The Perfect Eye: 5 Styles of False Lashes With Makeup Looks

The Perfect Eye: 5 Styles of False Lashes With Makeup Looks

Stunning In Lashes

It's no secret that false lashes add a whole new level of intensity for your already fierce makeup look.

But are there certain falsies that compliment different makeup looks better than others?

The answer is yes!

Of course, there are. As many of us beauty connoisseurs may already know, there is a various amount of makeup looks for us to have fun with and practice executing.

Speaking from personal experience, there are so many times when the makeup look is perfect but it is either missing something, or something just doesn't look right.

Well, it may not be your superior makeup skills, or even lack thereof. I'm telling you right now; it's your false lashes!

Eccentric makeup headbanded female model with yellow earrings

But no need to worry! 3D Mink lashes will ensure that every single one of your makeup looks turns out absolutely fantastic.

An eye makeup look is always going to reflect an emotion or a glimpse of time. Let me explain: A makeup look is representing how the wearer feels that day, depending on the time of day or activity.

Am I right?

If you are going on a date on a hot summer evening, then maybe you go with a beautiful golden bronze look with natural false lashes.

Or maybe its date night in downtown and you need your falsies lashes to be just as dramatic and breathtaking as the cities skyline.

However, if the eyeshadow, contour, and lippie are on the same page, but if the false lashes is not, it could mess up your whole vibe!

Here are five favorite makeup looks and five fabulous styles of false lashes that accentuate them!

Achieve any of these looks, by taking a look at Private Label Extension's incredible selection of 3D Mink false lashes.

#1 Natural

Many times, we merely need a false lash that will give us just a bit more volume or length than what we already have.

A natural false lash is what we are looking for. PLE's 3D Mink Thinline Lashes, in style "Toronto Lashes" are your best friend when it comes to completing a natural look.

The Makeup:

A natural makeup look requires earthy tones that compliment your skin tone.

For example, fair skin tones the makeup may have many peachy tones involved, for medium skin tone; olive tones, and for deep skin tones, gold and bronze tones are best.

With a quick sweep of a naturally toned eyeshadow across your lid, and a beautiful lightly bronzed face you can look as natural as possible while still feeling put together and elegant, perfect for any daytime shopping trip.

The Lashes:

A thin band will guarantee that the falsies blend in well with your natural lashes and don't give the allusion of think eyeliner on the upper lid.

The "Toronto" lashes are shorter on both ends of the band, with a bit of extra length in the middle.

This gives the allusion of a longer lash line while still keeping the extra length as subtle and natural as possible.

This classic makeup look and natural lash will have everyone asking, "are those your real lashes?" to which your answer can vary. *insert wink emoji*

Lashes and lashes applicator and eye brush

#2 Cute

If your natural lashes are usually fine left alone during a natural makeup look then maybe you need something more to accentuate your look.

A cute makeup/lash combination consists of a little more product added, like eyeliner, or time spent applying the makeup than usual.

Something extra that will make you feel, well, cute! PLE's Berlin 3D Mink Lashes are perfect for the feeling of looking cute that everybody strives for!

The Makeup:

Much like the natural look, a facet of the cute makeup trend is to use minimal eyeshadow but to add some eyeliner for dimension, which gives it a little something extra.

A nude tone just a few shades darker than your natural skin tone will add depth to the eye crease. With a light contour, matte blush, natural brow, and colorful lip there is no stopping you from radiating cuteness!

Compliments on your beauty are almost made certain!

The Lashes:

The "Berlin" lashes from PLE have a thin band that makes the application seamless.

These lashes have a very wispy and have more volume than a natural lash. The "Berlin" lashes are tapered; shorter on the inner corner and longer and more spread out towards the outer v of the eye.

This tapered lash gives the eye an almond shape and attracts the attention to the center of the eye, which is perfect for highlighting your makeup and your eye color.

Get ready for cuteness overload with the "Berlin" PLE 3D Mink lashes!

Female model resting her eyes while applying lashes

#3 Sexy

There is no argument that every person who loves makeup loves it because it gives them confidence!

Volume lashes are an outstanding tool that can turn any makeup look into something sexy.

PLE offers a style of lashes called "Chloe" that are 3D Mink lashes that will not only enhance your length, but they also open up the eye for a truly stunning sex appeal. ‘Smize' for the camera!

The Makeup:

Sexy makeup can derive from something natural, or be entirely out of your comfort zone!

But you have to play with risk if you want to be daring and sexy! The best way to achieve a sexy eye look is by adding a cat eye. Any style or color of eyeshadow will do; thick dark eyeliner is a must.

Also, just to mention, a bold lip or bright lip is always a good idea when trying to attain maximum sexiness.

So go for it! Nobody can resist those sexy eyes and a bold, inviting lip!

The Lashes:

3D Mink lashes are great because of their thick, aggressive band. Adding them to any look is sure to get you something fabulous as the outcome.

Undoubtedly, adding a cat eye along with PLE's Chloe 3D Mink Eyelashes will complement your eye shape and elevate your over-all sexiness.

These lashes are a wispy finish with extra length, depth, and thickness.

The lashes are shorter on the corners, and longer in the middle causing the eyes to look open, fresh and ultimately sexy. You can't go wrong.

Feminine accessories and lashes extensions

#4 Glamorous

Ah, the glitz and the glam! The feeling everyone dies for. Your false lashes are no different!

Bring up the glamor in your life by going all out on your makeup look. A bold color, add some glitter, or smoke out the water line!

Be as glamorous as you see fit. PLE offers the most glamorous lashes in style "Lola."

These Lola 3D Mink Lashes are to die for! Get your hands on a pair of these plush 3D Mink falsies.

The Makeup:

As stated before, false lashes can enhance any look. However, you need to make sure the style of lash fits the makeup look you're going for.

A glamorous makeup look has to have a lengthening, thickening, and volumizing effect when it comes to lashes.

A lash like that; combined with a dark smoky eye or glitter cut crease will provide your perfect glam.

Just like many celebs now a day, Glam means you have your entire face of makeup perfect.

From the glamorous eyes and shiny lip to the sharp contour, wing eyeliner, and luxurious lashes.

Everything looks impeccable; you're ready for the red carpet! (Insert photo of "Lola" Lashes here)

The Lashes:

"Lola" 3D Mink lashes are no match for other falsies claiming to be glamorous. This style of lash from Private Label Extensions is beautiful.

They are wispy lashes that have a very slight taper to them from the inner corner to the outer corner.

The outer corner has extra length that will only enhance your glamorous makeup look and accentuate the winged eyeliner or smoked out water line that is the heart of a glam look.

The thick lash band will help blend your falsies into the eyeliner and give more depth to your eye.

Blending your natural eyelashes into the falsies with a bit of mascara will ensure that they look real!

I mean, even though everyone can tell they're not real, they may believe it for a second!

Use "Lola" lashes for everything from a night out on the town, going dancing, or a fancy date night. Glam it up!

Braided hair female model leaning her head on her fist

#5 Dramatic

This is a look that can sincerely be creative. Dramatic eye makeup can only be extreme drama with an extremely dramatic false lash and dramatic lip!

Something that says, "I'm here!" With a dramatic makeup and lash look, you should be able to blow people away.

Be music video couture with it. To help you out, take a look at PLE's Eden 3D Mink False Lashes.

They are a fashion statement waiting to happen!

The Makeup:

For this dramatic look, you can play around with so many styles of makeup. Sweep a bright color across your lid, or use an unusually colored lippie!

All that is required is that something unique comes of it.

A band of lashes that are full and lush is going to be the best for a theatrical makeup experience. Chisel your contour and use a bright lip.

Do the same to your eyes! Instead of drawing attention to just one feature of your face, draw attention to all of it.

Don't be afraid to be out there! Get courageous, and use colors, glitter, lipliner, blush, and highlight. It's time you went the whole 9 yards on this one.

The Lashes:

PLE's 3D Mink lashes in "Eden" are breathtaking. They are an exceptionally thick and full lash with a reasonably even, long length across the whole band.

These lashes shy away from the tapered look, and wispy-ness. Instead, they focus on height and depth while the strands of lashes themselves are straight and long.

This will boost the overall look from unique l to an exaggerated drama that, let's face it, only some of us are confident enough to try out!

Build up that confidence and bring the drama! I believe in you! Strut through the streets turning heads with your lashes that could stop a truck!

Lashes extensions plus lashes brushes

Get Lashed Up

Lashes are one makeup accessory that many argue are essential. I'd have to agree.

There are multiple ways to play around with it and have fun! With Mink 3D lashes, you can use them more than once and switch up your makeup looks using different styles of lashes.

Read the Lashes Extensions Guide to learn all the tricks.

Check out Private Label Extensions alluring collection of 3D Mink lashes. They are also thin line lashes available.

Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite lash style!

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Absolutely love how you’ve broken down each makeup look with the perfect false lash pairing! Your guide is so helpful for choosing the right lashes to enhance different styles. Can’t wait to try some of these looks with the recommended lashes. Thanks for the tips!


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