about this mist is that it goes for around $12 at your local drug or beauty supply store. The convenience and the cost of this product is a significant bonus, but why buyers fall in love with it is because of its ability to transform your drab weave into a fabulous new look. The product is full of frizz-fighting ingredients that will make the stiffest extensions not only look tamer but smell wonderful. If you need a new hair perfume, then Herbivore Botanicals is the cost-effective and smart way to go.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

I never thought I would own anything Balmain brand in my house, but this hair mist is terrific and quite affordable. Its like high fashion meets an elegant fragrance that gives off a lovely scent. This hair perfume is full of argan oil, silk proteins that are great for your extensions and natural hair as well. The inspiration for this mist came from the nostalgic smells and feeling we get during the spring and summer seasons. This lightweight perfume by Balmain Paris is sure to get you excited about looking and feeling great about your extensions.

Frederic Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist

If you love ice cream as much as I do, then you will be in awe of this product. Frederic Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist smells just like vanilla ice cream straight from the parlor. The scent is delicious, and it is almost good enough to eat. What places this hair perfume over the rest? It must be the active ingredients that help fight frizz, breakage, and prevents static that your extensions might build up; it is excellent to use in between shampoos This mist is undoubtedly addicting, and you'll want to spray it on daily to revitalize and refresh those luscious locks. If you want a subtle but satisfying smelling hair fragrance, then Frederic Fekkai Mist is a sure-fire hit.

Byredo La Tulipe Hair Perfume

This hair perfume by Byredo is getting fantastic reviews. Buyers are saying that the scent smells delightful due to the floral and tulip extracts in the mixture. The inspiration for this spray is around the flowering tulip which is springs first flower to open its bud which has made it the symbol for the rebirth of warmer seasons. The mist is not overpowering, so you don't have to worry about attracting negative attention when you walk in a room if you know what I mean. The scent is long lasting and gradually fades away throughout the day. The formula that makes up this perfume is very lightweight, so it will not make your extensions feel heavy or look flat. This product is very versatile meaning that it works well with a lot of different hair types and textures, It's a great asset to your weave extensions as well as your natural locks. Your mane will be bouncier, shiner, and overall fresh. Head out to your local drug or beauty store, and you are sure to find this gem.

Chanel No 5 hair mist

Now, Chanel No 5 is the most talked about and iconic perfumes of all time. So when I saw that they make this fragrance in a hair mist, I could not wait to purchase this gem. This mist has a subtler scent than that of the perfume, it is delicate easy to spray, and lightweight for your extensions. Did I mention that the smell is fantastic? Well, it is thanks to its famous rose and jasmine notes. This hair perfume adds a nice texture to your natural roots, which makes it great on extensions. If you purchase this spray, you are sure to make it a part of your daily routine.

Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

Pink Sugar Hair perfume smells just like how it sounds, which is super sweet. This product comes in an easy to use small packaging which is great for placing in your purse or bag during travel. The ingredients are full of licorice, caramel, candy floss, vanilla, and so much more. You can find this hair perfume online or in stores such as Nordstrom or Macys. This mist also comes in many different fragrances, so you are free to go nuts and try out any scent that smells the best to you. Pink Sugar is a sexy, stylish brand that I don't see declining any time soon.

Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance

Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance has a gorgeous packaging that is sure to draw you in as well as the smell. The product is a mixture of healthy minerals and vitamins that help prevent your extensions from losing color or gaining frizz. The ingredients include hints of rose, coconut, vanilla, and more, and this is what makes the smell so inviting and a best seller for viewers. Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance is available on Net-A-Porter beauty website as well as stores like Von Maur or Macy's. This product is sure to make you fall in love with each spray that you use.

Dior J'Adore Hair Mist

This J'Adore mist is the signature scent by Dior that women across the world love each day increasingly. Surprisingly the cost is more on the affordable like that of the Balmain mist. This perfume helps the extensions remain shiny a very pleasant smelling. The ingredients that make this product up is cotton nectar and jasmine extract which sets aside from all the other perfumes which are known for their rose notes. You will feel like you are dripping in gold when you spritz this J'Adore on your beautiful extensions.

Tocca's Giulietta Hair Fragrance

On its website, Tocca's Giulietta Hair Fragrance slogan is "Tempestuous Young Italian Beauty." The price range is reasonable which is another reason that buyers seem to be falling in love with it so fast. The product has a beautiful mixture of ingredients including green apple, pink tulip, and amber. Giulietta is also full of moisturizing oils that will help your hair extensions remain shiny, voluminous, and ready to conquer the day.

Are You Ready to Try Out These Amazing Hair Perfumes?

I hope this blog makes you realize that perfume for our extensions and hair are as important as the ones we place on our bodies. These mists have a long-lasting smell and slightly goes away as the day progresses. You can choose from so many different brand names, fragrances, and scents when it comes to picking out the best perfume. It is best to go for a product that can help with moisture, fight frizz, and make your hair smell beautiful. So, if this article has made you think differently about hair perfumes let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.
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