6 promo products that will help build your hair business and brand

6 Promo Products That Will Help Build Your Hair Business and Brand

Promo Like A Boss

The majority of you starting a business may not realize how much money it takes to increase your brand awareness. You probably know that you need a marketing budget, and if you've already started purchasing social media ads, printing flyers, or paying an influencer then you know that it takes a lot of strategic planning to get your brand name out there! However, have you thought of what to do if you do not see an initial return on that investment? Let’s be real, you could make the grave mistake of shelling out a lot of money that you may not have to promote your brand, and it could end up not working! The smartest way to go about promoting your hair company would be to invest in promotional items that will give you the best bang for your buck, increase your brand visibility, and start to create a trust between your company and your consumer. How do you do that? Create visual products that your customer can use to activate your brand’s presence in their lives. A few of our suggestion will include the obvious: Swag! Giveaways free stuff! However, a promotional product is a piece of merchandise or a tool with a logo. It is given away in a marketing or communication program. It will always showcase the company name and will serve as a reminder of the company with information regarding their services. Keeping reading for our top five promotional products recommendation that will help you to build your hair company and learn why they are the perfect investment!

1. Chapstick

Fun Fact: It takes seven impressions of your brand for a customer to gain trust in your business. Increase your brand recognition by giving away something that people use all the time and have enough space for your logo. Chapstick is something cheap, easy to purchase in large quantities, and the wrap around the product can fit your name, logo, and website. Your clients can drop it in their purse, and they will think of your company every time they dig it out. Similar hardline and handheld branding products that you can invest in include pens and compact mirrors. Both have the space to print your brand name, and both are cheap to purchase in mass quantities. Do not fall into the misconception that you have to be giving away a hair product. Realistically most hair products are not used every day because they make clog pores or be too harsh for use on your hair to on a constant basis. You only needed every other day to experience the real effects of hair oil. Or, better yet people are just running late in the morning and don't have time to apply a new lotion, holding spray. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel. Keep it simple and supply your customer with something that they will always need. That way, they can associate you with giving a good quality product that was useful.

2. Universal Serial Bus

My favorite promotional product would have to be the branded USB. I think as we started to evolve technologically and computers stop taking floppy disk there was a shift in companies swag practices. The good companies dedicate time to trends or industry changes. The best companies started taking a look at these portable sticks of memory and then did an excellent job of sourcing cheap USBs in a new territory. Granted, these USBs may not hold a lot of information, but they do have space on them to print a brand name. Additionally, the product itself makes enough impact to the customers everyday life from the brand to communicate: “Hey we care about your life outside of when you buy our actual product, so take this with our name on it and use it for your computer to save your documents at home.” Then the company wins by staying abreast of the times while promoting their brand. The takeaway, cheap new trendy products that are just coming out can brand cheaply, and that can be something that can help your company. Think, fidget spinner!

3. Branded Silk Bags

Your promo items should be affordable and able to make an impact over time. A lot of people try to deliver their hair in a box packaging because they want to make their packaging stand out from other brands. That is understandable, but the branded silk bag method of packaging is ingenious. Not only does it cost you pennies on the dollar, but your customer can reuse that silk bag and therefore be reintroduced to your company every time they use it. This act of reusing is creating more impressions each time. If you think about it logically, once a customer opens up or even worse, rips open that fancy expensive box that you shipped your hair extensions in, they are probably going to throw it away! Sure, they will say “oh this is cute,” but they are going to trash it. You have then spent probably $15 per order on a branded box along with hours of design time, and it has ended up in the trash where no one is going to see. Private Label Extensions offers a silk bag customization product on their website that equates to under $2.00 a bag.

Things To Remember

Visibility is key. Even when you purchase an advertisement on Facebook or IG, the ad will only stay up for the set amount of time you are buying it. However, the silk bag can be used to put different things into and your customer along with whomever they come in contact with while using the silk bag will always see your logo. The reusable bag tactic is something that grocery stores like Publix and Shoprite use with their branded tote bags at checkout counters. If you remember, they started selling tote bags for your shopping convenience. They would say that it was an excellent way to save the environment from the toils of paper or plastic. Some stores may have even used the draw of sponsoring local causes that the companies got behind to get you to purchase their tote. Then after a while, you started to see the tote bags from your favorite grocery store in different retailers because people would just bring in their Publix tote bag to Marshalls. They would use it to hold their purchases from almost anywhere, and it was subsequently creating brand awareness with an affordable promo product that has a long shelf life and probably cost the store pennies to make.

4. T-shirts

The draw that a customer has to a promotional product is its usefulness. When companies create swag bags a lot of the time, you end up going through the pack and throwing away multiple items. A lot of things just don't make sense for your lifestyle because you like to keep useful products. Keeping that in mind, whatever promotional product you choose to distribute should be handy. Something like a t-shirt has value because it is an article of clothing; and who doesn't wear clothes? Exactly! If you provide a quality t-shirt with a sleek design that is not too flashy and displays the message of your brand you can entice someone to wear your t-shirt all of the time. Not only will they want to wear your tee, but when they reflect on the quality of the clothing you provide and think about a factor such as: how many washes it lasted before fading or pilling, they will associate the quality of your tee with the quality of your hair extensions line. Once you're able to convince someone of the quality of your product it is not too long after that you're able to get them to try buying a small amount of your product. This one purchase of a bundle deal to cover a full head will get them hooked on your hair company. Once they are devoted, you have a loyal customer to come back to you every six weeks for new hair. They will also recommend those quality hair extensions to their friends who also want to get longevity out of their dollar. That model is how you create a customer through word of mouth referrals.

Things To Remember

Be sure to switch up how you go about branding using a t-shirt. Regardless of where you live, there are two temperatures: hot and cold. Invest in long sleeves for colder months and tank tops for the brutal summers. These items might cost a little more, but your customers will appreciate variety in your branding tactic. Using the same tees throughout the year can get boring and lose its impact. Remember, with these t-shirts you are not trying to start a fashion line. You're trying to draw people to your brand through clothing. They're going to make all types of inferences from your t-shirt design. Make sure that you are using a quality product like the hair extensions from Private Label Extensions and responding to those inferences and inquire by saying a message that can entice them to seek out your brand and invite others. When considering whether or not promotional products are worth the investment consider these three facts:
  • 42% of people feel more favorable towards companies that use free promo items.
  • 60% of people wind up doing business with brands that give away free product.
  • 27% of people will buy from brands in the future if they have received a free product from them.
The last two will show you how to make a one time customer a repeat customer. Promotional items can be included in with a purchase.

5. Hang Tags

You may not realize that a hang tag can be a promotional item, but as long as the merchandise that you are branding with your logo is useful in some way, it is considered a promotional item. If you can transform a hang tag into something helpful and couple it with what you are selling that is a win! For example, If you use the space on the back of the hang tag to print hair care details for that hair extension bundle you can create a keepsake for your customer. Thereby, turning the hang tag into something that the customer can repeatedly go back to and get valuable information from whenever they use your product can transform a small piece of cardstock into a profitable tool.

6. Thank you Cards

My grandmother always said manners could take you a long way in life. I have learned that manners can go a long way in business as well. Add a thank you card to all of your packages and tell your customer that you appreciate their business. You Elevate that same thank you card by making it into a thank-you postcard. Use the extra space on the front of that postcard to showcase models who are wearing your hair extensions in a luxurious or trendy style. This style will serve as an impression and be an image that your customers will want to one day recreate. Complete the front of that thank you card with a caption detailing of the type of hair those models are wearing and give your customer an idea for the next purchase. The flip side of that card should have a thoughtful message along with a handwritten signature so that your customers know that you do appreciate their business! They are sure to become a repeat customer after that.

Promotion For The Win

Promotional items as a whole attract and create repeat customers quickly and cheaply. You're prompting them to act or buy when you leave them with your company information printed on tools that they can study and subsequently use to reach out to you if they like what your brand is communicating. Promo items are perfect for small businesses or businesses just starting out because they are relatively inexpensive. You can buy one or two promotional products in bulk end impact a broad audience. It is important to remember that promotional items should be useful and compact. They should sync with your brand and entice others to invest. Comment below on some other things you would consider a promotional product for a hair extension brand!
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