all about ouai's smoothing anti frizz hair sheets

All About Ouai’s Smoothing Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Controlling the Uncontrollable

Frizzy hair stems from dry hair that seeks restoration. Hair tends to appear more parched and run down when moisture overtakes the strands, especially from conditions such as humidity. We cannot control the weather, so many of us experience frizz at times and at levels that do not favor us. Other causes can trace back to our own habits that contribute to drier hair. Think about how you are treating your hair now and what could cause it to be dry. When you shower, how hot is the water? Exposing your hair (and skin) to hot water strips of the natural oils needed to keep moisture. You want to be tender with the items you use for your hair. When you detangle with a brush or comb, you want to be patient, as your goal is to relieve hair of tangles without pulling out too much hair. Opt for microfiber towels and dry your hair gently to avoid over drying and clumps. Clarifying shampoos and frequent shampooing both can lead to lesser oils in the scalp, which causes dryness. It’s best to use moisturizing or low pH-balance shampoos when necessary to clean the hair and maintain the required elements to prevent frizz.

Hair Protection

Protect your hair’s health by minimizing your heat usage as much as possible. Hot tools, such as flat irons and blow dryers create beautiful styles, however, are extremely prone to frizz especially in humid weather. There isn’t time to quickly plug in your flat iron for a touch up when you always need it, so you’ve got to find other ways to style the hair. The frizzy hair epidemic has a solution. Ouai’s anti-frizz hair sheets are new development hair wipes product that contain essentials that enrich hair and eliminates frizz. Along with taking the necessary precautions to ensure you aren’t contributing to drying out your hair, using the wipes for touch ups comes in handy when you need it most. Great for any hair type, most of us can benefit from the wonders of the wipes.

What Is It?

The ease of use of the anti-frizz hair sheets allows you to tame your frizz at any time, anywhere. They contain nutrients such as shea butter (provides the desired shine aspect) and coconut oil (calms the frizz and evens wispies) that fight the frizz and add shine to your hair without making it oily. Most women struggle with having static-prone hair, but anti-frizz wipes can help with that situation as well. Free of parabens and sodium chloride, they are safe on your strands and rehydrates them again. The usage of the anti-frizz hair sheets is indeed a cheaper, more natural way to promote healthy, smooth hair.

How and When to Use it?

To watch the magic happen right before your eyes, apply a few simple strokes from root to tip in the problem area. It instantly brings you back to a sleek, manageable style to continue looking fabulous in whatever you do. To maximize your uses, do not use it in place of any of your hair tools and styling products. The purpose of these wipes is to help you when you are not at home or near your things to be able to touch up your hair. It’s very routine to go to the bathroom to touch up your lipstick or mascara, and now touching up frizzy or static hair can be just as doable with Ouai’s anti-frizz hair sheets. There are 15 sheets in a pack, so it can last you up to two weeks or even more if you use the wipes when necessary only.

Why Use it?

Less is more when it comes to dealing with so many things, such as your hair. If after styling your hair seems to frizz suddenly, going for additional product or heat is not what you want to do. The use of these anti-frizz wipes is a positive alternative to putting too much product in your hair, making it appear shiny as opposed to greasy. The key for shiny, sleek hair is to moisturize and seal. By following the tips needed to prevent frizz, you can also give your scalp the patience and care it needs to encourage hair growth. Who wants to carry around sheen and anti-frizz spray when you can just use a quick wipe that does the same job in half the time and trouble? Unlike traditional hair wipes, Ouai’s anti-frizz hair sheets are more than just argan oils. While most wipes prefer argan oil to soften and hydrate the hair, the combination of shea butter and coconut oil work together to provide shine. It also relaxes the flyaways that plague the women of our generation.

What Do Studies Say?

Studies have shown that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body's cells. While estrogenic activity associated with specific forms of breast cancer, parabens have been found present in breast tumors. With the elimination of parabens in these anti-frizz wipes, women can reduce the risk of hormone function disruption. The beauty world is innovating just as the world is. It is moving towards more eco-friendly methods on how to develop and utilize products for its consumers. With natural ingredients and no animal testing for the products, we stand for Ouai’s sheets that are sustainable and affordable. Made of hemp paper, they are more durable than tree paper, which helps saves trees and are thin enough to be used quickly and quietly. Most hair does not mix with their atmosphere at times. There is not a way to entirely avoid static or frizzy hair. However, we can moderate and minimize its effects on us. With the wipes, you can trap the moisture and soothe the hair to have it looking as good as new in no time. Now, after the proper use of one wipe, you shouldn't have to keep reusing them, as it lasts for the whole day after application. Unlike most oil infused wipes, the Ouai anti-frizz wipes don’t leave a bad odor. So not only does your hair look better, but with the sheets, it smells better as well.

Wiping the Frizz Away

There’s nothing but benefits when it comes to Ouai’s anti-frizz hair sheets. So many people deal with frizz or static every day, and it isn’t the end of the world. However, because of its spontaneity, the end of the world seems close when we have a problem with no solution. There's no need to become discouraged over our looks anymore because we can find new ways to touch up in the house and on the go. These hair wipes are part of what lies ahead and give way to easing the hassle of keeping up with our styles throughout the day. The size and weight of the wipes are small, but the effects are significant. Having control over your hair brings forth confidence and elegance that translates to better overall health for you and your hair!
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