chasing waterfalls with tlc inspired hairstyles

Chasing Waterfalls with TLC Inspired Hairstyles

Don't Be a Scrub and Check Out These Hairstyles

It seems that no matter how many years will go by we will always find a way to reminisce about the lovely role models in the past. There is one girl band in particular that we have so much love for and owe a lot of our everyday style too, and that group is TLC. T-Boz, Chilli, and Lisa Left Eye Lopes always had the upper hand when it came to their eccentric taste in fashion and hair choices; they would experiment with many different things and think that's one of the main reasons why we love them so much. TLC's music always sent out such, confident, beautiful girl power vibes, and in a matter of seconds you would be screaming out their lyrics at the top of your lungs. These three women knew all about color coordinating and would apply this when it came down to choosing their makeup, clothes, and hair color. There is so much that you can learn from this fantastic girl group from their close knitted friendships, beautiful personalities, and spectacular taste in fashion trends we know that there will forever be a piece of TLC in our hearts. If you ever were wondering how these women put their hair together or even how to pull off the hairstyles back, then and incorporate them in this time you are in a lot of luck. In this post, we will show off all the beautiful ways you can wear your hair and look just as amazing as TLC did back in the day. So, let's go ahead and dive right in!

TLC Go-To Looks


Let us start off with Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas signature hairstyles in this group. Now, although it seems like having your edges looking good is a must have, a lot of women were not as concerned with adding that finishing touch back in the day when they did their hair. But we give big props to Chilli because whenever you saw her, you knew that she would lay those baby hairs down like it was nobody's business. Some of the biggest hip-hop and R&B artists even some men would wear their perfectly smooth baby hairs down, for example; Brandy, Ginuwine, Mario, Missy Elliott, and many more. Growing up seeing and hearing about the girl group I remember I always wanted to be like Chilli from her rocking dance moves to her amazing flowy hairstyles this woman could do no wrong in my eyes. She was the only member of the group who always opted for a classic type of vibe. When it came down to her hair choices, it was long, dark, and usually in water wave curls or straighten from time to time.

Half Up Half Down and Added Braids

Yes, we love Chilli because of her signature baby hairs, but there were also some other looks we can remember her by. This artist would like to incorporate braids into her style whether it be individuals or midway cornrows this made a splash on her uniqueness to the group. If she didn't wear her hair down it would probably be in half up ponytail this was such a cute, flirty, and fun look at the time and it is still carrying on to this day. As months went on in the group Chilli changed her hair color from black to a honey brown, this gave her a more mature look and added the sexy element that the band needed to further their career. Coloring your hair from black to brown is a smooth transition and won't cause much damage to your tresses. Anyone looking for an immediate switch up in the shade of their hair should take some tips from our heartthrob Chilli. Her look is probably the simplest one to recreate now a day because it is timeless and will never be out of style. If you want to give the wet and wavy Chilli look, try to check out Private Label Extensions Malaysian body wave or our wavy virgin Indian hair. I think either or will do the job just well in replicating this singer's beautiful hairdo. If you want to try adding a few individual braids throughout the weave and that will complete the total 90's hairstyle package.

Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes

Not only was Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes one of the best and most iconic female rappers from of the 90's and her girl group but she never disappointed us when it came down to her wild and outrageous hairstyles. From wearing vibrant colors to rocking three hair cone pigtails, we can honestly say that there was no other woman at this time capable of pulling off the fantastic hair trends as Left Eye did. Left Eye was undoubtedly ahead of her time adding very futuristic elements to her hairstyles. At one moment she would be sporting a neon green wig, and the next second wearing crazy sexy cool hair jewels and accessories. Although she left this earth too soon and her choices in hairstyles were exceptionally out there somehow, we still find a way to recreate them eleven years later.

Pig Tails

It is safe to say that the style of pig/ponytails belongs to the beautiful Ms. Left Eye, she had a way of making a look meant for younger girls edgy and fresh. Lisa was a big fan of wearing twists, buns, Bantu knots anything that would stand out and catch any fans attention. She reminds me a lot of my personality and what I look for when I try to find a new hairstyle. What makes this late rapper stand out was the wild and colorful headbands and hair scrunchies she wears to match her outfit and makeup looks. A perfect example of this style in this day in time was Cardi B's 2018 Coachella performance where she pays homage to Left Eye not only by her wardrobe but also in the way she wears her hair. Cardi B steps out with two high ponytails on the side of her head, another one in the back, and long side-swept bangs just like Lisa Lopes would wear them. Sometimes it takes artists that are out now to remind us all of how styles that were popular back then can still be famous now. If you think you are too old to pull off the pigtail look, we are here to tell you that you're wrong, even just adding beautiful accessories as Lisa will spice up your hairdo. So, if you are feeling on the adventurous side and want to try something new we suggest you take a careful look at Lisa ‘Left Eye' Lopes lookbook. You are sure to find some great styles that you can recreate.


T-Boz was another very essential woman apart of the TLC girl group. She was the sweetest most sincere, and downright grateful out of the group due to her sickle cell disease. She never let her disease come in the way of her singing and her priorities in the group. And I think that is what made her so inspiring to all the younger girls around the world. She was undoubtedly the glue for the group and held everyone together in my opinion. When it came down to hairstyles, T-Boz would always keep her locks sassy and short; this brought a certain edge to the group. She was the blonde Goldie locks of that generation that brings a punk softness to the look and feel of the band.


From as long as I can remember when I think of T-Boz I see a golden bob cut in a myriad of ways. In an interview with Essence, she says that "many people criticize me for always wearing different variations of bobs, but this look will never go out of style." And years later the singer was right you see artists from Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé rocking this iconic cut. Do you remember when she would wear her hair in an asymmetrical bob with the two strands hanging alongside on her face? She would jokingly call this style her "waterfalls sideburn." That cut wasn't all she would wear though, one of my favorites was her cornrows that lead into a high ponytail or just her braids in general. I think all together it was refreshing to see these three women with these three different personalities all come together as one. When you were little, I bet it was always a struggle trying to figure which person you wanted to portray. Every girl in TLC held their own, I do not believe that anyone outshined one another, and it was easy to fall in love with every one of them. If you are sweet and sassy, draw some inspiration from T-Boz who we all know for her simple, yet sexy hair looks.

Quick Outfit Inspiration

Although the 90's are over, and we are almost twenty years into the 2000's. Yet, we can still draw some great inspiration from this girl group classic wardrobe. So, if you are in an outfit crisis, take a quick look at this list of items you can add to your closet to complete the overall TLC look.

Brand Name Clothing

A few things you can add to your wardrobe would be brand name boxers and sports bras. That's right, Tommy Hilfiger was a popping brand back then and many stores now like Urban Outfitters and ASOS carry the style as they did back in the day. Even though years went on, the price of these brand name items have stayed the same or went up in price. So make sure to save up If you want to incorporate these materials into your look.

Halter Tops

Halter tops and Bandeaus were the hottest trend and clothing item of the 90's, and I am glad to say that they have still yet to go out of style. I own a few myself, and it is the perfect item to wear in the warmer weather seasons. These beauties show off your beautiful neckline, arms, and midriff all at the same time. So, if you are a showstopper and in for something daring give these risky tops a try soon.

Large Sweatpants

Baggy sweatpants is another go-to item every fashionista must have to accomplish the 90s era look. This generation now may refer to them as joggers, but they are still the same back then as they are now. And if you are too worried about looking like a complete boy add a colorful crop top and bright tennis shoes to the outfit. And in a matter of seconds, you will look exactly like one of our lovely ladies from TLC. One person who screams sexy tomboy in this day and age is Teyana Taylor she is the master of making baggy clothes look extremely attractive, and I honestly don't know how she does it. She is one of my style inspirations, and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets some of her dressing ideas from 90's R&B artists

Which TLC Hairstyle was your favorite?

So, we have seen a close look at the hairstyles that the group TLC brings us and how we can incorporate these looks into our daily lifestyles. I think that whenever you are in a hair, wardrobe, or style crisis, it is always good to look back at old celebrities and stars in the past and draw some inspiration from them. TLC distinct sound and style will forever remain a part of our hearts and souls. "Crazy, sexy, cool" was the perfect way to depict their personalities and as time evolved, we still look up to the group in many ways. I hope you found some enjoyment reading this post, let us know which TLC hairstyles your favorite in the comments down below!
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