How to Find the right style of extensions

How to Find The Right Style of Extensions For You

All Hair Extensions Aren’t Equal

Choosing the right human hair extensions seems like an impossible task. There are so many things to take into consideration such as installation, length, color and how long you can keep them.

You also have to think about what kind of extensions you’ll choose for the style you want. There are different kinds of extensions to choose from.

You’ll need to make a decision based on what you want, your lifestyle, and how much time you have to take care of your hair. I have been wearing extensions since I was young, and I’ve had about every look in the book.

What I’ve learned is that the best kind of extensions for me are crochet. The reason for this is that they are cheap, easy to install, and easy to manage. I had to go through trial and error to get to this decision.

Something that affected my decision was the health of my hair. Many people don’t think about what’s healthiest for them when it comes to hair.

For me, I know that individual braids pull at my edges, and weaves don’t allow me to moisturize my scalp.

So, I chose what wouldn’t pull my hair but still let me moisturize. These are things we need to think about when it comes to here, and we’re here to help!

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Figure Out What Look You Want

Before you choose a particular hair extension type, it is essential to figure out what kind of look you desire.

Typically, hair extensions are versatile enough to be inclusive of every type of look but not always.

Are you looking for something exactly like a picture you have saved?

Looking for something that can frequently be changed, or provides you with different styles? Are you looking for something simple that will look the same every day?

Are you athletic, or do you need extensions for the gym? Ask yourself these questions before buying any human hair bundle deals.

The reason you should ask yourself these questions is that not every style will be able to fit what you want for yourself.

You’ll want to make sure you’re careful about choosing because a functional look can make or break you!

Natural or Synthetic

For me, since I usually do crochet styles, the hair I use is synthetic.

The most significant misconception is that synthetic hair looks fake, but that’s not true.

Depending on the style you have, synthetic hair can look natural and real. This is especially true when you take care of it, and style it into a natural look.

The pros of synthetic hair are that it is usually much cheaper than human hair. Synthetic hair is also great when you want a consistent style that you won’t have to worry.

In my opinion, synthetic hair is best for styles with braids or curly styles. Synthetic hair also won’t be affected by weather such as humidity, or rain.

But you can be cheap human hair bundles, there are always good bargains.

The cons of synthetic hair are that you typically can’t style it and manipulate it into a different look.

Usually, most synthetic hair can’t withstand heat. Synthetic hair also gets tangled and matted rather quickly.

Synthetic hair even doesn’t last as long and will need to be taken out every 2-4 weeks.

Human hair is usually the first choice that people desire. The pros of human hair are that it’s natural looking.

This means that it’ll look like your real hair when styled well. Human hair can withstand heat and be colored as well.

Human hair is significant because it is long-lasting, and when it is taken care of, it can last for years.

The cons of human hair are that it is the more expensive option. Human hair requires more maintenance than synthetic hair.

You’ll need to make sure you have the time actually to take care of your extensions.

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What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Live?

One of the biggest things that I have learned when it comes to hairstyle is making sure it fits my lifestyle.

The lifestyle that you live affects everyday styling, the price of your extensions, and how long extensions will last.

I’m someone that works out often, so I know not to get a style that can’t withstand a lot of sweat or movement.

If you’re someone that works out usually, such as an athlete or fitness fanatic, then getting extensions that require adhesive, or lace frontal glue won’t be your best option.

This is because most hair glue or gel is water soluble which means they break down in water. Your best choice would be to get a style that is low maintenance, and won’t require you to keep restyling it.

Are you someone with a busy lifestyle?

The right extensions for someone with an active style would be extensions that you can easily style in the mornings.

Synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions can work, but just know that human hair will take more maintenance.

If you get a straight hair extension style, then you should be able to cover it and wake up without having to do too much to it in the morning.

Another important thing to factor in is whether the style you want can fit the job you have.

Do you have a job that requires that you cover your hair? If so, then you’ll want to choose a style that you can do this quickly.

Braids are considered extensions and they are easy to cover and require low maintenance like the Bulk Human Braiding Hair.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, you’ll need to ensure that you choose styles and extensions that work for you.

Think About Your Budget

Hair can be expensive. When choosing the right extensions, it’s essential to know your budget. If you’re on a limited budget, a style like crochet braids can be great for you.

If you don’t want synthetic hair or prefer human hair, then try to make a one-time investment in some hair.

A one-time investment will cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000 depending on what kind of hair you choose and who does your extensions installation. Hairstylists can charge anything from $75 to $300 for installation.

Add that to the cost of extensions, and you’re looking at the range I mentioned before. Frontals or 360 frontals require more labor and hair. A one-time investment can also be a human hair wig or a glueless wig.

A good investment in a wig can last a long time considering that you can take it off at night and avoid wear and tear.

A good wig will fall in the range mentioned above. Knowing your budget and utilizing it well is extremely important when choosing the right extensions.

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Let’s Talk About Different Styles

There are plenty of styles that you can do with extensions, but we’ll narrow it down to braids, weaves, wigs, and crochet.

All of these styles are completed with either synthetic or human hair.

We’ll break down the methods by category, and then discuss which style works best for each kind of lifestyle and budget.


Braiding styles are great for people that are active or busy. They can be done with synthetic hair or human hair.

Synthetic hair will last longer than human hair because it will be able to withstand different weather as well as sweat, and chlorine.

For those that need to be in the water often, braids are the best bet.

Twists can be expensive depending on who you allow to braid your hair. The hair is typically cheap, even the human kind.

The installation is what will be the most expensive. Usually, the range for installation of braids, whether individual or any other style, will start at $100, and go up from there.

You’ll be lucky if you can find someone that will install it at that price. However, since the hair is cheap, braids are a much less expensive option than the others. Braids aren’t as versatile as the other styles so your looks will be limited.

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The crochet style is going to be the cheapest way to get your hair done. Typically, crochet braids are the easiest to install.

If you don’t want to pay for installation, there are plenty of tutorials that can teach you how to install it yourself.

I learned how to install my crochet braids myself, and I haven’t paid for installation since. Crochet braids require that you braid down your natural hair and then crochet the hair extensions into your hair.

Crocheting is like sew-in methods, just without the needle and thread, and much more straightforward.

As mentioned before crocheting typically uses extensions that are synthetic. The cost for crochet braids ranges from $45 to $200 depending on the style you want, how much hair you use, and whether you have a stylist install it for you.

Crochet braids last about 2-4 weeks, but they don’t require much time on styling. Anyone that’s looking for something low maintenance should try this style!


Weaves are great for creating hairstyles that look natural. They are best designed with human hair, and they can be costly.

Quick Weaves are best for people that can make time for maintenance. Proper maintenance for weaves includes light conditioning, straightening, and styling.

There are different kinds of weave styles that you can obtain to fit your lifestyle, especially if you don’t have much time.

A straight hairstyle, for example, would be great for someone that has about 15 minutes to run a straightener over the hair, and gel down those edges. Weaves can be more on the expensive side.

It’s important to get your weave done by someone that is professional if you’re not one yourself.

Also, keep in mind that weaves have to be sewn-in, and won’t last as long as a wig. The hair extensions used to make weaves can last a long time if well taken care of, especially if they are of high quality.

Wigs, wigs, wigs!

I love wigs! I love them because they are versatile, fun, and they last a long time. Wigs made out of synthetic hair are cheaper and don’t last as long as human hair, but they are still useful for extensions.

Wigs made out of human hair will be more expensive, but it will be worth the investment.

Because wigs can be taken off at night, they last much longer than other extensions.

And you can't miss styles like the Bob Wigs and Lace Front Wigs.

Also, when it is time to wash your extensions, you can do it without having to get yourself or your natural hair wet. Personally, I think that wigs are versatile enough to fit any lifestyle.

Wigs can be glued down if it's not a Glueless Wig, or sewn in for more stability. Keep in mind that if you choose to glue it in or sew it down, you won’t have as much flexibility.

Be mindful of glue or adhesive because it can be damaging if used too much, or used incorrectly. Wigs are great for people that need something that they can quickly style.

Hair coiling tools and blow dryer

Be Mindful of Your Hair Health

Hair health is significant to me. Ever since I did my research on extensions, especially those that require glue, or adhesives, I’ve stayed away from extensions that I think will harm my hair.

If you’re someone that cares about the health of your natural hair, then it is best to do your research to make the best decision.

Hair extensions can be damaging, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Your natural hair can suffer when you use hair extensions too much.

Hair extensions require that you care for your hair while it’s covered up, and that can be difficult. Make sure you’re doing all the necessary research to choose the right extensions for you.

Make The Best Choice For You

No matter what the suggestions are, you can choose whatever works best for you.

Of course, we suggest that you keep all of this in mind when making your choice but the decision is ultimately yours, and we want you to have a look you love! Extensions are versatile and fun.

Sometimes, you’ll have to go through all the looks to get the one you like.

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